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Another Look at the adidas D Lillard 3

The adidas D Lillard 3 gets another look, and this time around we get a little closer than we were able to on our previous post.

We believe adidas is still using Bounce as Damian and I spoke about it during the LVL 3 event in Las Vegas during the summer. Damian is adamant about having his sneaker be affordable for younger ball players so you won’t see them get the most expensive tech, however, he is willing to give older players what they want as well as we’ve seen with the PrimeKnit and Boost D Lillard 2 options. So, if you’re patient enough then there is something for everyone.

What we can see here is a definite material change. It’s not PrimeKnit, and it’s not Jacquard. What is it? Good question. It still looks like a knit, but that’s about all we can see at this point.

While they were visually jarring upon first glance. I’m liking the aesthetics of the shoe the more I see it. It’s definitely a major change in terms of design. If you’re tired of every modern shoe looking alike then these might be a good look for you.

Be sure to stay tuned for more information about the D Lillard 3 as it comes, and let us know how you feel about the shoe now that you’ve let it sink in a little.





  1. The design elements are just a tad bit jarring. Especially with how lacing shroud(?) have a 90 degree corner. It actually doesn’t look too bad in these pics though. In particular both the colorways that look like they’ll be the home and away colorways.

  2. i honestly like it, and you actually don’t notice that angular lace loop that much when it is the same color as the upper.

  3. Let’s just hope these are just as good as the 2’s, as those were my favorite shoes before the jordan 29 low and KD9 (i prefer response)

  4. I’m really interested to see what these look like on foot. The way they’re constructed, it looks like they’d look way different all laced up.

  5. These would look so good without the right angled thing. I think they would look kind of like the ultraboost or the pureboost. The whole design seems like it is trying to be sleek, but that piece kills the whole thing. If they come out with a 2nd edition where they replace that with a nice three stripes thing it would look much better.

  6. i really don’t get it with some guys. for them, it’s either the designs are ugly or it looks like a previous (signature) model.

    1. bro this shoe is hideous. the CE is ugly. The Rose7 is ugly. The CB is decent. If every shoe looked the same, they’d be UA, but doesn’t mean everything has to be ugly. Last dame was nice looking.

  7. Looks like the Jordan 22 and Air Presto had a baby. Lillard had BY FAR the best looking shoes of the last two years. Not sure why Adidas decided to completely switch lanes with these.

  8. atleast these can be worn unlike Nike’s stupidly small fit KD and Lebron crap. the only issue is, would anyone like to wear these because they are hideous. I’m sure they are useful but atleast make them look appealing.

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