BrandBlack X WearTesters Rare Metal | Detailed Look and Review

BrandBlack approached us about designing our very own colorway of the Rare Metal and it was an offer we couldn’t refuse.

The BrandBlack X WearTesters Rare Metal is due out towards the end of spring, and I can’t wait for people to check them out. It’s my favorite colorway of the shoe — being completely biased of course — and I hope people enjoy the shoe, regardless of whether they plan on wearing them on or off the court.

Enjoy an early detailed look and review of the shoe and if you have any questions about them that have not been answered in the performance review feel free to ask below.



  1. which retail store will it be released? or only available on brandblack shops in the bay and online? oh will will sell it as well ?

  2. The color blocking is damn good, just as good as the Ether one. Eye catching but not too loud.

  3. fire….hope they arent hard they are to cop because I couldnt get the 1st pair. they sold out with quickness

  4. Congrats again on anothet collab!

    For those that know me, I complain about retail prices. These at $110 with extra laces, dustbag and socks included is a must cop.

    NW, please make sure BB produce enough of these bay boys.

  5. its’ cool that you got to design your shoes, reflects your fanatical about it which is great. congrats.

  6. I don’t mean to sound like a cheap dick but why couldn’t BB come up with this CW.. that way i can cop them at Finishline for under retail. BB needs to be more creative with their CW or at least have more non-white outsoles.

    1. Yeah. The debut thunder colorways can’t touch these. I have a pair and despite how cool of a shoe they are, I think they look a little wack. WT deserves especially a highlighted collaboration again, but sheesh part of me thinks BB should turn to Nightwing for GR colorways off the bat. Both this and the Ether are miles ahead of the standard issue.

  7. Brruhhhh, The BLUE Colored LOGO was Fireee tho i dig it!!!, wish I could just have ’em since we’re both same size 9.5 haha =) , Been Watchin’ U since Day 1 too, BTW saw the BLog when U went to my Home Town Philippines (Titan is Owned by Former PBA Player Jeffrey Cariaso right?). and Hopefully one day You can swing by here in SOCal, (specifically ANAHEIM) so we can Ball out, wanna see if I can lock U up and Shutdown NightWing’s Deadly Soft Touch. FYI i always have to see them reviews and On Foot Look of yours before i grab my Kicks from Finishline or….. COngrats again on this Successful COllab. More Power and GOD Bless.

  8. Dope. I love the colors. Makes me harken back to the day of my old Jumpman J’Madness.

    I will say though, I wish the jacquard had a subtle hint of blue in the weave for a little more contrast. However, looking at the end of spring, it will be approaching shorts weather when they come out, and what’s there will be noticeable in casual use. Just my thoughts. If the funds are available, I’ll try and pick up a pair, if I can find a 14. I hope some of the proceeds go to you. Even like 1%.

    Looking forward to seeing the final product online.

    1. Well I’m an idiot. I missed the part that there is blue in the jacquard, but I can’t see it in the video. Btw, the jacquard pattern looks good from here on the outer rim of the interwebz.

  9. Congratulations! As I said in one of my earlier comments, I am glad to see sheer passion succeeding, so just enjoy what you did and where you are because it is surely deserved!!!

  10. Awesome job Nightwing, looks freaking sexy. Could you please add more about the process?, that pictures was super interesting to me, and is something that no many people share by creating a shoe.
    Greetings from Argentina!

  11. I like it a lot!
    Looks like REVOLVE no longer restock BB for some reason. Too bad, cause they ship worldwide.

  12. beautiful.

    hope bb make more pairs and that titan has more stocks so i can get one. i missed out on the bbxwt ether.

  13. If anyone has a pair of Rare Metals, how breathable are they? Thinking about upgrading from my old Jordan 21s, which get REALLY hot and gross. Can anyone comment on the air flow in the Rare Metals?

  14. These or ultra boost for my birthday…Hmm. Decisions, decisions. I think these, gotta try out jetlon plus, and the colors, oh man… I hope these drop in April.

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