Under Armour Officially Unveils the Curry 6 with the ‘Fox Theatre’ Colorway

Under Armour has officially unveiled Stephen Curry’s sixth signature sneaker — the Under Armour Curry 6 — with a colorway paying tribute to Oakland’s Fox Theatre.

The Under Armour Curry 6 ‘Fox Theatre’ colorway features an array of bright colors from neon green and orange to yellow — representing the theatre’s distinct Oakland marquee.

Featuring full length HOVR cushioning running the length of the shoe, the Curry 6 utilizes the best innovation UA basketball has to offer. A fun fact: Stephen has ranked in the 95th percentile in average distance covered per game – running basically a marathon every month.

“Stephen Curry runs about 2.3 miles per game, and that’s why wanted to design a shoe that was more like a running shoe for him. We put full length HOVR that gives impact absorption and energy return.”
– Leon Gu, Designer of the Curry 6

I can’t wait to try the Under Armour Curry 6 out on-court and see how the HOVR feels riding full length. Traction looks interesting as well so fingers crossed it’s as good as we’ve come to expect from Under Armour basketball products.

The Under Armour Curry 6 in the ‘Fox Theatre’ colorway releases worldwide on UA.com, at UA Brand Houses and select retail partners for $130 on January 4, 2019.

Source: Under Armour


  1. Please let the cushion NOT be a lie. Please let it be good. Visually I like the Curry 4 and 5 much better but these aren’t bad.

  2. If these feel anything like the hovr havoc then these are gonna be awesome and hovr in the forefoot, can not wait to see how they feel because I play on my toes

  3. The “running shoe ” philosophy is something — assuming they tried incorporate elements, that they learned from their HOVR running models. I get that the 4 was made with a purpose geared for stability, but it moved really….”flat” for me. The lacing system here from the 3Zero2 looks promising.

    Hopefully this is no longer the same brand that tried to sell “squaring of the circle” and “pi” in a completely loose context. WTF was that. The timing, and how mediocre of shoe that ended up being for most people.

  4. Were there any issues in other shoes on the durability of the web/mesh containing the hovr cushion? Is the web/mesh glued to the hovr?

  5. Excited to try these out. After playing in multiple pairs of the 1s and 2s I have skipped the 3-5s. Looking forward to seeing if the cushioning has good impact protection and responsiveness.

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