FILA GH3 Retro

I was hoping it would happen and now it looks like it will, the FILA 97 – aka the FILA GH3 – will be releasing in 2014.

This original colorway is said to be releasing September, quite a long wait, and I’m sure new the other OG colorways along with some new ones will be launching as well.

I’m very excited as this is Grant Hill’s best looking model – my opinion of course – and I can’t wait to grab a pair.

FILA GH3 Retro 1

Via SC



  1. Yessss! I still have my beat up pair from 97… Finally. Totally agree NW. Best looking GHill shoes ever. He also had his best season in these as well. 2nd in MVP voting that year behind some party crasher named Jordan….

    Isn’t it crazy? Because of one stupid injury that doctors couldn’t fix right the first time, GHills career went from potential top 50 in history to pretty good role player…. My fave player growing up. Was hoping he could have gone all the way with STAT and Nash in 2008…

    1. It was the 2010 season where the Suns had a chance to make the finals, and I was also going for Grant Hill and Nash to beat the Lakers and make it to the finals. They were so close. I think it was game 5 in LA that the Lakers won at the buzzer, really took the wind out of their sails losing that game, then the lost game 6 at home.

      It really sucks that he was robbed on his Peak years. He seems like a true gentlemen of the game.

      I didn’t know he finished second in MVP voting. I thought the best was still to come with Grant.

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