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Air Jordan XX9 Low Performance Review

Air Jordan XX9 Low

The Air Jordan XX9 Low is not necessarily better than the mid-top version, but it all comes down to preference. Some people may prefer these.

Release Date: 2015

Price: $185

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There isn’t a ton to go over for the Air Jordan XX9 Low performance review that hasn’t already been discussed in the original performance review for the Air Jordan XX9. However, there were some small differences between the two while breaking them in which I either don’t remember from the original or just simply weren’t there originally.

So, I’ll try to keep this short, sweet, and to the point.



I remember the original version having really good traction. Not Air Jordan XX8 – Hall of Fame – type of traction, but it was some damn good traction, even on dusty courts. The lows, for whatever reason, didn’t offer the same. Not sure if translucent is the way to go this time around, but these reminded me more of the traction of the Super.Fly 3 instead of the XX9. It’s enough to get the job done, and on clean courts you’re going to be worry-free. But play on a dusty court, even just light dust, and you’ll need to make sure you constantly wipe the outsoles to keep them clean.

I’d still give them that Starting 5 badge because I’ve had way worse than this. But again, these didn’t remind me of their higher cut counterpart, but instead the team model.



I thought the cushion in the XX8 was amazing and very well pronounced, whereas the XX9’s removed a Zoom Unit from the heel while removing some of it’s spring in the forefoot. That added stability along with a more fluid transition. These offer much of the same, but I felt the forefoot Zoom much more in this model than the Mid/High.

One negative mark would be the heel. They start off really clunky, and I’m talking REALLY clunky. Again, this is something I either don’t remember experiencing in the original, or it just wasn’t an issue for me originally. I will say that the chunkiness breaks-in rather quickly, but I warn you… you may not like them initially. You’ll want to give them a couple of nights of wear before you’ll start to get that “ah, now this is the XX9 I was looking for” type of moment.

Once they’re broken-in… you’re more than likely going to enjoy them. A lot.



Materials haven’t at all. Yes, they added a bit of leather to the heel, but that doesn’t really add or detract from their performance. If you love woven/knitted basketball shoes then this is one you’ll want to try out eventually. I mean… you have to. Trust me.



Jordan Brand seems to have improved the last of the XX9 Low as the Mid felt like thy had some room after wearing them – making me constantly having to readjust my laces to get the snug fit I prefer. The Lows are perfectly snug on their own, and lacing them up just makes them feel even better. I personally feel that going true to size is the best option, but I can see some wanting to go up 1/2 – especially if they want or need a little wiggle room up front. Lockdown is superb. Probably my favorite aspect of the shoes other than the materials. Jordan Brand kept the heel pillows at the rear of the shoe which cups the Achilles area – keeping you safe and secure. Couple that with the Flight Web lacing system and snug fit, and lockdown is easily their best or most improved attribute.



I know many of you will think I’m crazy for saying this, but support is better in the low than the mid. Yeah… it’s true. Higher ankle collars mean absolutely nothing in terms of ‘ankle support’ as ankle support only exists within your actual ankle… not a shoe. You can disagree with me, and most will, but it’s true. Whether you admit it or not. Now, just like the XX9’s, their support comes from their fit, Flight Web lacing system, internal heel counter, and TPU Flight Plate system. Even after rolling my ankle in these – landed on someone’s foot coming down from a shot – I was able to get back up and keep playing. I made the shot too…

Air Jordan XX9 Low Overall

Overall 2

I didn’t love them on the very first night like I thought I would, but that quickly changed with each night that passed. I wish the traction was a bit better than it is, but other than that I think the shoe still plays well, and being a low top… I just prefer them over the mids. Less material while achieve the same goal is always a plus. If you’re indifferent when it comes to lows and mids then definitely go for the XX9 mid as they’re all on discount right now. But if you’re a lover of the drop top… these should be at the top of your list.

Air Jordan XX9 Low Performance Review Score
  1. Hi NW! Loved your xx9 review.
    I have a question. I’m a big fan of xx8,xx9 and my left foot (got screws inside) always feel very sore or painful sometime after I play in them (I’m assuming its flight plate setup) i love to wear low top shoes cuz most of em won’t hurt my left foot.should I go for xx9 low?

  2. I’m not digging the text layout of this review, nor the fact that it is all images and not actually text based. I found myself getting lost between different paragraphs and having to reorient myself as to where the text was going. Great review, but I would stay with what works in terms of formatting.

    1. Yeah, it’s particularly a bad read when the graphics are in the middle and it creates awkward breaks in the text. Imo I’d keep the text bodies traditional and photos following or preceding. The “seamless look” with the photos cropped to blend with the white background is an awesome touch, though.

  3. I like this format better than the others…Jahron I think you should keep this format, let the other reviewers keep the old format. The images are awesome and I love how you put the important parts in red.

    “Mr Jordan….what are THOOOOSE” hahahaha

  4. I don’t see how the traction would be so different from these to the 3/4 and frankly I thought the SF3 traction was on par with the XX9 and M11 anyway. I think that’s more a pair to pair thing, not even a materials thing (I owned XX9s and M11s with both translucent and solid soles, both fine, the clear ones maybe had a minor advantage indoors).

    The support thing I can definitely understand though because the 3/4 version of the XX9 had very weak support (whereas the M11 was stronger in the ankle, heel, midfoot and laterally). That was my main gripe with them, they had kind of a mushy fit, particularly around the ankle but they also didn’t hold your foot in place particularly well despite the “custom” aspect of the woven upper.

    Trying the lows, they fit more securely at the ankle and that seems to have a ripple effect throughout the shoe. I have only tried them on though, no hoops yet.

  5. I know you said that the traction on the mids is better, but I want to know how far off the traction on the lows are.

  6. “Buckets”

    Ha. Appreciated the review! Well done as usual. Shoot me an email if you head down south to OC/SD area sometime. There’s some good ball down here.

  7. Tried these on the other day. I really wanted to like them. The arch for my left foot was in a weird place and bothered me. Is that something that will break in, or be better with my orthotics? The zoom air in the forefoot is great. However, the lack of heel air bothered me. Some shoes can get away with just forefoot cushioning such as my CP3 VII All-star’s. Will the heel on these soften up? Other than the arch issue, the fit was amazing. I haven’t owned a pair of Jordan’s since high school, which were the X1 lows OG, black and red back in 95-96. I’ve had Jordan brand signatures and team shoes. I guess I just expected more of the latest and greatest (felt the same way about the XXX, which I thought was a significant downgrade fit wise). Thanks for your help!

  8. So the lows are better in terms of cushion and fit but the mids have a better traction, right?

    How bad is the traction in the lows and does it reach the level of the mids once it gets broken in?

    I hooped in the M11 lately until the top loopholes started to brake. That didn’t take long, maybe 3-4 months. How likely is that to happen with the XX9 mid or low?


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