adidas Introduces New Uncaged UltraBoost with Black and Red Boost

The Three stripes are really turning tides with the popularity of its UltraBoost models. With the recently released Uncaged version of the UltraBoost, we were wondering what adidas had up its sleeves.

We knew it was only a matter of time before the Boost midsole finally got a colorway treatment. adidas is really stepping up its game with the ability to mix and match fluidity to not only its Primeknit uppers but its super comfortable Boost Cushioning.

The UltraBoost Uncaged colorways that will be available are Grey/Black and Red/Red. They’re slated for release on July 16 for $180. Will you be copping a pair? What do you think of the new colorful Boost? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged Black Boost

Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged Red Boost (1)



  1. Don’t know why but I prefer the original white boost compared to the colored boost… Kind of hope that colored boost grows on me but as of now, I’d rather buy with white boost.

  2. A colored boost is good,

    The white colored boost starts to get dirty depending where you walk or run,

    That’s why that black boost is nice.

      1. Bro, when they start to put Black Boost on ball shoes, it’s game over. I love how the white looks but it can get dirty very quickly and it’s extremely difficult to clean so I’ve given up on that for the most part on even my casual shoes. That being said, Black Boost + Hoop Shoe = Game Over.

          1. Of course I agree but I tend to buy shoes that I consider crossover shoes that can be worn in multiple settings to maximize my dollar. I rarely buy a shoe that I say can ONLY be worn for one purpose unless we’re talking dress shoes that clearly have one setting and one setting only. That’s just how I do it. That being said, I beat my shoes up and the ones that can’t be cleaned any longer because they’re beyond that then I consider those just beaters but most of my other shoes are worn for multiple purposes.

        1. and the shoe that starts of with a stableframe as white as boost, eventually 1 gets dirtier than the other

  3. Really surprised Adidas just painted the outside of the boost (like any of us can do on our own.). I thought they would color the entire boost material mix so you wouldn’t have to worry about scrapes or other things exposing the white underneath. With that said I’m totally gonna buy the all black caged Ultra Boosts when they come out.

    1. I think it’s not just the outside, the boost is all colored from their basic pellets, without affecting it’s properties,

      Which is very different from someone just coloring it themselves.

      1. In Nightwings video (on youtube) he shows the bottom of the shoe where the boost is visible. Its white. Only the exposed side part is colored red. I guess it’s possible to segregate the red pellets to just that area but it seems highly unlikely to me.

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