The ‘Eggplant’ Nike Foamposite May Be Returning for Summer

This’ll be the year that all your Foamposite dreams are answered.

The fan-favorite ‘Eggplant’ Foamposite could be back at retail as soon as July. As a celebration of the Foamposite’s 20th anniversary, iconic colorways like Royal, Copper, and Eggplant are all returning.

There is no set release date yet, but this leaker has a pretty solid track record. Rumored price upon release will be $230 for the Nike Air Foamposite ‘Eggplant’. I can’t wait until FastPass chops these babies up because I don’t know it we’re getting all the tech — and if you’re buying kids Foams you aren’t getting any tech whatsoever.

Will you be picking up the ‘Eggplant’ Foamposite this time ’round? Let us know.

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      1. So foamposite ones are double stack normally? Just the heel or both? Just thought it was one full length unit. Interesting and disappointing that silver age has two separate units. Thanks for the reply btw

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