Air Jordan 14 ‘Reverse Ferrari’ | Detailed Look and Review

The Air Jordan 14 ‘Reverse Ferrari’ releases this Saturday and we have a detailed look and review.

A follow up to 2014’s Air Jordan 14 ‘Ferarri’, the ‘Reverse Ferrari’ replaces the red suede build with a yellow leather.

Retail on the Air Jordan 14 ‘Reverse Ferrari’ will retail for $200 on Saturday, June 22. Taking the look of the original and making minor tweaks to the materials and Carbon Fiber midsole finish, this version of the shoe feels like a luxury sports care for your feet. It’s definitely the closest thing I’ll ever get to owning a Ferrari… not that it’s a dream of mine. I love my basic Honda and Toyota.🤣

Let us know if you plan on grabbing a pair come Saturday. They’ll be available in Men’s and Kids sizing.

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