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Jordan Luka 2 Review: An Improvement on the Luka 1?

Jordan Luka 2

English Jordan Luka 2 Review

The Jordan Luka 2 is similar to the Jordan Luka 1 in many ways, but at the same time, it is a very different performance model. It should prove to be a great hoop shoe for certain types of players.

Spanish Jordan Luka 2 Review

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The Jordan Luka 1 was designed specifically to enhance Luca Doncic’s signature stepback move. In the Jordan Luka 2, Jordan has tried to take the concept to a new level, boosting traits in the shoe to make it an even more effective tool for Luka’s game. 

This, however, means that the Jordan Luka 2 does not feel much different on foot from the Jordan Luka 1. The Jordan Luka 1 was one of the best basketball shoes of 2022-23, but it was a very guard-specific shoe. So yes, it was great, but for a certain type of player. But let’s jump into the breakdown of the Luka 2 and see what’s new and what isn’t.

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Jordan Luka 2 Review

Jordan Luka 2 Tech Specs:

Jordan Luka 2 Traction

Jordan Luka 2 traction

The traction on the Luka 2 is practically identical to the traction that was featured on the Luka 1. We have practically the same radial traction pattern and the same translucent rubber. But, in this case, this is good news. The traction on the Luka 1 was amazing.

It offered great multidirectional coverage and gripped the court like no one’s business. So we should get exactly the same performance out of the Luka 2. 

The one big drawback of this setup is that it’s not good for outdoor use, so make sure to keep them indoors if you want that tread to last. 

Jordan Luka 2 Cushion

Again the cushion is very similar to the Luka 1. What we have in the Jordan Luka 2 is a full-length slab of Jordan’s Formula 23 Foam, housed within a Cushlon 3.0 midsole carrier. Supposedly, this is a new version of Formula 23 which proved to be a very dense and reactive setup with very little compression or impact protection.

Now, this iteration might be bouncier, but not more plush. This setup feels almost neutral and slightly stiff. This is not a bad thing if you are looking for a reactive guard shoe that will get you off the blocks quickly, but if you want impact protection, look elsewhere. 

Jordan Luka 2 Materials

Materials are a little hit or miss. On the positive side, the design is very Jordan-esque and this might turn out to be one of the best-looking shoes of the year. Also, in terms of performance, they do everything you want them to do. The synthetic suede overlays add containment, where the shoe needs it, and the textile portions keep the shoe breathable and lightweight. 

On the other hand, and especially considering that these are $20 more expensive than the Jordan Luka 1, a material upgrade would have been nice. There weren’t big tech updates so upgrading the materials would have given us a bit more bang for our buck. But again, they will perform well on court so…there’s that… 

Jordan Luka 2 Support

Support is where we have the most upgrades compared to the Luka 1. The Luka 2 has a similar spring plate in the forefoot that wraps around the midsole providing torsional support and lateral containment. The new materials on the upper will provide better lockdown and containment, but the lockdown was already great on the Luka 1 so it won’t be a very noticeable upgrade, and finally, the heel counter has been beefed up considerably. 

Now the problem with this is that the shoe will require a longer break-in time to mold to your foot, so just keep that in mind. 

Jordan Luka 2 Fit

The Jordan Luka 2 fits true to size, so go with whatever size you usually use with Jordan. Again, keep in mind that they will feel slightly stiff at first, and you will have to break them in. 

Jordan Luka 2 Overall

The Jordan Luka 2 has the potential to be a great hoop shoe on court, but no matter how good it ends up being, it will most definitely be a shoe targeted for lighter, shiftier guards. This is not a shoe that everyone will enjoy. 

Now, if you were looking for a shoe with awesome traction and lockdown with a reactive and responsive cushioning system that will keep you light on your feet as you play, the Luka 2 might be the shoe for you.  

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