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Nike Zoom HyperRev 2015 Performance Review

I still think they should have been called the Zoom Crusader 2015…
HyperRev 2015 Performance Review 1Traction – I had a feeling they’d be really good or really disappointing… yeah, no duh, right? Luckily, they were really good, and even better than last year’s setup. Yes, dust can be an issue, but a simple wipe with these will go a long way. Some outsoles need consistent attention when it comes to wiping them clean, these don’t have that issue. You can go for some time, forget about them for a bit, then when you finally start to get enough buildup – quickly wipe and you’re good to go. They did perform quite nice on outdoor surfaces, but the rubber is a little on the soft side for continuous outdoor play – they have XDR as an option on NIKEiD if you wanted something slightly more durable. Just know that you’re covered from a linear standpoint and a lateral standpoint. Not much more you can ask for.
HyperRev 2015 Performance Review 2Cushion – While the traction for the 2015 HyperRev was greater than its 2014 predecessor, the same can’t be said for their cushion. I’m not saying the cushion is bad, it’s just not as good. I really enjoyed the full length setup and midsole shape of the original as it provided you with a nice smooth transition along with some cushion. This time around they’ve broken things up into a more traditionally used heel and forefoot setup. The heel unit is your typical heel Zoom, while the forefoot is that rectangle shaped Zoom that you can either love or hate, depending on how its utilized. I personally didn’t ‘feel’ the bounce that you used to be able to associate with Nike’s Zoom, but they are still pretty darn comfortable so I guess I can’t complain too much. Overall, the cushion gets the job done, but if we’re being picky then I really wish they continued the full length setup they started with.
HyperRev 2015 Performance Review 3Materials – The original HyperRev used a full mesh upper with a nylon structured interior – which I loved. These keep things in line with that ‘minimal’ type of setup while strengthening the upper by using a screen mesh verses the woven mesh. There are Fuse overlays in key high-wear areas, which work well, and my favorite part(s) are the rubberized heel counter and internal neoprene boot. I think the thing I enjoyed most about the original HyperRev was that they fit like a sock, but a sock that you could actually play in. Same thing goes here, they just fit and feel awesome on your foot. They’re definitely one of those shoes that you put on, lace up, and then totally forget about once you start playing. Probably the best feeling in the world – while hooping – is no feeling at all… the more you don’t notice the shoe the more you can focus on the game. Plus the Paul George branding is pretty sick.
HyperRev 2015 Performance Review 4Fit – They fit true to size. I recommend wide footers trying these on, the mesh does break-in a bit after wearing them so if you were to go up 1/2 that could create some unwanted dead space… but it’s entirely up to you. Lockdown in the shoe is awesome. There aren’t many shoes that allow you to actually feel the Dynamic Flywire working, but these and the original HyperRev are two of them. You can literally feel the cables tightening around your foot, but the cables do take the brunt of the load while making lateral moves so they may break eventually with all the stress. There are actual eyelets on the upper though, so there is a backup plan if that were to happen. I feel the Flywire takes some of the stress off the mesh upper, so if you use the eyelets along then maybe that could become damaged over time. Then there is the rubber heel cage… I loved the damn thing. Because its rubber, it wraps around the heel and locks the heel into the back of the shoe – since it’s also part of the lacing system. It moves with your foot as well, so you still maintain full range of motion while still keeping your foot onto the footbed.
HyperRev 2015 Performance Review 5Support – The support is minimal, but greater here than in the original… just slightly. What I mean by that is the original Rev used foam structure pieces within the shoe, which worked for a minimal setup, but these use rubber and Fuse which I think is far superior. Same overall concept as the foam, but rubber is just stronger altogether so the potential for it failing is pretty slim. They are low enough to where people that wear a support brace can do so without altering the fit, which is a downside to wearing a brace, so you can increase the support yourself as you see fit.
HyperRev 2015 Performance Review 6 Overall – I loved the original, and I love these. If I were to choose between the two… I’d probably go with this pair. The traction is more consistent and the support is more reliable. Its a really comfortable shoe to wear, and doesn’t break the bank too badly. If you like shoes that don’t require break-in time and are support brace friendly, this is a solid option to consider. If the HyperRev could be found for less than retail then I’d say its a must cop, for retail… its not a bad cop. Above retail… forget about it.

If you were interested in grabbing a pair, they’re available now at Finish Line.

HyperRev 2015 Performance Review 7

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  1. Pretty sick of that thin rectangle zoom, just offers nothing compared to the full length zoom and of course unlocked zoom on the Jordan range. Can’t see myself picking up anymore pairs with that set up.

  2. Great review nightwing, I’ll definitely be looking to cop a pair now. As much as I loved the originals, I wish they gave me a bit more support in the arch area, which caused pain partialy due to the way my Orthotics fit in the shoe.

    I’m going to miss that full length zoom though…

      1. He NW this may sound crazy but just hear me out. Nike was supposedly choosing between Kyrie and Paul George. Paul then said on Twitter that he is getting one in early 2015. Maybe they chose him but then he got injured. But since Nike already did designs and manufacturing they said the PG Sig was the hyperrev. After all on PG CWS have comeout

        1. Yeah I was curious about that as well. I mean what has kyrie really done besides all-star MVP & a great USA oplympic performance. PG13 was probably up next for a sig. Hope we don’t have to wait very long. I might cop those hyperRevs tho in the meantime.

      1. If I’m a beast in the paint, and sometimes an outside threat, would you recommend these? And do you know if PG is going to come out with his own line soon?

  3. Very good and informative review Nightwing! One question though, if you had to choose between the 2 HyperRevs which one would you prefer for playing? Don’t include price in your decision. Thanks.

      1. LMAO!!! Nah bro. It’s not for nothing. People just don’t like to think or read. They continue to ask these questions when you’ve either stated your opinion on what you like or you’ve written the benefits of one potential shoe over another. I clearly saw your comparative notes in this write up. In the time that it takes for people to type these questions to you, they could either search through the info themselves or just compare ratings for each shoes’ categories.
        In short, there IS in fact such thing as a DUMB *SS QUESTION.

  4. I bought these. I can’t say I enjoyed the traction for some reason dust was getting in the way all day. I’d say these are good on pristine courts but on dustier courts yeah they needed constant swipes. Other than that I loved how smooth the transition was, it felt even better than last years. Also the upper is mesh that doesn’t really form to your foot unlike last years where it was like fitting like a sock when laced up, but I liked it better this way because last years somehow I felt like my feet were suffocating and blood wasn’t flowing through my feet giving me constant cramps. I overall liked this shoe very much but if the traction was Kobe 9, we’d have a hall of fame guard shoe in my personal opinion. Zoom wasn’t as responsive however it gets the job done definitely for guards, for big men, I’m not so sure about it. Always enjoying your website nightwing. I’ve been an avid follower since your performance review on the m8 I believe? Congratulations on all your success and keep it going!!

    1. Great insight on your experiences with the shoe, thanks for sharing! I appreciate the continued support as well. Those Melo M8’s… seems like forever and a day ago. Those had some amazing Zoom in them.

      1. I just bought some lightly used M8s on ebay and I LOVE them. I just LOVE them. The cushion is amazing. Zoom that isn’t unlocked should still feel like the M8.

        1. Man… I remember putting those on the first time and being like ‘this is how the AJ11’s felt when I first put them on back in 96 & 01 (Retro)’… miss that type of Zoom.

          1. I can honestly blame you for getting me into the shoe game. My first shoe was the kd1, then I thought maybe some people had reviews as to which shoes to buy, bam. Nightwing2303.com. haha good days good days.

  5. I could see some humanoid fishy creature crawling out of the sea, lacing these up, and ballin in a pick up game with Aquaman and the Justice League. It looks like a fish!

  6. Hey NW, great review. I wore these for the 1st time this past weekend for some pickup games. I agree that the cushion is not as good as last year, but I feel the forefoot zoom; maybe I’m heavier at 165lbs. I wore these at home for about 2 weeks and they felt slippery on my hardwood floors but once I played in them, the outsole seemed to get stickier. NW, since you played them more than me, did you feel the traction got better and better? I believe these are going to be a sleeper hit since everyone is only focusing on the cushioning. It seems everything else is just better on this year’s model.

    1. The traction was good for me from the start, but the first court I played on was pretty clean. Didnt play on dirtier ones until later on. Played in them at a league game and the floor had some slick film to it, and even with that stuff I still had good traction. I dont think the cushion is bad, if it is then my knees and lower back would tell me, but its not as good as last years. People seem to misinterpret anything less than perfect as a bad thing… which would mean that each and every person is horrible by their standards… including themselves lol.

  7. Hey Nightwing. I’m torn between 2 shoes.

    With price aside, should I get the 2015 Hyperrev or the Kobe Mentality? Thanks a bunch. Love the reviews.

          1. you seem to know ur stuff. I’m a quick and shifty point guard and trying to decide what shoe to get between the curry 1, kobe 9, rose 4.5 or 5. In your opinion, whats the best option for me?

  8. How is the court feel on this one (and the Hyperrev series [are two shoes considered a series?] in general) compared to the other “go fast” guard shoes on the market (Rose, Kobe, Kyrie, etc)?

  9. the new scoring system is lame. I knew it would end up like this. everything that isnt unplayable or incredible gets “starting 5” or “6th man”. theres only two scores that are routinely used so theres no way to differentiate between shoes. it cheapens the reviews in my opinion. makes it all come across as juvenile and overly simplistic. if you cant compare one shoe’s score to another and find differences whats the point of the reviews at all?

    1. I have to agree with this. I can’t say my opinion is important or any of that but I liked the old scoring system better too. Maybe implement scoring a little into the new system? like 6th man being a 7-8 out of 10, starting 5 being a 8-9, and hall of fame being a 10, I dunno I think some people can be confused a little

        1. I didn’t read the updated info post. I wasn’t trying to criticize or anything. Believe it or not my intentions were good.

          1. I wasn’t being negative, I was just saying that’s what I did in terms of badges and their correlation with the previous numbered system. The lengthy reply was for the person you replied to.

    2. So if these got a 7 and the original got an 8, even when these are better in certain aspects – info found in the review – you’d go for the pair with the higher score? Stop acting like an idiot, sorry to be blunt about, but it’s true. If a number bothers you that much when being spoon fed performance information then you are nothing short of stupid. Guess what… this is the new scoring system. Don’t like it? I never asked, this is my way of keeping things neutral. If you cannot accept that then let me know and I’ll prevent you from ever coming back here. Now grow up, read the reviews and pick your damn shoes to play ball in and quit being a dipshit.

      Not professional? Never claimed to be. I review shoes, I don’t kiss anyone’s ass… Not starting with yours.

      1. ^^thats why I love nw. He’s trying to please
        Everyone but everyone is so damn nitpicky. There are only three numbers from 8 to 10 so he can’t use decimals and or go back in reviews . If you’re picky use the review as a guide try them on yourself .

      2. You’re alright NW, you’re alright lol. Hey what’s your most anticipated shoes for 2015. The ones not announced yet???

  10. How is the court feel on this one (and the Hyperrev series [are two shoes considered a series?] in general) compared to other “go fast” guard shoes on the market (Kobe, Rose, Kyrie)?

  11. Hey NW,

    Thanks for the reviews. Very informative and helps a ton when buying shoes online. Just got the Crusaders and they feel great. Priority for me: cushion, lightweight and flexible fit. Anything bulky or stiff that requires break-in time is to be avoided. Am a 2-guard with bad knees. Wore and swore by Air Max Tempo Lows — super soft, great cushion but weigh too much. Have two pristine pairs that fee llike boots after wearing Kobe’s or Crusaders.

    Question is this: you mention this should be called the new Crusader or Crusader 2015. If you had to choose for cushion/weight and flexibility, what would you go with: Crusader or Hyperrev 2015? The heel on the Hyperrev appear wide/bulky. Do you notice it when you play?

    Thanks for any feedback and for all the info.

    1. For cushion, the Crusader takes it – even though its the same setup… the foam is nicer on those. But, the rest goes to the HyperRev 2015. The midsole and outsole design is more flexible, lighter weight and requires no break-in time. The heel/ midsole looks bulky, but the way its designed promotes a fluid transition. Something the blocky design of the Crusader’s midsole/ outsole did not.

  12. Dang nightwing your getting torn apart in the niketalk kobe 10 thread….. I love your reviews and have been since the kobe 7 review.( still thought they were great lol) You need to kick some ass up in there. Everyone saying how they’re great and your just a spot up shooter and that taints the review. Which I don’t understand since someone can have a great review with general overview of it. Thanks again and cheers

      1. I dont even know what was said but I can not play hard in the kobe 10z i play vs pros and i play vs randoms at the local gym Seattle! watever, the kobe 10z are nothing like the kobe 9! I still hoop in the kobe 9z today. I wear 10 to the gym and lift weights not hoop they hurt my feet idk maybe its my bunion or foot shape that doesnt fot well in the toe are also hella dead space up front.

  13. What is the most coolest looking shoe from Nike basketball(recent models) in your opinion, disregard performance. I’m a sucker for Black/gold so I think these look dope

  14. Those comments on NikeTalk, I’d simply consider the source. It won’t place a number on it, but the majority of those guys on that site do not even play, and would probably hurt themselves if they even tried. They are more concerned with the shape of the shoes in the Jordan remastered series, and are willing to boycott JB because of it. Not because of the human rights issues over the years, not because of the violence over shoes, not even because of the increase in pricing, but they are ready to boycott over the “shape” of a shoe.

    That’s the kind of logic that you are dealing with on Nike Talk.

  15. BTW, do not think that it is a coincidence that since you are speaking well of other brands, that this is going unnoticed by those who wish to keep Nike on top. The comments comparing your reviews to KicksGenius, are not without reason. There are a few on NikeTalk who see themselves as some sort of influencers, who steer people in the direction that may be a bit more favorable toward Nike. I guess Kick Genius is back in Nike’s good graces, after their “classy” appearance on the Adidas Campus, while head to toe in Nike gear.

    Keep doing your thing.

    1. I’m not one to talk bad about people. I just know that what was stated over at the forum is incorrect. I would love to speak about things freely, and state facts, but I wont. I’m not that type of person. Instead I’ll continue to keep things to myself, and people can say what they want.

  16. Night wing — I really appreciate your time and efforts. I am a 210 pound guy, but play on the wing most of the time. Do you recommend hyper rev 15 or lebron 12? Cost isn’t an issue. Thank you sir!

    1. Depends on what you’re looking for. LeBron will offer slightly more impact protection but not by much. LeBron’s offer more support as well, just depends on what you need from a shoe. Once you figure that out, you can use the reviews to help you narrow your choice down.

          1. Hey NW, just picked up this thread as it answered some questions I had and wasn’t sure got answered in the review regarding cushioning. Obviously from your own preference you tend to review cushion with regards to responsiveness and court feel which I can relate to being a smaller guard. But I recently had a knee op and ever since I really feel the impact on landings and need a shoe with great impact protection. I would have assumed from the reviews that Lebron 12 is way ahead of the Hyperrev 2015 in that regard but you believe the the difference is not much? I don’t want to pay an extra 50% for a shoe when everything else I want/need comes my way in the Hyperrev 2015. For the record – I’m not asking you to recommend a shoe to me like a lot of people tend to do – just want some clarification…. And for the record, I still want that self drying Back to the Future jacket!

            1. You may want to try something that absorbs impact and distributes the load evenly, like a good foam versus a targeted Air system. Micro G and Boost are the best with that IMO.

              1. Excellent! Already got the Rose 5’s which I’ve found great. Always wanted to try out Under Armour – Curry 1 it is! To be fair I’ve been a huge fan of Steph since that ridiculous run in the tourney for Davidson

          2. Nightwing, for impact protection, you said boost or micro g. But in your opinion, which shoe distributes impact better, the Rose 5 or Curry 1? Can we put the Prime Hype DF in the same category of great impact protection?

  17. What do you think about the black portion of the outsole? is that black part of the midsole? And does that portion make the traction better, worse, consistent?

  18. Hi NW! First of all thanks for the reviews they are very informative – you definitely got fans in Denmark! I’m looking to buy new shoes and want to go to low tops – until now I have used the super fly 2. I’m mostly concerned with lockdown, cushioning and durability (I tend to get stepped on, as I play PF) I’m a bit torn between the Hyperrev 2015 and the Kobe 9 EM (my brother has a pair of LBJ XI he uses recreationally so I can use that insole) – any thoughts? Thanks again for your great work!

  19. Hey nightwing first of all, thanks for all of the great reviews over the years man. Been a follower since you reviewed the original hyperfuses back way back when and it’s great to see how well things are going now.
    One question though, I’m looking for some good low top Bball kicks and was leaning towards the KD7 until I read this review lol. Which shoe do you prefer when not paying attention to the price difference? Thanks!

    1. I felt the KD had more cushion, but these have a nice overall fit in terms of being glove-like and not bulky. I could go with either one, but if I had a budget then I’d likely go for the cheapest option.

  20. Nightwing, What was that shoe storage system called you posted about a while back? I’ve went through a ton of your tweets/instagram and can’t find it for the life of me. I think its design was in a bunch of triangles instead of like squares to make it more efficient or something? If you could refresh my memory, that’d be awesome.

  21. um I was going to nike id a new shoe but I’m torn between hyperrev 2015 and kyrie 1 witch one should I chose I am a quick point guard that loves traction please reply

  22. I was planning on getting either the Hyperfuse 2014 or the HyperRev 2015 but I’m rather hesistant on which one. I love the cushioning and snugfit of the HyperRev 2014 but the support is non-existent. I have the Hyperfuse 2012 and is great but not my go to shoes so far.

    Which of the two should I consider Nightwing? Hyperfuse 2014 or HyperRev 2015, support, stability and less injury risk wise. I’m wearing a neoprene ankle wrap for peace of mind. Thanks.

  23. Hey nightwing, great review, late question, in your opinion would you pick up the Nike Hyperdunk 2014 or Nike Hyperrev 2015. I’m looking for a new shoe for my spring season. So, in your opinion which shoe would you pick. Anybody welcome to answer.


    1. Definitely the rev, I tried the dunk and it was way worse than the 2013. it did not do anything very well. I have not tried on this shoe, but I think that it is much better and I am thinking about buying it.

  24. Picking these up today bc of the fantabulous review… $109 at my local Dicks Sporting Goods can’t beat that NW!!

  25. Hay NW, Im a shooting guard, and Im about your height, and weigh 150. Would the Hyperrevs be a good option, or are there better shoes out there for a shooting guard position? I’ve read and watched most of your reviews and I am trying to find another shoe. Thanks for the help.

  26. I am torn between this shoe and the KB Mentality – which do you prefer since your ratings are almost identical? Consider playing conditions are on an indoor dusty court.

    It seems that you have the KB Mentality pegged as a more versatile shoe because the bottom will hold up better on outdoor courts–how significant is the difference between the two shoes? Both shoes can be had at $99 so hence my need for your expertise.

    1. well, i think the difference will be how the upper feels and the support. if the playing conditions are on indoor dusty court of course i will pick hyperrev 2015. that’s what i think

  27. I personally love this shoe. However, when I was trying these on at Finish Line, I thought that they ran a half size long. This may just be me though, and besides that I really like the shoe.

  28. i’m still new in shoe game and not a native speaker.. i wanted to ask what is retail means? (in the overall section, there’s these words “above retail” and “less than retail”) is it a term or something?

    1. Retail means how much you would pay at a store like Footlocker, Finishline, Footaction, Nike Store, etc. These shoes have a RETAIL price of $130. So the sentence above is saying if the shoes are “less than retail” or “less than $130”, then it is a “must COP” = “must PURCHASE”. At $130, not a “bad COP” = “bad PURCHASE”. Hope this helps.

        1. i have another question, so at the retailers (Footlocker, Finishline, etc) its $130, is it the normal price? if we buy it ourself in the stores the price will be different? just wondering

  29. Great review nightwing, which shoe would you recommend that gives lil more bounce/vertical hyperrev2015 or KD 7? im 5’5 125lbs can touch rim and i know there’s no shoe that increase vertical, but out of those two shoe which do u recommend is better? or other shoe that u might recommend? thanks!

  30. Nike Kyrie 1 or Nike Hyperrev 2015 in NORMAL TO DUSTY COURT… and generaly expect the court which is better? thanks and great review 🙂

  31. Hey nightwing!
    Please help….which one should i buy? HyperRev 2014 or HyperRev2015 or zoom soldier 8?
    Please help

  32. I’m trying to decide between the Hyperdunk 2014 or the Hyperrev 2015 for my Jr High basketball season. Which should I pick??? Please respond soon, my mom wants an answer.

  33. Great review Sir! Honestly i thought it could have had a better score though. I own a pair of 2015 HyperRev, Persian Violet colorway. I do hope you will do a performance review on the 2015 HYPERQUICKNESS. Please Sir. 🙂 A week after i bought my HyperRev, the HyperQuickness was available on the store. I was worried if which is better. Just too costly to buy both. I do hope you will get this comment sir. Anyway, I am a fan of your site and all your performance reviews. God bless! More power!
    -Waltz from the Philippines

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