The adidas Light Em Up 2017 is Now Available

Yet another adidas basketball shoe has arrived, this time it’s the adidas Light Em Up 2017.

The is similar in design to last year’s rendition, the adidas Light Em Up 2.0. However, like most models, there are some changes to the latest shoe.

The adidas Light Em Up 2017 features BOUNCE cushioning yet again. Visually, the BOUNCE uses the same lines on its midsole seen in the latest adidas footwear products that feature the foam, like the adidas AlphaBounce and adidas Dame 3. These lines also make the midsole and outsole look as if the two are connected, yet are distinguished by two separate colors (on this colorway at least). An aggressive form of herringbone is used underfoot, with seemingly enough space between grooves to channel dust (instead of it getting caught in the grooves).

The adidas Light Em Up 2017 utilizes a breathable mesh upper with a textile overlay on the lateral side of the shoe and fuse overlays in high wear areas like the toe. The lateral and medial sides are separate, allowing for a burrito-like tongue that works with the asymmetrical lacing system.

You can purchase the adidas Light Em Up 2017 now in ‘Multi Solid Grey/Running White’ for $100 USD here. No word on if other colorways will become available in the future or not but we will update you here at

In the meantime, sound off in the comment section below with your thoughts on the adidas Light Em Up 2017.

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adidas light em up 2017

adidas light em up 2017

adidas light em up 2017

adidas light em up 2017

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adidas light em up 2017



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  1. I was interesting in trying out the the 2s, but the outsoles were shamefully soft. It would wear out quickly even indoors. Hope these are more durable.

  2. first of all, the silhouette reminds me a lot of the lebron 8s.

    next, oh my goodness, i love the new budget models from adidas. nike’s usual rectangular and thin forefoot zoom enclosed in a dense phylone midsole with subpar story-telling traction can’t touch that bounce cushion and that modified aggressive traction pattern….

  3. what i dont like with the new adidas silos is its becoming similar to older nike ones…..specially the tooling

    remember how they treated anything lunar??? (lunar force 1 if you cant thing of any example)… they just have to mold the whole tooling to tell you that it contains xxxxxx tech…

    the upper though… impressive

    1. I see your point. I think that the difference with adidas is that they options at this point, as where Nike, like you said, would try to add lunar to everything. adidas has bounce and boost, both of which you can never go wrong with, but with bounce being used on more take down/budget models for performance, and boost being thrown onto every model possible.

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