Air Jordan 10 Retro ‘Remastered’

We just heard that Jordan Brand plans on remastering all of their Retro models, including remaking some of the original molds, starting Spring 2015.

The first of the Retro models to be remastered will be the Air Jordan 4, 7 & 10. More will follow throughout the year but their main focus will be the three listed models. With that… they plan on bringing back the Chicago Air Jordan 10 true to OG form, PE branding and all.

I’m loving what they’re planning to do, love how these look – I like the PE branding – , surprised as hell that they’re putting the ’45’ on there, love the checkered-less liner, but… always a but… I’m bummed we didn’t get this the first time the Chicago saw the Retro treatment in 2010. However, I’m not complaining as I have two pairs of the 2010 version and I have no issued getting rid of them in order to replace them with these beauties.

Now, feel free to share your thoughts below in the comment section and stay tuned for more information as it comes.

Air Jordan 10 Retro 'Remastered' 1

Air Jordan 10 Retro 'Remastered' 2




  1. Now were talking, I had to sell my Chicago tens when I was homeless, now they come back in hopefully true to og quality. I thought I’d never be able to replace them with these crazy reseller prices now.

  2. The Melo 10 YOTH was leather made me feel 15 again until I tried to do a reverse dunk then I realized I am 32. Glad Jordan Brand is going back to quality materials.

      1. Your Jordan Project can never end. It keeps going on and on like a Lord of The Rings movie.

  3. About damn time….now what’s the price hike going to be 170 or more? or will we finally drop 200 for a retro?

      1. They wouldn’t even have to… history shows it was going to jump anyway, we only ask “how high SIR!!!!”

        I hope to be the hell out of Chicago when this drop, not trying to get killed for some jays.

  4. yep that’s the way it was now where are the pippens without the air bag I heard they may release the zoom version?

  5. I have to say that the tumbled leather looks really nice even though I wouldn’t plan to hoop in them. I have way too many kicks to ball in and the Jordan retros are more a sentimental factor in that I couldn’t get the OGs back when I was a kid.

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