Asics Releases the Glide Nova FF for Basketball

While Asics never stopped releasing its basketball shoes, they’ve only really been relevant overseas. Maybe that will one day change. has just highlighted the Asics Glide Nova FF. A somewhat new silhouette for basketball.

While the shoe is being marketed in China as a basketball shoe, the shoe has been available here in the States at the without any push or marketing. Asics also has the Blaze Nova basketball shoe which has not been marketed whatsoever. Granted, the shoes are listed near the $200 mark, but you’d think they’d be marketed a little.

The shoe itself looks more like a tennis shoe — which isn’t a bad thing in terms of performance. Both sports utilize linear and lateral movements regularly so the needs of each player are very similar.

Traction looks like it’ll hold up outdoors while the cushion is what Asics calls FlyteFoam. I was expecting Gel cushion so the FlyteFoam midsole came as a bit of a surprise.

If you were curious about trying out the Asics Glide Nova FF yourself without spending $179 then you can head over to eBay seller iD4Shoes where they have multiple colorways available now for $108.95 shipped.

Share your thoughts on the current Asics Basketball lineup below and let us know if you’ve been using Asics baskebtall shoes for your on-court adventures.


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  1. Flyte foam is pretty light. I’m sure these feel like nothing on foot. Their volleyball ball fed model is pretty pricey too. Love ASICS for running would like to try them for b-ball but it’s a little high. Wait a couple months and sometimes they show up on eBay cheaper.

  2. There is something funny about asics basketball shoe ,while im not super familiar with them ,i check rakuten from time to timw on asics product ,and while the details are different the shape of the midsole almost never change,while from time to time they release a product that break their design formula ,overall their upper shape and midsole are almost never change
    And that lead to the question ,why?are they so good that they dont have the need to redesign them at all?cost control?
    Funnier thing,if you guys googling under armour cluthfit japan edition,you will see that UA japan remodel their cluthfit drive to the said asics style midsole

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