The Brandblack Gambetto is Available Early in Two Colorways

The Brandblack Gambetto, a new lifestyle model, is now available early at Bloomingdales. The Gambetto, one of the models from Brandblack’s Hinterland SS17 Collection, features some aesthetically unique details that showcase performance and lifestyle at the same time.

The design of the Brandblack Gambetto takes a modern approach on the classic blucher construction of a shoe, bringing overlays and panels together. The Gambetto modernizes this by having a hidden lacing system for a simpler look.

Much is still unknown regarding the materials and tech of the Brandblack Gambetto. Here’s what we can tell you: the upper is suede. The rear of the shoe features an external heel counter strapped with a knit and is designed into the shoe. The tongue is very exaggerated for a more modern look and features the triangle Brandblack logo that can also be found at the base of the heel.

Currently, there is no information regarding the type of cushion used in the Gambetto, but we will keep you updated when more information is available.

You can purchase the Brandblack Gambetto in two colorways — “Black” and “Off White” — here for a retail price of $100 USD.

There is no word from Brandblack on a release date for the other colorways the brand has teased, but stay tuned to for updates.

Let us know in the comments below if you’re interested in the colorways that are available early or if you are looking forward to the other colorways Brandblack has unveiled.

brandblack gambetto

brandblack gambetto

brandblack gambetto

brandblack hinterland ss17 collection 03 gambetto

brandblack gambetto 2

brandblack gambetto 3


Images via BrandblackBloomingdales



  1. They need more creative colorways. Haven’t BB notice that their shoes dont sell well? I don’t think its because of their tech or their silhouette.. But one thing their shoes have is the same one colored CW maybe 2 colored if lucky.

  2. I don’t think they sell as much as others, because they have a smaller fan base…with all these people only loving nike, jordan, UA, etc…makes it harder to sell as well…Because pretty much all of their shoes so far (JC 1 is the exception) have been sexy IMO

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