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adidas Basketball Shoes

Latest Adidas Basketball Shoe Reviews

Check out all our Adidas basketball reviews, everything from the Harden line to the Dame line, down to all the Bounce and Boost models. You should also check out our list of the top available adidas basketball shoes

Best Adidas Basketball Shoe

Adidas Trae Young 1

The adidas Trae Young 1 is the first signature sneaker of the Atlanta Hawks’ superstar Trae Young. Traction and support are on point, and the cushion set-up is fantastic. The shoe combines two of adidas’ foam cushioning systems Light Strike and Boost.
$ 140
  • Rating: 9

Latest Adidas Basketball Reviews

adidas DON Issue 4

adidas DON Issue 4 Performance Review

The adidas DON Issue 4 has a lot of potential for outstanding performance, especially with the upper getting an upgrade from previous models. Colorway: Vivid Red/Core Black Release Date: 2022 Price: $120 Donovan Mitchell’s name was included in a bunch of trade rumors this off-season. There was some talk about him joining Jalen Brunson in New York to play for
adidas Son of Chi 2

adidas Son of Chi 2 Performance Review

The adidas Son of Chi 2 is the best adidas basketball shoe of 2022 so far. Most players will enjoy playing in them. Release Date: 2022 Price: TBA The adidas Son of Chi 2 is Derrick Rose’s newest signature sneaker, and visually, it looks like an evolution of last year’s adidas Son of Chi. The tech specs are generally the
adidas Crazy 1 Stormtrooper

adidas Crazy 1 / The Kobe Stormtrooper Review

English Review Spanish Review The adidas Crazy 1 Stormtrooper looks like it came from another planet, and we’re still wondering how the Mamba played his best in these. Colorway: N/A Release Date: July 22, 2022 Price: $120 Kobe Bryant is most known for his signature sneakers from Nike. Many people have called Kobe’s Nike line the best performance basketball sneaker
adidas Crazy 97

adidas Crazy 97 Review

The adidas Crazy 97 is familiar to the 90’s kids but may look jarring to the new generation. It is a piece of basketball history that’s worth remembering. Colorway: White/Black Release Date: 2022 Price: $130 The 1990s was a golden era for both basketball and basketball shoes. We got some of the most iconic sneakers like the Air Jordan 11,
adidas Harden Stepback 3

adidas Harden Stepback 3 Performance Review

English Review Spanish Review The adidas Harden Stepback 3 is a solid performer and brings back the Bounce we’ve come to love. A budget model to be reckoned with. Colorway: N/A Release Date: 2022 Price: TBA The adidas Harden Stepback 3 follows the Stepback 2, the budget model that was better than the James Harden flagship adidas Harden Vol 5.
adidas gil zero restomod

adidas Gil Zero Restomod Review

The adidas Gil Zero Restomod has been a much-anticipated sneaker for many adidas and Gilbert Arenas fans. They were rumored to release a while ago, and we’re glad they’ve finally arrived. And because this is a Restomod like the TMac 3 and the D Rose 1.5, there are upgrades and updates made to the insides without making the outside look
adidas Harden Vol 5

adidas Harden Vol 5

The adidas Harden Vol 5 is James Harden’s fifth signature shoe and the first adidas shoe to feature the new Futurenatural seamless construction method. It’s a huge departure from Harden’s previous shoes. Click play above to watch Chris’ initial impressions and comprehensive review.

James Harden Shoes: A Complete Timeline

James Harden’s shoes are, in general, built like The Beard himself. His signature line with Adidas is well known for offering great performance with an edgy, innovative design that caters to versatile players that need a little bit of everything. The Harden line is truly a reflection of the style and personality of the player. But James hasn’t always had
Reebok Question Crossed Up Step Back

Reebok Question Crossed Up Step Back

The Reebok Question Crossed Up Step Back is the second Reebok Question x Adidas Harden collaboration. The first Question x Harden, entitled OG meets OG, borrowed a current Houston Rockets color scheme and delivered amazing materials. Can the Question Crossed Up Step Back measure up to its predecessor? Find out in our video review.
Reebok Question x Adidas Harden

Reebok Question x Adidas Harden

Recently, we’ve seen the release of various Reebok Question colorways (examples here and here). And from what we’ve heard, more Questions are on the way in 2020. This particular release, still in stock at most large retailers, may be the best of them all. The Reebok Question x Adidas Harden, also called “OG meets OG”, utilizes time tested red, black,

Duke4005 Weighs in on the adidas Harden Vol. 4

Say what you want about James Harden and his game, his shoes have been amazingly consistent from the start: good traction, Boost cushioning, and a low cut (okay, the Vol. 2 was more of a mid). The adidas Harden Vol. 4 flips the script, losing the Boost and bringing the Lightstrike cushioning from the adidas N3XT L3V3L. Is the Vol.

adidas Harden Vol 4 Performance Review

adidas switched things up a little bit with the Harden Vol 4, James Harden’s 4th signature shoe. Were the changes worth while? Find out in our performance review.
adidas DON Issue 3

adidas DON Issue 3 Review

The adidas DON Issue 3 is next in line for Utah’s main man, Donovan Mitchell. After an incredible season with the Jazz finishing as the top team in the West, we hope for more of the same from his signature sneaker. And we have reason to believe that could be true. There are elements from the previous two releases, but

adidas DON Issue 2 Performance Review

The adidas DON Issue 2 is the second signature shoe for Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell. It arrives after Mitchell averaged 36 points per game in his 2020 first round playoff series against the Denver Nuggets. In that series, Mitchell and fellow adidas athlete Jamal Murray ascended to new levels of NBA stardom. Can the shoe match up to the
adidas DON Issue 2

adidas DON Issue 2

The adidas DON Issue 2 is Donovan “Spida” Mitchell’s second signature sneaker. It follows last year’s extremely popular DON Issue 1. This year, the release colorway is again Spiderman themed. As Spiderman fans ourselves, we enjoy adidas continuing to utilize Donovan Mitchell’s “Spida” nickname to create some really cool colorways.
adidas Dame 8

adidas Dame 8 Review

The adidas Dame 8 featured adidas’s newest cushioning technology called BouncePro. It’s a dual-density setup that ensures stability and impact protection. Colorway: Dash Grey/Grey One/Clear Mint Release Date: January 25, 2022 Price: $120 The adidas Dame 8 may be the best looking Damian Lillard shoe in a while. It’s also packing new a new cushioning technology from adidas, Bounce Pro.
adidas Dame 7

adidas Dame 7

Colorway: Ima Visionary Release Date: 2021 Style Code: H00427 Price: $110 It’s Dame time! Originally debuted via NBA2K21, the adidas Dame 7 recently released online and in stores. Damian Lillard was the undisputed MVP of the NBA Bubble this year. He averaged 37.6 points per game and led the Portland Trailblazers, in come from behind fashion, to snag the Western
dame 6 performance review

adidas Dame 6 Performance Review

The adidas Dame 6 is our first performance review for 2020. Did it enter the new year on a positive note? Lets find out…
dame 6

adidas Dame 6 | Detailed Look and Review

The adidas Dame 6 has launched and we’re taking a detailed look at what to expect. Bounce is out and Lightstrike is in. I’m not 100% sure if I like the move, but we’ll see how it goes.

adidas Officially Unveils the Dame 6 with Release Date

The latest edition of Dame’s signature shoe line is officially unveiled in a variety of energetic colorways, including the “Ruthless” and “Hecklers” edition, which tell the story of Lillard’s personality on-and-off the court.

Adidas Boost/Lightstrike Basketball Shoes

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