PEAK DH2 Revealed in the Home Colorway

When Dwight Howard left adidas, he was spotted in multiple pairs of Jordans (actually, that was a little before he officially left adidas). Most assumed he would be sporting Swoosh or Jumpman when last season started, but he threw the sneaker world a curve and went with Chinese brand PEAK.

While PEAK has been around for years — most notably when J.Kidd rocked them with the Mavs in 2011 (and won a championship), while Tony Parker has been rocking his own PEAK signature shoe for the last four years — the brand had been searching for that huge name. Although Dwight isn’t the “name” he was eight to ten years ago, he is still a top player when healthy and a huge catch.

The DH1 came in last year and even though it is meant as a big man shoe, it was absolutely playable for all positions, despite being a little bottom heavy (review is here in case you missed it). Now we get the PEAK DH2 and it does not look like a traditional center’s shoe, mostly because Dwight tries to run the floor like a forward and jumps out of the gym.

We got a look last month at the PEAK DH2 presser, but those images were very limited. Today we get more in-depth and the shoe looks killer. Using PEAK Surface again for the upper, the PEAK DH2 should be flexible and comfy from the jump (last year’s was a little stiff, but if the TP IV is the evolution of the TP9-III for 2016, the DH2 should feel great). Cushioning looks the same as last year, with Cushion-3 in the heel and forefoot. One design element to look for is the raised section on the forefoot — it isn’t bouncy like the Jordan XX8 but it does add a little response and extra push (the Lightning 4 has the same design and plays great).

Still no official release date, and with the DH1 never really seeing a U.S. release, the PEAK DH2 may be extremely hard to find, but as soon as the shoe is available we will update and inform. As always, drop knowledge below and let us know.

peak dh2 3 peak dh2 2 peak dh2 1 peak dh2 4

peak dh2 5

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      1. The wasted potential of Dwight Howard career is the very definition of what it means to be a bum. Don’t like me and my keyboard saying it? Fine just go ask Kobe he’ll tell you the same.

        Good looking sneaker though.

        1. Yea the wasted potential of being a multiple time defensive player of the year then leading a team to the finals lol so wasted. Kobe is a selfish so his opinion on Dwight is irrelevant seeing as to how Dwight went through several back injuries which for someone his size is serious. You can keep hating but we will see this year. I’d love to be a bum making millions while averaging 18 and 10 lol

          1. Yeah I’d love to have his paycheck.

            Kobe may be selfish but at least he cares about the game and winning.

            Howard cares about the paycheck and little else.

  1. Come on Adidas, Peak already has 2 signature shoes for Dwight, you know the guy let go. Waiting on the Harden signature shoe

  2. Not a fan of DHoward but…… Not bad Peak. Not bad. If only Peak wasn’t so sketchy on availability and US sizing.

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