A Detailed Look at the Jordan 2X3

Not quite an Air Jordan 33 with laces, but close enough.

Jordan Brand is about to crush 2019 with its Team Jordan line. Yes, I know that sounds weird, but just wait until you see what they have in store for hoopers this year.

Starting off 2019 will be the Jordan 2X3, a no-frills performance model with all the good stuff without the high price tag.

Tooling is directly borrowed from the Jordan Jumpman Hustle and features forefoot Zoom Air and full-length herringbone traction. The build looks to be a lightweight but sturdy textile that’s soft enough to forego unwanted break-in time and structured enough to provide some support without being restrictive.

Its design language is derived from the Air Jordan 33 — all the way down the Air Jordan 3 inspiration, from the eyelets to the rear Nike Air panel — which is awesome!

A release date is still unknown and team models don’t usually get release dates. We’ll just have to keep an eye out for when they become available. Retail is expected to be between $100-110.

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  1. I want to get a pair of these, and swap out the insole for some Nike SB zoom insoles. That’ll get the forefront and heel zoom layout for me.

  2. These look interesting. I tried to play in the XXX3’s and they were horrible! Very hard and clunky and the midsoles never softened up. Traction was just ok. Took the XXX3’s back and got the Westbrook Zer0.2 and they remind me of the XX8’s. No break in time and traction is very good and cushion is great. The Jordan 2X3 looks like it will be a great performer, just waiting for the review from Chris.

  3. These look interesting. Everything looks good except that achilles flap.

    Between these and the Supreme Elevations (release these already JB!) things are looking good so far. Excited to see what else JB has in store for us this year.

  4. Tbh, these look pretty unlike it’s jordan 33 signature line. No ugly gimmicks, just pure beautiful lacing construct and styling. Minor complaint is they could have put a full length zoom just like with the westbrook 0.1. Other than that, this would put a shame on the ugly 33s, jmo. Automatic buy for those with style, not just performance.

  5. I’ve just seen that a black camo pair was released on an italian website, its pricepoint is 110€ so you guys were preatty spot on. If you are interested in seeing that other colorway that’s different from the ones shown in this article i can give you the link.

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