Ektio Breakaway Performance Review

The Ektio Breakaway Performance Review is now available for your reading pleasure… if you wish to view the video, its uploading now and should be available within the hour.


Traction – There are a ton of great basketball shoes that offer great traction… these just so happen to be better than all of them. Yeah, I said it… a brand you may have never heard of offers you no frills; no thrills… grade A traction. On top of that… you can use these indoor or outdoor…


Cushion – Nothing has changed in terms of tooling and design, which isn’t a bad thing. The comfort and protect you get from a foam may require some getting used but if you are willing to work with what is best for your body in the long run then you shouldn’t have any issues. The way the midsole is designed helps a lot, especially if you aren’t used to foam cushions just because it’s designed in a way that promotes compression… with compression comes impact protect… with impact protection… you get cushion.

There is also an ortholite insole… let’s not forget that. Insoles are great ways – that are affordable – to implement cushion into any shoe if needed.


Material – Ektio’s largest change – in my eyes – comes in from the material. They have done away with the cheap synthetics and have really gone with a more modern material. Yes, its TPU based which is essentially plastic… it’s what every brand is using so you can’t complain one bit. What I enjoyed most is that there was no break-in time required… put them on and lace them up… you’re ready to go. Did I mention the material was durable?


Fit – If you are looking for a great fitting shoe with a ton of support and lockdown then look no further. Midfoot lockdown is great while the heel lockdown is the best around. Bold statement… I know… but it’s the truth.


Ventilation – The overall ventilation has been dispersed much more evenly throughout this model. With the Post Up, you had ventilation in the tongue and side panels whereas the Breakaway reduces the side panel ventilation and brings is over to the forefoot. No complaints whatsoever.


Support – This is where the Ektio brand is king. They beat all other brands in shear support. If you NEED support then this should be the shoe you go after. I can’t tell you how many times I receive an email asking me what shoe can provide them with the best support due to their weak ankles or previous injuries… when I tell them the Ektio is what they need they reply with “anything from Nike?”… This lets me know how serious you are about helping yourself… and it isn’t looking good for you.


Overall – I understand that you want to be cool and look cool on-court. But if you need something – such as support – then you need it. No questions asked. If you need glasses to see then you should probably wear glasses. If you need food & water to live then you should probably eat food and drink water. If you need support… then you should probably be wearing something from Ektio.

I’ve worn enough shoes and apparel – including braces – to know when something is doing its job… the Ektio Breakaway does its job and it’s quite possibly the best at what it offers. This is a tool. If you use the proper tool for the job then you will get the job done better and with less strain.

In terms of an off brand… I believe this is the best there is.

You can purchas the Ektio Breakaway or their previous models at Ektio.com.




  1. So true that there are many great shoes out there which is not from big brands. Just like my favourite hoop shoes, the And1 Tai Chi Mid. Although it’s simple, the way they build it make it works so well, the fit is awesome, and they’re super comfortable!

  2. Nightwing, you may want to look into a writing course. I mean this in the politest way possible, please don’t take offense. I think your site could benefit a lot from it.

    1. I appreciate it but I write the way that I think – in my head – I am aware that I am not a trained or proper writer. I have no writing skills whatsoever. I just let me thoughts and feelings come out.

      1. It may not seem professional, but it’s pretty damn clear and makes sense. Compared to just about every other reviewer you don’t waste any time and don’t over complicate anything, you get to the point and know what’s important. Nobody else does thorough reviews like these from a players perspective, everyone else is in somebody’s pocket. Keep it up.

        1. what you be talkin bout Willis – u thunk you be raten lak the szhniet – we bezez written Haiku’s fo phun – NDub wrats juzzzz phin. Ckeep whooopin and you might want to start taking Glucosamin Chondroitin now for those joints.

    2. I believe when it says post your comments, it meant comments regarding the shoe, not NW’s writing skills.

      also, I think it is proper and respectful to address your unrelated comments privately to NW because it could cause some unpleasant debate.

      I’m writing this in the politest way possible.

      1. Your content is great and insightful. It has some some personality to it. You could say yaba daba doo after every sentence but as long as your content and insights are there who cares.

  3. True words. Thanks for the review. When I get my money up, I will look into grabbing a pair of these for days when my ankle is just really not 100 percent.

  4. from the way you explained how you wanted to rework the strap you made it sound like you wanted a zoom soldier VI set up. Not that the set up is bad but you sounded like a hypocrite when you said to look away from the swoosh yet you want a soldier VI set up.

    1. Did you know that the Ektio brand and their setup came long before the Soldier VI? Did you know that I thought of this back when I played in the Post Up but never brought it up? Do you know anything about me or are you just making assumptions? If something works, then something works. Am I a hypocrite for thinking herringbone is the best way to go when it was used on the Cp3, Kobe 4 etc?

      1. I will admit that i was stupid in the way i worded the question but i was curious as to what you meant. You talk about how amazing the shoe is yet you want to change it. That through me for a loop and i still dont understand.

        1. I spoke on how the system that is in place works and “if I were to change anything” then proceeded to explain that I would reduce the bulk of the strap and explained how as well as bringing the shoe down to a lower cut. Nothing negative at all, just a “if I were to change anything”… there was really no need to be confused at all as I had explained exactly what I meant.

    1. Yes they are a true fit to size. Got them a while back and they fit perfectly exactly how my older shoes fit.

  5. some people just need to chill
    i find the writings just fine and interesting.
    you dont even have to reply to these guys…
    there are a lot ballers, who love what you do and how you do it.

  6. Great review… love that you are doing brands that others don’t notice *cough cough Steph Curry*… but any idea where to get them? Other than Ektios main page?

    1. I was thinking that same thing lol I would hate to see Steph Curry go out like Brandon Roy did b/c of degenerative ankle strength or something like that b/c of him continuously injuring himself…If these could save his career, I would think they would be worth a shot…(and a Warrior blue/yellow PE on the market wouldn’t hurt)

      I’m lookin at you Steph…either you want your ankles or you don’t

  7. Agree your reviews are the best. You get straight to the point. I can’t even watch other reviews. Excited to hear shoe companies are you hooking you up. I can’t wait for the Air Jordan XX8 review. Keep up the good work.

  8. HI

    Congratulations for the job. Do you think that if someone like me has already the post up ( blue royal) , the Breakaway is a good investment ? I mean , is this new model good enough to change from older EKTIO?

    Thanks a lot , a fan from PARIS FRANCE

  9. yo if CURRY n Bogut would wear these then the WARRIORS could be the best in the WEST!!
    what u think NIGHTWING?

  10. Great review, quick question.

    If you were to roll your ankle and the trainer prevented the roll from happening do you have any idea if that would cause any detrimental effect back up the leg to say the knee?


  11. Better Traction than cp3 vi?!? I am sure they are great performers but I must say these look pretty ugly. I like to try to find a nice balance between performace and ascetics. But if they work they work.

    1. Why do looks matter when discussing a shoe that’s clearly meant to perform better than others?

  12. Great truthful review. Been using Ektio post ups since last Spring and my right ankle is as solid as a rock despite 5+ previous sprains. I haven’t worn anything else in months.

  13. Nightwing are these legit shoes to play in. I have some ankle issues and I am trying to decide between these and the kobe 8s. I like the ankle support I’m just worried about the shoes being to clunky to drive and jump in. What is your opinion?

    1. I believe if you watch the review and look at the past teasers, he gives out his opinion about the shoe lol

  14. Was wondering if these have a wide fit? If anyone else have bought these. Can you compare it to another shoe in terms of how narrow or not it is (Say CP3 VI)?

    1. Yes they are a true fit to size. Got them a while back and they fit perfectly exactly how my older shoes fit.

  15. I also would like to know the same thing. Not having the ability to try on the shoes is probably the biggest downside of buying shoes online. It is especially tough for me because I float between 10.5 and 11 depending on the width of the shoes. Nightwing, please help me out with the size selection, for reference, I cannot fit into the hyperdunk 2012, but the Lebron X are perfect in width in size 11 albeit a little too much length. Thanks for the info, keep up the good work!

  16. If you had to choose on comfort, traction and support. would u pick the breakaway or soldier. Which has the best combo. It looks like you cant lose. Just curious on anyones thoughts.

  17. Hey, nightwing.My friend has a problem with his heel and achilles and i really want to help him because he is playing a big role for our team.

    So can you recommend ANY shoe with heel/achilles support? please

  18. Hey, thanks for the review….and all of the reviews. Quick questions, are these light? Before I drop 129.99 on these, I’m interested in a a perspective coming from a 1 spot also. Thanks again.

  19. Hey nightwing, contemplating between the Ektio Breakaway and the Kobe 8,
    the thing is, i’m gonna use custom orthotics, since I have right knee pain, plus, I’m playing outdoor and indoor so i’m gonna need a durable shoe.
    So my only option is to buy from nikeID, eitherway, what would you recommend?
    i’m a guard 6’0
    Thanks alot.

  20. Got the Ektio Breakaway and my first session is over, gotta say that I don’t like how I move on the court with these.. too much ankle restriction for me, I prefer low tops I guess.. but maybe it’s just needs time breaking in.

  21. Hey nightwing, cn u review d and1 empire mid? Or any and1 shoe? Im frm d philippines 🙂

  22. Curry needs to cop these, win the ship, and come out with the Ekito Curry 1’s. that Boi too raw

  23. Hey great review nightwing and really heard in your voice this is a great shoe. After many hours on the net trying to get a pair sent down to Australia, and the helpfulness of the ektio website, I found them on Amazon. Played them for the first time tonight. Fantastic – everything you said in your performance review and even thought the cushioning was a bit better than you said. Thanks so much for the advice I will be watching your site regularly. Just as a matter of variety – which would be the second best, your opinion for support. I know you have a top ten – but I like obscure shoes.

  24. Great shoes.

    I used it for about 2-3 months coming off a double ankle sprain (same foot).

    Straps are a PITA; but becomes 2nd habit after repeated use. Surprisingly flexible and balanced for a heavier shoe (IMO).

    The only complaint I had was the upper height. Seems more like a high-top than a mid-top (i.e. Adidas DRose 3.5 and Nike Hyperdunk 2012), so requires longer socks with extra heel padding…otherwise you’ll end up with some nasty blisters.

    Went back to my Hyperdunks now that my ankle is feeling better, but I would not hesitate to use the EKTIO when my ankles are feeling questionable or loose. Just wish they would have an EKTIO with a lower upper. That would be superb!

  25. The reviews on amazon say this shoe fits 1.5-2 sizes bigger than listed is this true? I wear a 9.5. my foot is 10.25 inches long but i cant fit in many size 9’s

  26. in terms of sizing on the breakaway, i know you like a snug fit. but length-wise, is there about a fingernail’s width between the toe and the front of the shoe?


  27. i just brought these online and they are really tight and i struggle to do the strap up! The front strap doesn’t show the whole “EKTIO” name because its to tight.

    I can’t return them because they don’t have a 8.5, will they stretch?

  28. Thanks for your review Nightwing. I’ve been avoiding playing basketball for a while due to my reoccurring ankle issues. I’ve played my whole life, dropped 20+ on more dudes than I can count and love playing. But when your bust your ankle over and over again it always makes you hesitant to get back on the court. I’m going to order a pair of these and get back out there. I wouldn’t have known about this shoe option if it wasn’t for you and your site. Keep up the good work.

  29. Do you know how the shoes wight?
    If you dont have the exact weight, is how would you cathegorize it?

  30. I love this shoe. A friend of mine recommended this and I haven’t sprained my ankle since getting a pair. That’s saying something since I came from getting sprained ankles on a near-weekly basis.

  31. the ultimate dreamshoe for ankle sprain prone player a must have shoes for every baller whehther professional or amateur player

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