Air Jordan XX8 (28) 2013 Unveiled

Not sure if Jordan brand is officially bringing the numbers back into the Legacy line but they have been stating that these are the Air Jordan XX8 instead of the Air Jordan 2013.

Jordan Brand held a special invite only event to debut the latest Air Jordan model and since I wasn’t invited I’m able to leach off of their Instagram feeds and post them up here on the site.

Tech specs are unknown to me at this point as well, again… I wasn’t invited to the event. All I know is that Jordan Brand has created what they are calling a Flight Plate constructed out of Carbon Fiber, the cushion features a new system called ProPlate Zoom – should work in tandem with the Flight Plate – and a full zip-up enclosure. Other than that… I have no clue what these are about.

Tinker designed them and I personally am curious to see how they perform.

Additionally, the Air Jordan XX8 officially sports the ‘average’ sized calf condom… if you don’t fit… Under Armour has the Magnum version with their Charge BB.



Westbrook will debut the Air Jordan XX8 on-court tomorrow, December 4th








Images Via Jumpman23, SoleCollector, geokthree & kustoo



  1. man what the fuck??? are those new under armour charges??? this are uglys as fucks!!! what happened to tinker???? is he on crack?

  2. These would have looked better without the condom.
    i hope they release a version with a removable one
    i just got the jordan 2012 lite for $50 plus tax (my first jordan performance shoe)
    and i will be looking forward to these at the outlets or when they go on sale
    i hope they dont sell out! looks like performance beasts
    this condom isnt as bad as the underarmor magnum.. atleast they just look like your socks

  3. Same reaction I had on my mind when I woke up seeing these. D.A.M.N. Them Jordan 2012’s are sitting on outlet shelves here in the PH.

  4. I think this is a classic case of Great Tech meeting Not So Great Design, but I could be wrong. Ugly or not people will buy them at full retail. As a wide footer though, that flight plate worries me.

  5. Ok maybe technologically advanced but the design is awful. A low cut version should be created immediatelly!

  6. oh snap – Is That a Saucony Look up Saucony Pro Grid Razor. Similarities. I know these gad be Sim to GP’s but the Razor looks more in Line. These, ….. I hope they got there *#@%! together on this one.

  7. Man….I know its all about performance but damn! I got to draw a line a some point. I actually think the UA Charge look half way decent when compared to these. lol

  8. I still can’t understand why do they need to place carbon fiber in shoes??? Is carbon fiber that super light that it needs to replace a simple TPU? A simple TPU support is already unbreakable when playing. Do players really need that kind of material in playing basketball??? Exaggeration.

  9. I like them. sexy and sleek. They look better than the 2012’s In my opinion and the performance looks on point. I see great colorway potential in these. Can’t wait to see these reviewed.

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