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Move Insoles Performance Review

Move Insoles

Move Insoles is the best performance insoles in the market today. From cushioning to support, it covers you for whatever sport you play.

Colorway: N/A

Release Date: November 2021

Price: $40 or $60

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Move Insoles are easily the best insoles for basketball and it’s not even close. If you’re one to check what type of insoles brands provide with their shoes, then you know the struggle. The Ortholite stuff just doesn’t cut it with poor arch support, lackluster cushion and durability. But with Move, all of those concerns are solved. Everything you need and want in an insole is included for a reasonable price.

Move Insoles were so good you can see it on our Best Functional Fitness Equipment list and on our list of the top pickleball gifts.

What’s in the video?

In the video, Chris provides detailed information about insoles in general and Move’s insoles in particular. He supplies expert level opinions on the materials used, cushion, support and fit. Here’s some of what he discusses:

  • Game Day and Game Day Pro
  • Various traditional insoles and their failings
  • Shock Free foam for step in comfort
  • DS37 foam for main cushion
  • All-purpose insoles
  • Performance-ready features
  • Forefoot grip layer
  • EVA torsion plate
  • Nylon-based torsion plate on Game Day Pro
  • Pulsion Energy foam
  • Molded arches
  • Flat foot recommendations
  • Longer-lasting foams
  • Not compatible with drop in midsoles
  • Sizing recommendations for each shoe

As an added bonus, Mrs. Wing and Chris continue WearTesters’ 12 Days of Christmas (or Kicksmas).

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How to Buy the Move Insoles

Both versions of Move Insoles, Game Day and Game Day Pro, are available now at Move.

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    1. Not the same. Move is partners with Insite and uses some Insite technology. That’s a good thing because previous to Move, Insite was the best insole we’d tested.

  1. i just got the move game day version..im experiencing plantar fasciitis pain…i tried them in my 361 degreess zen 4 basketball shoes..seems the insoles made my shoes very tight.. i got the sz 9 for my insoles and eur 43 in my shoes,,,any recommendations

    1. Did you remove the stock insoles before inserting the Move insoles?

      They are thicker than the stock insoles, so it’s expected you’ll fill up more vertical space in your shoes once you remove the old insoles and add them. If you already have a tall foot you may need to take the insoles with you to try on shoes and see what it does to your sizing.

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