Li-Ning Turningpoint 001


The Li-Ning Turningpoint was one of my personal top 5 favorite performance models from this year – so far – and it looks as if Li-Ning is turning things up a notch with a lighter weight version of the Turningpoint with the upcoming Li-Ning Turningpoint 001.

You can clearly see the implementation of the forefoot strap and a trimmed down upper. The midsole itself is thinner than its predecessor which should make these even better on-court than the first version.

No word on a release date but once they are available I know I’m grabbing a couple pairs.

Via AK




  1. Looking forward to this release! Let us know what’s up with them, might be my sneaker’s for the upcoming season.

  2. I just played in Peaks vujacic yesterday. I really think they are very good. They felt like old school shoes where they still use leather instead of those plastic fuse materials. It’d be cool if you can try Peaks Nightwing. Loving your reviews, keep it up.

  3. Peak and Li-ning are both Chinese sneakers, me as a chinese sneaker fan is proud of that. ha. Shane Battier is wearing Peak….
    For Li-ning Turning Point 001, i think the release date is Jul.1st. But i am not sure how to order them online.
    Keep it up.

  4. These look like a nice upgrade to the current model. I hope they start releasing new models here. I found 1 li-ning store & the only hoops shoe that they had were the BD line. lol

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