adidas Expected to Retro the Derrick Rose Line After Tenth Signature Shoe

Though not the player he once was, Derrick Rose is expected to get a retro signature shoe line from adidas after his tenth sneaker model.

According to ESPN’s Nick Depaula, adidas plans to release Rose’s tenth signature next year with the D Rose 10, making Rose just the eighth player in NBA history to have 10 consecutive signature shoes with the same brand. adidas is also planning to re-release older D Rose models, adding to a popular roster of retro performance kicks that includes past shoes of players Tracy McGrady and Kobe Bryant.

The shoe line will start with the D Rose 1.5, Rose’s signature shoe during his legendary 2010-2011 MVP season. The sneaker will come in the iconic Bulls colorway, Rose’s former and hometown team.

After renewing his rookie deal with adidas, Rose signed a 14-year $185 million contract in 2011. With four guaranteed seasons remaining and a series of on-court provisions required for the full value of the final three years of the deal, Rose is still set to receive at least $65 million from the contract.

Rose also expressed his excitement telling ESPN, “Retros and going on to my 10th signature shoe, I think any basketball player with a brand is praying for [that].” Rose continued, “I felt like I had to work to get it. I wasn’t handed a shoe when I made it to the league. They told me, if I play great, let’s rip up the contract and start over.”

A retro D Rose line will certainly take many fans back down memory lane — and give hoopers old sneakers that we know perform. What D Rose retro will you be anticipating the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

To learn more about the retro D Rose line and Rose’s popularity in China, visit here.

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Source via ESPN


  1. The Rose line is all kinda unfortunate looking, but I think we are all pumped for the T-Mac to step back into the light.

    Crazy 2’s next up? Toaster-squad for life!

  2. Hopefully the make the retros in the exact specifications of the OG and not like the Kobe/Crazy line, where the retros are not as good as the originals in performance, tech and materials.

  3. Wish they would start with the d rose 1. Would love if they maybe sweeked the cushion and maybe add some new colorway/ pe’s. I loved the rose 4.5 cw that devin harris wore.

  4. I’m really only wanting the D Rose 1 and 1.5 and hoping they stay true to the OG as much as possible meaning just give me the great fit and PureMotion done correctly.

  5. Am so freaking hyped for this. I know it won’t happen, but I would love for them to retro the D Rose team sig of the Supernatural Creator.

  6. The Adizero Rose 1.5 MVP playoffs black toe colorway. If it has black boost or bounce cushioning, it’s game over man!

  7. wonder if this means the D Rose signature line ends at #10? really not much of a market for his new models as far as I can tell

  8. Real talk, I hope they do them justice and add some Bounce at the least to models that weren’t strong in the cushioning department. If they do, they could take my money. I would gladly pay for that.

  9. Agreed. The 1.5’s are my favorite, but some updated cushioning wouldn’t hurt (pun intended).

  10. I think it would be great but adidas haven’t done retro bball shoes right yet and they fell to listen to the consumers ..

  11. Question for all: Would Bounce or Boost work with the Pure Motion setup? Part of the Rose 1 and 1.5 appeal was the low to the ground feel working with the pods and part of me wonders for Pure Motion to work, does it need adiprene or can one of the newer cushion techs work to where you don’t lose the magic of Pure Motion?

  12. I think the 1.5 was leaked when they showed the BoosT-Mac pair.

    Definitely want a pair. I feel like the D.Rose following is like some…sentimental one. I’m not a Bulls fan but I mean, I really wanted him to make it back. Dat feel good story after trying to be our hero against the then-nWo Heat. The 1 through 2 take me back. The AdiZero/Fast Don’t Lie/Lightest ever hype. Those commercials..for the 3. Hard to believe he’s been off his peak for the majority of his shoe line. I feel for the Chicago kid still thinking Rose will be back some day.

  13. I can’t wait for this! I still have my 1.5’s, 2.5’s and 3.5’s so I’m really digging this.

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