Brandblack Teases the Gama in a New Colorway

With the on-court beasts Brandblack served us this year, we’re very excited for what the brand plans to do in 2017. Brandblack has teased us all by showing us an ass shot of an upcoming silhouette: the Gama.

Some of you may remember that the brand actually unveiled this sneaker at the last Ciff Raven Trade Show, and we posted it. The Gama will be part of BB’s upcoming “Hinterland” SS17 collection, which seems to feature lots of earthy tones with pops of yellow and pink, and it looks like we’ll be getting four colorways (based on the photo below — the Gama is on the very right of the counter next to the mannequin).

The Brandblack Gama utilizes a woven upper, leather containment piece, an elastic midfoot strap, and a new midsole/outsole that we haven’t seen. These will probably sit atop the bouncy Jetlon we’ve come to know and love, but we can’t confirm that yet.

A photo posted by @brandblackalterego, an official Brandblack account that posts samples and cool visuals in black and white, posted a Gama recently with an intricate woven pattern. This silhouette has potential.

Some people are calling these Brandblack Tubular Dooms, others are eager to get their feet into those ankle collars. What do you think of the Brandblack Gama?

brandblack gama ss17


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  1. I love Puma’s! And these share design properties as the El Rays, with modern tech and what looks like to have way more comfortable cushion. Gotta cop these!!!

  2. I like. I also like the DJX but why they stop making more CW for it? I was waiting for the right CW other than the basic white, black..

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