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PEAK TP1 Black/ White – Detailed Look + Release Info

New colorways of the PEAK TP1 begin to roll out this weekend and the first is the Black/ White version.

If you need a refresher on their performance then head over to their performance review – one of my top Guard shoes at the moment – and if you like what you see/ hear then you can grab this colorway on Saturday, February 8th.

You’ll be able to grab them at PEAK Sports Canada (they ship internationally) & feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

PEAK TP1 Black White - Detailed Look + Release Info 1

PEAK TP1 Black White - Detailed Look + Release Info 2

PEAK TP1 Black White - Detailed Look + Release Info 3

PEAK TP1 Black White - Detailed Look + Release Info 4

PEAK TP1 Black White - Detailed Look + Release Info 5

PEAK TP1 Black White - Detailed Look + Release Info 6

  1. Firstly, I just want to say that it’s awesome that Peak Sports Canada ship internationally, great stuff guys.

    What do you think of the price though, Nightwing? I find it a bit hard to take when our Chinese friends here on this site are able to pick them up for between $50 to $80 US. I’d have no problem paying in the $80-$90 range, but $130 for these seems too high. I’d have to pass at those prices.

    1. Why is it too high? Because it’s not Nike or Jordan? I have to pay more for any Asia shoe, Li-Ning, PEAK or otherwise if I want them in the States. If I’m more than willing to pay $130-250 for a pair of Nike or Jordan’s than I would be a fool to say I thought $130 was too high just bc it was something else. Just my thoughts on it.

  2. So I found these on a US website 94feetofgreatness.com and I kind of want to buy them today considering I might be in NOLA during all star weekend. It’d be cool if I ran into tony and he saw me in the shoe. The only thing is I’m still uncertain on the fit. I wear 10.5 in my current shoe which is the 2013 nike hyperdunks and it’s perfect. I can squeeze into a 10 but it’s a little too snug for my tastes. The website only sells 10s and 11s. What are your thoughts? I won’t be mad at you if they don’t fit I promise haha.

  3. It doesn’t really have that much to do with the brand itself. I’m just not sure that this shoe is better than similar priced shoes from other brands, then to top it off, people in China are able to get this shoe for a much cheaper price. Doesn’t really make me want to get it at this price point at all.

    We’ll use the TP9 Peak Lightning as an example. That was $120 and it didn’t even make your personal top 10 list. I’d say the TP1 would have similarities to the TP9, so why would I buy this over the Under Armour Spawn Anatomix, Adidas Rose 4.0, CP3.VII, HyperDunk 2013, Jordan XX8 SE, shoes like that. I don’t have any of those shoes and I think they are all better value for money at a similar price point. Personally, I’d rather get all those shoes before this one if I were to be paying that much.

    Having said that, if Peak were smart, they’d have it at a similar price point to what they sell it at in China just to get the shoe out there.

    Would you put this shoe in your own top 10 of 2013 if it was released in 2013? If not, then I don’t think it’s worth the money.

    1. You bring up some good points. I had been planning to buy the original white/black when my size was restocked, but the timing is just off for me personally. The restock was yesterday morning. I just bought the Melo 10 BHM last week, the WoW 2.0 Announcement a few days ago, and the Kobe IX elite yesterday morning. At this point, Peak TP9 would be an impulse purchase for me.

      I suppose that people want a deal for what Peak has to offer because they are not an “established” brand stateside like Nike and Adidas. You probably would have to wait for the next restock anyways because my size was gone again fast as hell.

  4. Previously, Peak hadn’t made sizes 10.5 or 13 but now they have with the release of the new color ways. We should be receiving the new sizes in about a week. They’re available for order on our site for $116.99. Get free shipping with code KICKSONCOURT.

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