Nike Zoom Crusader – Another Look

Another look at the Nike Zoom Crusader is available in two different colorways.

I’m still liking what I see and with these images the Crusader looks to have an extremely low cut collar. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing but it makes me want to try them out. I also like how much mesh is used – it is supported with Fuse behind it – as they look like they will fit rather comfortably.

Check out the images via silvjorr below and share your thoughts in the comment section.

Nike Zoom Crusader - Another Look  1

Nike Zoom Crusader - Another Look  2



  1. liking things about this shoe particularly these above but to be honest i dont like their name sounds like a boy scout thing

      1. 120$ shipped to US with trackable shipping, accept PayPal. They have retail price on the tag and it says 120€, which equals to 160$.
        I am also selling those Jordan CP3.VII (7) AE, also 120$ shipped to US with trackable shipping. Their retail price on the tag is 150€, which equals to 200$. If You buy more than one pair i can give a discount on shipping.

        1. Hey man, what country are you in? Do you have an ebay store or anything that we can check out?

          How are you able to get hold of the CP3.VII AEs this early?

    1. damn, i need another drink, THESE aint no Slowbe’s. These will be nice though – its those purple joints that look like my ninja’s new kikck

  2. this is one of the nicest non signature nba player shoes that nike has made in a long time thinkin about gettin a pair of these could be an under cover kobe 9 heading calling it zoom crusader

  3. these are a definite for me. low cut? check. low profile cushioning? check. crazy looking traction? check. flywire? check. breathable upper? check. these are gonna get run down into the ground this winter…

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