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adidas Supernova Prima Performance Review: The Best Supernova

adidas Supernova Prima

The adidas Supernova Prima hits the upgrade button on the adidas Supernova series. The Supernova series burst back onto the running scene at the adidas Pop Up space at the NYC Marathon. The first shoe in the series, the adidas Supernova Rise, is a peppy daily running shoe that didn’t have quite enough cushion for long runs and a too slim toebox. adidas’ next Supernova, the Solution, is a neutral stable shoe with supportive foam stability rods and a better fit that improved the Supernova experience.

adidas sent the Supernova Prima for early testing and I was able to wear it for a bunch of easy miles, workouts, and longer runs. It’s now one of my favorite adidas running shoes. Let me tell you why…

adidas Supernova Prima

Release Date: June 4, 2024

Price: $160

Weight: Men’s 10.3 oz., Women’s 8.5 oz.

Drop: 8mm

Sizing: True to size

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  • Rundown: The adidas Supernova Prima mashes all the best parts of the Supernova Rise and Solution together into a well cushioned daily running shoe.
adidas Supernova Prima latera view


The revamped Supernova line’s biggest attraction is the Peba-based super foam Dreamstrike+. Dreamstrike+ was introduced in the Supernova Rise and is the main reason that shoe is so peppy. But Dreamstrike+ really hits its stride with the adidas Supernova Rise. The extra millimeters of foam make a huge difference in terms of impact protection while maintaining the peppy feel.

Now that I’ve seen the full power of Dreamstrike+, I’m keen to see it rolled out to more adidas running shoes and adidas basketball shoes (Editor’s Note: c’mon adidas, do us a solid here!). I’d also love to see what a shoe packing a combination of Dreamstrike+ and Lightstrike Pro would feel like.

But I digress, because Dreamstrike+ is not the only thing that makes the Supernova Prima a high performer. The beefy foam support rods from the Supernova Solution return but now they’re even wider and extend out even further beyond the back of the heel. They’re the perfect counterweight to the plush Dreamstrike+ and help the shoe land in a sweet spot of cushion and support. The Supernova Prima doesn’t feel like a stability shoe and doesn’t hijack your foot’s movement. Instead, the shoe works with the foot and feels natural.

If you’re following along at home (Editor’s Note: which you obviously are since you’re still reading), the adidas Supernova experiment has gotten better with each successive iteration. The Rise, the Solution, and now the Prima keep upping the ante on what this daily trainer can be using very similar component parts with tweaks here and there. If you liked the Rise or Solution, the Supernova Prima needs your attention.

adidas Supernova Prima Dreamstrike+ Peba cushion


  • Bouncy yet plush Dreamstrike+ cushion
  • Supportive without being overstable thanks to the foam support rods
  • Nicely padded tongue
  • Durable outsole
  • Fast and fun design
adidas Supernova Prima upper and toebox


  • Narrowish toebox
  • Too much heel padding
adidas Supernova Prima heel view

Is the adidas Supernova Prima wide foot friendly?

The adidas Supernova Prima will work for some wide footers if they go up a half size from their usual adidas size. Unfortunately, the toebox narrows a bit too much, especially along the lateral edge. It’s enough that many wide footers won’t have enough room to spread their toes.

There’s also a ton of padding at the heel, bordering on too much and that pushes some feet forward contributing to the toebox issue. Hopefully future iterations of the Supernova Prima slim down the heel collar or use a memory foam like setup versus the current poofy foam that’s in there.

adidas Supernova Prima outsole traction support rods

Is the adidas Supernova Prima worth $160?

Yes, the adidas Supernova Prima is worth $160. It’s tech, materials, comfort, and ride fit nicely along other highly rated plush daily trainers also priced at $160.

adidas Supernova Prima side by side

adidas Supernova Prima Summary

The adidas Supernova Prima puts together all the best parts of the existing Supernova line and then adds some extra oomph and slight tweaks to take the shoe to the next level. Dreamstrike+ is a great foam and the support rods are helpful without getting in the way. Sure there are some minor quibbles with fit but otherwise this is a very good shoe. The Supernova Prima is also the best Supernova and one of the best adidas running shoes.

How does the Author Run?

Drew Whitcomb (age 42, 6’6″ 195lbs): Runs daily with a once a week rest day. Runs a lot of miles due to testing needs and a growing affinity for long-distance races. Regularly competes in marathons, half-marathons, 10k, and 5k races.

adidas Supernova Prima in hand


While adidas did send a pair of the adidas Supernova Prima to facilitate this review, the company had no involvement in this review, didn’t receive an advance look at it, and have not attempted to influence it.

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