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Way of Wade All City 11 V2

The Way of Wade All City 11 was a very good basketball shoe and the Way of Wade All City 11 V2 is just a little bit better. This shoe has everything.

Colorway: Family Love

Release Date: 2024

Price: $150

Total Score
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Way of Wade has been killing it in recent years, so much so that the All City 11, which was an amazing hoop shoe, kinda gets lost in the shuffle, and it just might be their most versatile and well-rounded shoe.

The All City 11 features full-length Boom (WOW’s best cushioning), top-tier support features, and beastly, durable traction. On top of that, it can be described as a non-official Kyrie Irving shoe as it offers a near-perfect blend of cushioning and reactiveness, tons of court feel, and all the mobility you could ask for.

Now, the All City 11 V2 revamps the original model. Both are very similar in terms of performance, with some tweaks here and there. But how do those changes affect the shoe’s performance? Let’s find out:

Way of Wade All City 11 V2 Tech Specs:

Way of Wade All City 11 V2 Traction


This might be the shoe’s best feature. The Way of Wade All City 11 V2 keeps things simple but super effective. As far as the traction pattern goes, what we have is full-length, tried and true herringbone. The rubber used is Way of Wade’s supper grippy, super durable, Tuff RB rubber. This combination provides top-tier, stop-on-a-dime level traction.

As an added bonus, the All City 11 V2 will also be equally great indoors and outdoors, which is rare to find nowadays. This ability is a huge added bonus and makes this a great bang-for-your-buck option and a very versatile model in this sense as well. Having simple, great traction that can be used on any surface without hesitation is a thing of beauty.

Way of Wade All City 11 V2 Cushion

Cushioning can also be considered a highlight of the shoe, even though it might not be for everyone. The All City 11 V2 features a full-length slab of Way of Wade’s best foam cushioning: Boom Foam. It’s a substantial slab at that and is entirely caged in a rubbery TPU cage. This ensures that the usually super plush and squishy foam has some structure and remains reactive.

This is another point towards the versatility of the shoe. This low-profile implementation offers a nice blend of compression, court feel, and stability and should be a setup that most players should enjoy.

As nice as this setup is, if you’re looking for a max cushion setup, this isn’t that. This is in no way a criticism of the shoe, just something to keep in mind.

Way of Wade All City 11 V2 Materials

Materials on the Way of Wade City 11 V2 aren’t great as far as value goes, but they are very effective on court, so you can’t really ask for much more. This is also the biggest difference between the V1 and the V2. What we have is a fully textile upper that is very reminiscent of what we saw on the Nike GT Cut 2. Way of Wade calls this material TPEE and it’s lightweight, breathable, and robust.

Like most other shoes with this type of build, it will perform well on court but doesn’t feel great in hand. It also won’t be the most durable setup, but, again, in terms of performance, it will do its job well.

Way of Wade All City 11 V2 Support

The support features on the Way of Wade All City 11 V2 are head and shoulders above anything else you will find in shoes from “more traditional brands” at the same price point. First off, the shoe has a very wide and stable base with tons of contact area with the court. The midsole is completely wrapped to keep the Boom foam stable underfoot, and it houses a couple of surprises as well.

The All-City 11 V2 features 2 substantial TPU shank plates in the midfoot. One of the shank plates is bottom loaded and the other is top-loaded. This setup should provide all the torsional support you could ever need or want but also add a nice springy sensation as you play. The one downside is that it creates an added restriction in the midsole and restricts the compression of that Boom foam slightly, but the trade-off will be worth it for most hoopers.

If you add the substantial heel counter and the improved containment of the TPEE upper, what you get is a very secure ride on court. The upper wraps your foot and keeps it securely on the footbed, while everything else provides a stable structure from which to execute your moves.

Way of Wade All City 11 V2 Fit

The Way of Wade All City 11 V2 fits true to size, so go with whatever size you usually use. One thing to keep in mind is that, unlike most other Chinese basketball shoe models, the All City 11 V2 is not wide-foot-friendly. If you have a wide foot, make sure to try these on in person.

Way of Wade All City 11 V2 Overall

The Way of Wade All City 11 V2 is virtually identical to the original model, which is a very good thing. In this version we have an updated upper and enhanced lockdown, but, at the end of the day, it’s still the same very well-balanced, do-it-all hoop shoe, that the original All City 11 was.

It’s also one of those models that will work great for the immense majority of players out there, making it an easy choice for those who want to try their first Way of Wade model, especially if you are a fan of Kyrie’s now-defunct signature line with Nike.

In the $150 price range, there really aren’t many shoes out there that will give you the same on-court performance, versatility, and all-around value as the Way of Wade All City 11 V2.

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