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Our Thoughts on the 2018 Air Jordan 18 Retro ‘Sport Royal’

The Air Jordan 18 has made its first retail appearance since 2008’s Countdown Pack celebration this year. This also marked the shoe’s first solo release since it’s original debut in 2003.

We feel the 2018 edition of the Air Jordan 18 came out perfectly.

It’s nearly identical to the original and fully equipped with all of its original tech specs. The $225 price tag was a major drawback as original pairs wound up at the outlets for over 50% off, but it’s a different world out there nowadays.

To make things a bit more complicated, Jordan Brand made the release extremely limited. Most stores didn’t even receive full size runs. Instead, they were shipped random assortments of sizes so if you were able to scoop them up then consider yourself lucky.

Below is a detailed video on the 2018 edition of the Air Jordan 18 and we hope you enjoy. Let us know if you were able to grab a pair upon release along with your thoughts on them. Do you feel Jordan Brand did the shoe justice?

Air Jordan 18 Performance Review

  1. I never liked them to be honest: they always seem to crease and the shape of the upper alomg with the blue sole bit, made them look unfinished

    Thats me though: all models were awesome between 1-14 and i liked the 16s but anything else was mediocre at best

  2. I remember wanting the insole, but 15 through, like 21, had this early 2000’s aesthetic I could barely get past. And that applies to a lot of things that existed in the early 2000’s when designers tried to force the “future” narrative with all the weird stuff. Apart from like the iPod, there is little to salvage from the culture at that time.

    1. I believe there are insoles out there that offer such carbon fiber support. it will save you some $200 atleast.

  3. from a shoe lover standpoint, I like these. but these shoes with MJ on the Wizards, is something I wouldn’t want to remember.

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