A Detailed Look and Review of Dwyane Wade’s Way of Wade 7

Dwyane Wade may be on his last dance, but the Way of Wade 7 is just getting the party started.

Seven signature sneakers is no easy feat. Especially when you jump ship from one of the worlds most popular brands and decide to do things your own way.

Partnering with Li-Ning has had its share of ups and downs, but Dwyane Wade and the Wade Brand are not going anywhere anytime soon. The shoe itself is very nice in-hand and on-foot. On-court? Not sure yet, but stay tuned. We have two WearTesters on duty testing these guys for you.

Enjoy the first look and review above. Feel free to share your thoughts on the shoe below as well. For anyone interested in grabbing a pair you can head over to SunlightStation.com (use code NIGHTWING2303 for small discount).


  1. Total heaters but for $165 I was expecting premium leather and the latest tech (Drive foam). Still might pick them up because unlike Mrs. Wing I think these are gorgeous and I’m a fan of the Wade line.

  2. I’m really not sure about these. Cushion and the traction pattern are a question mark. Those accented ribs just thrown on there are also something I’m not into. I mean yeah, something like the LeBron 15 had the diamond pattern for the sake of aesthetic, but that was clever. Looking forward to the performance review to hopefully make sense of the sum of its parts.

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