The Under Armour SpeedTire Low May Be Coming in January

Photos hit the Internets this week of what appears to be a new rendition of the Under Armour Fat Tire — a shoe everyone hates until they spend a day in it. It is, undoubtedly, ugly, but recently I was at a media event where everyone either had Yeezys or Jordans on feet and I was confident that I was much more comfortable — especially after having walked 50 New York blocks to get there. Now, it looks like Under Armour may have slimmed down the Fat Tire tooling to create the SpeedTire Low.

While the original Fat Tire tooling is very thick and extends well past the contour of the foot, the SpeedTire Low seems to slim down the tooling while retailing the Michelin Wild Gripper outsole. In order to fully suit the SpeedTire Low for the trails, the upper features UA’s STORM technology, a DWR (durable water resistant) finish that, like Gore-Tex, repels water and retains breathability. The seem between the forefoot and midfoot suggests that this silhouette will utilize a burrito-style tongue.

At Under Armour’s SS17 showcase at the end of October I saw the Under Armour Fat Tire Ascent (pictured below), another slimmed down Fat Tire silhouette that used a Storm1 upper, BOA lacing, and seemingly identical tooling to what is featured on the SpeedTire Low. While there I was told that the Fat Tire Ascent would be coming February 1, 2017. This could mean that Under has continued to expand the Fat Tire line and used modified tooling on multiple new silhouettes. Tim Coppens used the original Fat Tire tooling for his UAS RLT boot.

Our Under Armour source says that the UA SpeedTire Low should start dropping right around the New Year, some time in January. We reached out to Under Armour and the brand would neither confirm nor deny. Thus, these remain rumors for now, but our source has been pretty reliable.

What do you think about the UA SpeedTire Low and Fat Tire Ascent? Is this slimmed down tooling more appealing? Let us know in the comments below.

under armour speedtire low 2

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  1. Well they look better the the OG fat tire for sure. Boa system is dope. Cant wait for the the review on these.

  2. I may be the only guy on the planet who likes the look of the fat tire. This one definitely is more palatable to the masses, but I can’t imagine that it has the awesome amount of cushion as the original. Still, it seems like a good, normal shoe, but I liked the gnarly overkill look of the first.

    1. You’ve obviously never worn a pair haha. I just walked the entire Appalachian Trail (2,189 miles) in 3 pairs of the fat tire low. Easily the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn, and the comfort doesn’t go away with use

      1. Wow, that is a lot of ground that you covered. Why did you wear 3 pairs though? Did they wear out just walking in them?

        1. Yeah they just wore out. I was walking on tough terrain though, so it’s not surprising. Many other hikers use trail runners and the fat tire outlasted most of those pairs

  3. Yes. Thick cushioning on the Fat Tire and Hoka shoes just helps people buffer bad mechanics. These look much better, and will definitely be better for my/everyone’s feet.

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