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Nike Kyrie 6 Performance Review

The Nike Kyrie 6 Performance Review is now complete. We hope it helps anyone out there interested in purchasing a pair.

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Nike Kyrie 6 Traction

The traction on the Kyrie 6 looks like an evolution of what we saw on the Kyrie 5 and its performance has evolved as well.

While I had solid traction with the Kyrie 5, the Kyrie 6 has offered me even more traction. It’s got a tackiness that I never had to wipe — not matter which court I took them on. It also has traction going in all directions. From heel to toe and even wrapping up and around the sides. It shouldn’t matter what type of footwork you have, the traction on the Kyrie 6 is everywhere, and should remain in contact with the ground no matter what.

The rubber is a little soft for outdoor use, but if outdoor basketball is all you’re able to play then you’ll at least have great traction while it lasts.

Nike Kyrie 6 Cushion

The same basic setup as the Kyrie 5 with a twist injected into the mix.

Nike’s Zoom Turbo is used once again — and it’s a cushion that I really love. It has just enough bounce to it while remaining low to the ground. Never sacrificing court feel or stability for a little bit of cushion is a great thing.

The midsole itself is where we have the slight twist compared to last years setup. Injected Phylon was used and it feels great right out the box — as does the Zoom Turbo. This combination of a slightly softer midsole with the thinner Zoom Turbo really allows the forefoot cushioning to shine. It offers a nice and smooth transition from heel to toe while having just enough cushion to last a regulated game or a three hour pickup hoop session.

Nike Kyrie 6 Materials

Materials are back to what I loved in the Kyrie 4 — for the most part.

The forefoot feels closer to the Kyrie 5 as the textile is a bit on the stiff side, but not quite as stiff as what was used on the Kyrie 2. This textile still moves well with the foot but without stretching too much. It’s been durable as well which is a plus for those that put a lot of strain on their textile shoes — hopefully you won’t bust any holes in these for a while.

Now, the heel section is what I really love. It’s a great soft genuine leather that just feels awesome. It wraps around our heel and ankle in a way that feels like a second skin.

My thoughts here are similar to what I felt about the Puma Clyde Hardwood. This type of material setup should be used more often. It’s a shame that we have more shoes releasing each year than we can count on both hands, yet, we can count on a single hand which of these releases are made with this type of material quality.

Nike Kyrie 6 Fit

I found the Nike Kyrie 6 to run small. I personally went 1/2 up, which is something I rarely do. They’re still fairly tight, but its the type of tight fit that I like out of my basketball shoes. However, I’d strongly recommend you to try these on in-store just to ensure you get the right fit for you.

Lockdown was great. It may have been due to the snug fit, but the lacing structure was awesome and implemented in two ways. The forefoot offers the semi-standard nylon cables, while the midfoot offers the internal hidden lacing. At the collar we have the traditional punched holes which work well.

I did not feel the midfoot strap did much of anything. It could be there, it could not be there, and I feel the lockdown and fit wouldn’t be altered much.

Nike Kyrie 6 Support

Support in the Kyrie 6 is pretty standard. Flat sole, rounded edges that extend just enough to act as an outrigger. Your foot sits within the shoe which works well with the rear heel counter to ensure your foot remains on the footbed without rolling off of it.

If you liked the Nike Kyrie 5 then you’ll likely really like the Nike Kyrie 6. It’s not a shoe that is leaps and bounds better than the previous model, but the minor tweaks are noticeable enough once on-foot. Just make sure you try them on before buying as I feel they run smaller than usual.

I hope our performance review on the Nike Kyrie 6 helps you if you were interested in purchasing the shoe and we’ll catch you on the next one.

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Nike Kyrie 6 Scorecard

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