ANTA KT2 | Know Your Tech

No opinions, only facts. What is your money worth in the sneaker world? That’s what we want to know. It’s what we’ve always wanted to know. Start getting to know your tech.

We start off the Know Your Tech series with one of the more surprising performance models to release Stateside — the ANTA KT2.

This is the version that Klay Thompson wears on-court. What is is made out of? Surprisingly enough, the same stuff most of those $175+ sneakers are.

Why do this? Why not? How many times have product descriptions and press release information been wrong or misleading? More times than we’d like. It’s time we find our for ourselves what we’re getting for our cash. No more guessing or blindly following what something from a company says.

After you’ve checked out the video, if you wanted to check out the shoe for yourself then you can at



  1. This is like dream come true for me! Always wanted to see the actual tech in images or videos. A full review with shoes after performance test combine with tech breakdown will be awesome! How did you separate the outsole from the rest of the shoe so clean?

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