Nike Zoom Live Budget Model Surfaces

Today we get a look at what could be the newest on-court basketball model from Nike, the Zoom Live. Taking design cues from the Hyperdunk 2016 and upcoming Zoom HyperRev 2017 models, the Zoom Live is likely to be the most budget-friendly model this year from the Swoosh.

The Nike Zoom Live features an engineered mesh upper that looks extremely similar to what’s utilized on the upcoming HyperRev 2017 model. A large, two-part strap covers most of the upper, which looks as though it could provide for some pretty good lockdown around the midfoot. One surprising fact is the lack of Flywire implementation on this sneaker, which seems to be omitted more and more on Nike’s budget models. The Zoom logo on the toe of the shoe indicates that we will be seeing some type of Zoom cushioning on this model. However, it is likely that it will only be a small forefoot unit. Though we don’t get a great look at it from the pictures that surfaced, the outsole seems to feature a hexagonal traction pattern that doesn’t look too shabby. So far, the shoe has been spotted in two distinct colorways, black and gum and all-white.

Though we don’t have any official details on the target market of this shoe, look for the Zoom Live to be on the less expensive end of the spectrum when it launches. What do you think of the new Nike Zoom Live?  Let us know in the comment section below, and stay tuned to for more details on this new release from Nike.

Nike Zoom Live 2

Nike Zoom Live 1

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  1. Perhaps nike is finally coming to terms with the fact that flywire does absolutely nothing in most of its implementations?

    1. Only time it does anything is when laces are looped only through Flywire…and when that’s the case it usually breaks

  2. It actually looks good in person. The hyperrev 2017 looks bland and feels really cheap. The outsole is also wavy from front to back on the rev 17. Both are already available in the Philippines.

    1. I first saw this in the philippines, i really like how it looked but unfortunately im in usa right now and they dont have it here thats why i want to buy it asap i hope theres still the style and size i want which is black. If you notice the design of the outsole its! LIT! Looks like it will provide be the greatest traction ever.

  3. I got a challenge for these shoe companies: make a really budget shoe that you sell at $50 at launch that is a performance beast. No premium materials, but the fit, lockdown, stability, and traction are the best you can make them. For cushion, just do the best you can- use dual densities or cushlon, something cheaper. Maybe some targeted boost or bounce the forefoot strike zone only. Just try to make it as awesome as you can without any bells and whistles,make it look good and see what happens.

    1. Lol Kwame that sounds like a lot of Research and Development which you know them white collar boys charge premium dollars. But I know what you andre asking.. That’s why most of us fell in love with the Lillard 2 although $105-$120.

  4. This is definitely a below average performace pair. In approximately the same cost you can now fibd the hyperrevs 2016 which are the best low budget sboes, along with the mentality 2. Apart from that they look really bulky and ugly.

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