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Curry HOVR Splash Performance Review

Under Armour Curry HOVR Splash

The Under Armour Curry HOVR Splash may be Steph Curry’s budget model, but it does perform decently. Maybe that’s why Seth has worn this a few times.

Colorway: Black/Blue/Pink

Release Date: September 2021

Price: $110

The Under Armour Curry HOVR Splash is a lesser-known budget model made for the player many consider to be the greatest shooter of all time, Stephen Curry. The only NBA player I’ve seen rock these on court is his younger brother, Seth. Having tested this shoe for hours, I can say that it reminds me of earlier models in the Curry signature line. It is actually one of the top available Under Armour models, a great model for basketball training, and one of the better shoes for those with flat feet.

Curry HOVR Splash Traction


The outsole is made up of wavy patterns that aren’t quite wave-bone, but function just as well. The shoes produced little to no sound at first, but started to have that squeak every once in a while the longer I played in them. Out of the many hours of testing, I only really slipped once and that was on a very dusty court. Otherwise, it’s going to catch you whichever way you move.

There are flex grooves on the outsole as well, so mobility isn’t sacrificed. The rubber is thick but extremely soft and pliable. Those two usually don’t go hand-in-hand, but the way Under Armour has this portrayed on their site, it seems they’re going for an all-court shoe. Soft and pliable for indoor settings and thick for outdoor courts. It held up pretty well outdoors, so I’d recommend it for outdoor use as well.

Curry HOVR Splash Cushion


The cushion is stated in the name, as is the norm for Under Armour. The HOVR is fully wrapped in Energy Web, a mesh fabric used so that the main foam doesn’t become unstable. And that’s exactly what the ride feels like: a very stable one that gives no room for tipping over. That doesn’t mean, however, that there’s no compression. There is exposed HOVR in the outsole. The longer I played in them, the better the cushion felt. But, it does max out after a while. If I were to compare it to another familiar foam, I’d say it feels like a decent Cushlon (from Nike). It’s low-to-the-ground with minimal bounce back. Just enough for an hour or so of play.

Curry HOVR Splash Materials


Budget materials for a budget shoe. The main build is a textile mesh with heat-welded plastic rands on both the medial and lateral sides. The rands carry over to the toe box for added durability. There are synthetic overlays on the bottom eye-stays, but that’s about it. The top of the tongue and the collar area are made up of micro-molded mesh, while the bottom of the tongue is a more open-celled textile. The materials are not thin in any way, which makes for a comfortable feel. Just don’t expect anything amazing out of them.

Curry HOVR Splash Fit


I’d say the Curry HOVR Splash fits true to size. It’s something that we’ve come to expect from Curry’s shoes lately. However, I will issue a warning about the toe shape. Its square much like the Air Jordan 18. So, toe jams are more likely to happen in these than on more traditionally-shaped toe boxes. It’s happened to me a few times, but my toes are still alive. If you can get over that, then it should be enjoyable.

Curry HOVR Splash Support


Support is good. Not out-of-this-world, but not inadequate either. It’s just right for this type of sneaker. Most of the support comes from the low profile cushion and stability that results from that. The fit helps as well. The only critique I have of the support is the heel counter. It’s flimsy. I could easily bend or break it if I really wanted to. On court, though, it does the job just fine, though I could definitely see future durability issues. The base is wide and flares out to act as an outrigger. Again, the support’s not bad, but it’s not great either.

Curry HOVR Splash Overall


I don’t have a lot of bad things to say about this shoe, but there are still some drawbacks. There aren’t any perfect shoes, anyway. If you’re looking for a low profile, adequately supportive, well-fitting shoe, then the Under Armour Curry HOVR Splash has you covered. I personally don’t have any favorite features on the shoe because nothing really stands out. Everything is just good enough for my playing needs. No gimmicks or wasted technology but no luxury features either. These guys made our best budget basketball shoes list, if that means anything to you.

First Impressions

The Curry HOVR Splash is a new silhouette that sits somewhere in between the flagship Curry 8 (soon to be Curry 9) and the Curry 3Z5 for the new Under Armour backed brand. Originally these were thought to be an overseas exclusive. However, I managed to purchase a pair…or two, one of which we have for initial review.

What’s in the video?

In the video, Jalique provides detailed information from all the usual categories, providing the in depth information you need. He supplies expert level opinions on the materials, cushioning, traction, support, and fit. Here’s some of what he discusses:

  • The current Curry Brand lineup
  • Where the HOVR Splash can be purchased from in the US
  • Outsole traction pattern carried over from the Curry 3Z5
  • Return of full-length HOVR midsole on a Curry shoe
  • Sizing recommendations

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Watch the full video by pressing play above or by clicking here to watch on Vimeo.

How to Buy the Curry HOVR Splash

  • Colorway: Black/Pink
  • Release Date: September 2021
  • Style Code: 3024719-001
  • Retail Price: $110

The Curry HOVR Splash is now available for $110 at eBay.

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