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Air Jordan XX8 SE Performance Review

Stealthy shroud removed and replaced with camo print… can you see me now?

Basically, the Air Jordan XX8 and the Air Jordan XX8 SE are the same shoe. There are a few very minor differences.

1. Shroud is removed on the SE.
2. Toe is reinforced on the SE.
3. Tongue, sleeve and padding are increased in the SE.
4. Rubber/ Traction starts off slightly slick until broken-in… takes a few hours.
5. Price is lowered by $100.

So, with that being said – or typed – I’ve provided you with a score card and the video review but the shoe doesn’t quite warrant a full written review when the changes made are minor and can be easily listed (as seen above).

I hope everyone that has been wanting to try out a pair has been able to as I still feel the Air Jordan XX8 & Air Jordan XX8 SE is the best performance model this year overall… maybe 2nd to the Super.Fly 2 but I personally prefer the decoupled heel and forefoot above all else and with the prices being only $10 apart… the decision is pretty difficult.

Air Jordan XX8 SE Performance Review 8

  1. Nightwing, why is the XX8 SE not widely available? The only place I can get a pair is from Ebay, but the price ends up being the same or slightly more than the XX8 (when shipping is factored in). 🙁

  2. I have both the 28 se qnd superfly.2 and i would definitely say i enjoy the 28 se more. Feels much more contained and gives me the same support with better range of motion. Not to mention they feel better on my feet and i love the look of my green camos.

    Want to let you know i really enjoy your reviews. Keep up the good work!

    1. hmmm….I wonder why you say the SE’s have the same support as the Super Fly 2’s as the Fly’s are really better with the support due to better construct and different material used primarily to secure the ankles or cage them with less movement. this is the reason why you have better motion with the SE’s. although I have to agree that they really feel better and well balanced compared to the Flys. the Flys front is elevated or tilted higher compared to it’s heel part which makes the shoe less ideal and uncomfortable for walking or other casual use which is sad. they are more like exclusively for balling.

      1. Shouldve clarified thats how i felt. I do roll my ankles a lot and they both are the same to me since im spoiled from my ektios when it comes to ankle support. Cushion wise i would say i like the 28s better because of the air bag on the heel.

        I got the flys first and loved the fit. After trying the 28 se, i started to feel like the flys had too much deadspace. Kind of spoiled me as it really doesnt have much of deadspace.

  3. great review as always i have got my shoe selection this year down to the jordan xx8 se or the crazyquick
    which one would you reccomend the two main differences seem to be that the cushion on the xx8 is much better but does this take away the court feel which i really like about the crazyquicks the crazyquicks have much better ventilation but i dont care about that for me it really comes down to the courtfeel on the crazyquicks or the cushion on the xx8 se which has the better balance and which would you reccomend

    1. court feel is great on the XX8’s with the added benefit of better cushion and reactiveness of the decoupled zoom unit. it is more balanced. the ventilation though isn’t that much different with the crazy quicks despite the lack of elaborate holes. this probably due to the absence of shroud and the thin material used on the SE’s.

      1. how do you know that the courtfeel is good? do you own a pair? if so which courtfeel is better the crazyquicks or jordan xx8 se?

        1. I got them last week. didn’t like the CrazyQuicks due to lack of cushion. the SE’s are close to the ground in my opinion becaue of the unlocked zoom unit is just under your feet and directly engaged to the floor. it also works as a cushion. this I think is the major difference and advantage over the CrazyQuicks.

  4. I so want this shoe. My improvements, other than the shroud removed if I had to design the XX8 SE, change the upper with using one piece flyknit with a padded mesh tongue that fits like a high top but has that ankle movement like a low top instead of a fuse upper and padded inner bootie, the pebax moderator would be re-engineered with a 3D print shank plate and heel counter for even more reduced weight, and since it’s a one piece flyknit upper it would ditch the laces for that true one to one fit

    1. lol. actually it does fit like a high top and performs like a low top. what are you still complaining about? but the shoe already. it’s awesome. anyway, I’m going to get the Melo’s as well in hopes that the material would make it fit and feel like a hightop. the shoe could use some variance and appeal ballers that need or prefer a much secure and protected ankle. like a padded version.

      1. I’m not complaining about it, and it’s still a great shoe to hoop in. This was just my thoughts if the XX8 SE would improve from it’s original version other than having the shroud removed. Still I would want to hoop in the XX8 SE

  5. Thanks for the review, NightWing.
    I would agree with you on that one Face except I’ma wait for the solid colorways.
    Hopefully, those solid colorways release soon.

  6. Just curious as to what’s the arch support like between these? I have flat feet and have been looking at either these or the Anatomix Spawns, which I’ve heard has some arch support.

  7. I’d probably might get the Melo X’s as well. the upper on the SE’s feels minimal with support although quite gives you the range of motion due to the thinness of the upper, otherwise a great shoe that looks like a midtop but performs like a lowtop. just hope that the Melo X’s would have a much firme,better, and secure upper due to having a different material used and seems to be padded a little bit which is nice. also, I love the CW on the Melo’s. so that’s a gimme.

  8. What does the decoupled heel and forefoot do to you that makes you want the XX8’s and XX8 SE’s a little bit more than the Super.fly 2’s?

    1. the range of movement is better due to the XX8’s being decoupled. the fit is great compared to the Fly’s. also I hate the Fly’s elevated forefoot part as it would make you sit on your heel rather than flat on the surface. what I noticed is that such elevation is only good when you are balling and speeding as you are in your toes. the Fly’s are just not for casual walks.

        1. I believe the solid colorways are coming out in February… I read it somewhere, i just can’t remember where. If someone can come by and confirm, that’ll be great!

  9. If you had to choose, what cushion setup would you prefer? The unlocked zoom air in the xx8’s or the full length lunarlon in the Kobe 8’s?

  10. Jimmyjazz.com has SF 2 purple/gold for 77 bucks which is a super steal. they got a promo code going until the 30th. But they only have sizes from 10-12

  11. I got my xx8 se s about 2 weeks ago and yesterday when I was playing it felt like my sock rolled up into a ball under my feet. Turns out one of the zoom bags popped and the air went into the crease in between the 2 zoom bags. Has anyone else have there’s pop? I was able to get a refund and another pair tho.

    1. Haven’t experienced this with the forefoot, but I popped two pairs of the regular XX8s, both in the left heel. I think this happened because of the combination of using a custom orthotic insert that wasn’t designed for court sports (harder heel than usual), and the way I performed heel strikes with my left foot. One pair I was able to get credit back for w/ Footlocker since it was within 30 days of purchase. The other (3 month old pair) I sent back to Nike and got a full retail amount credit.

      I’ve been good so far with my other 2 pairs of XX8s, and have been using a custom court sport orthotic (much softer heel, more flexible, and a lower profile) for the past 6-7 months which I think solved the problem in my case.

      Nike’s been really good with their warranties for me. At the very worst, you should be able to send them back to them for a credit.

      1. Forgot to add, the XX8 is awesome to ball in. I thought nothing could top the Kobe 8 before trying these, but these and now the Lebron XI have been great for me so far. JB really did their homework with this one. These are supposedly one of the most rigorously tested shoes JB put out to date and it really shows.

    2. Hey guys, can’t believe that happened but a couple of hours ago I was playing ball with my team then suddenly while I was warming up with some jumpshots the right forefoot airbag popped out… nothing was underneath it, just the wooden floor… I’ve bought them just a week ago, that’s unbelievable.
      Do you know the politics about something like that in footlocker.com ?

      1. Depends on the Footlocker. If it’s within 30-45 days they should take it back an exchange with your receipt. If they’re jerks, you can file a claim w/ Nike and send it back to them. The Nike claims process takes about 2-3 weeks though.

    3. Yes this just happened to me today. I’m going right now to take them back. I’ve only had them for a month. I don’t have the receipt or the box but I’m hoping they will still take them back. Did you have the receipt or the box when you took yours back?

    1. I have the same question. I have the green camo and I love the material. It provides protection where it needs to and the material just feels much better than fuse while not as heavy as leather. Is it a matter of durability or protection? I thought the score would go up by the fact that they reinforced the toe area (where it ripped for you on the XX8). I really love your reviews, but sometimes I wonder why certain scores are docked off, like say half a point off the LeBron 11s on support (which kind of puzzles me seeing as the great fit from hyperposite would provide top notch support, enough to warrant a full 10). Not trying to disagree with your scoring, hopefully it’s taken as a feedback to your otherwise great reviews. And I am fully aware that the score isn’t everything. I really do enjoy your insight and knowledge more than what score you give.

      1. They went back and reinforced the toes on the shrouded XX8’s as well. Scores are just visuals to help compare. I can stop grading shoes if people want to question why I do what I do, when I do it and how I do it etc. I do these to help people out not to get cross examined. Take the info for what its worth and stop complaining about things. Im not mad in case you decide to read this that way, Im simply sharing my thoughts with you as you have done with me.

        1. Wasn’t trying to cross examine you. It was more of curiosity/feedback. Don’t think you’re mad but I do think I annoyed you. If so, that wasn’t my intention. Like I said, I value your reviews more than the score you assign so not a big deal if you did decide to do away with scoring. I do think that you will always set yourself up for feedback if you use any kind of system, which in this case is your scoring system. Saying this since I sense a bit of history at the way you responded to my comment on the scoring (which i thought was fairly level headed and innocuous. Correct me if you thought otherwise).

          On a slightly different note, didn’t the material change drastically? I remember trying on the xx8 and the shoe inside the shroud felt different. Appreciate your work!

          1. Not annoyed, just trying to converse with you and fill you in on my thoughts. The materials are the same between the two shoes. They added reinforcement in the toe bc the shroud is missing which would have made the toe on these look like a sock – similar to the original XX8 – and that wouldnt be very supportive without the shroud to contain the foot. The way it wears, feels and is made overall is the same.

  12. i just received the Georgetown XX8 se. 1st off the bounce is incredible. i no longer can use a regular zoom unit anymore. The flight plate unlocked zoom takes the cake, anything but from nike jordan brands jus won’t do.

    Another thing how is APL banned from the NBA and NOT THESE. hah i swear i jump higher. When i jump around in them firrst thing my crazy mind thinks of is bouncing on the moon with less gravity haha

    To that end Chris, GO WARRIORS!!

  13. Has anyone had their forefoot zoom air bag pop or become deformed? it just happened to me and wanted to know if this is a common problem.

    1. Happened to me during a shootaround last tuesday on the right forefoot unit. I dont know if its common but atleast you can immidietly see hence it becomes flat and non responsive.

  14. Happened to me with my carolina blue camos after about 6 hrs of game time and three workouts in the gym. Very frustrated. Was able to get a pair of the Westbrook PEs after searching for 3-4 wks. My Westbrooks are holding up fine so far. Keeping fingers crossed because these shoes are amazing on the court.

  15. I’ve been a low top guy for the past 6 or 7 years. Kobe’s have been my favorite shoes since the old Huaraches, and I’ve just kept upgrading Kobe’s since. Recently had several ankle issues (not of which i attribute to the Kobe’s) and I would like you get a shoe with more ankle support, but that won’t feel like bricks on my feet. I’m between the lebron 11s and Jordan xx8 SE right now. Anybody have both and would like to tell me which one the like better for overall stability/ankle support? Thanks guys

    1. My story is pretty much like yours, always stayed with kobe’s till recent event with multiple problems with bith ankles.
      Since I have both of them I can’t tell you wich is better becouse to me they are two elite shoes but going into details…
      Lebron’s are a little heavier and cuz of the materials they give you a little more support sensation in the feet, loosing something to the lateral movements. Th cushion is just perfect, after the break-in time when you lace them up you will have also a good court sensation even with the mixed lunarlon/airmax setup. On the other hand xx8’s have a less break-in time since the materials are ao different qnd th cushion is just great even if at the first times you would feel a little akward with the airbag coming a little up from the sole, but after a couple of practice they are just great. They weight is a bit lower and cuz of it you won’t feel that sensation of protction like the posite can give but in the end iI think it’s just a matter of luck about rollin the ankle. Traction is good on both of them, a little better on the xx8 imho. Both are very well made shoes, both true to size, maybe brons can go 0,5 up but after the material molded onto your foot the feeling is great. An advice I can give you is to buy an ankle protection like mcdavid ankle strap, around 40$ but very easy to use and you won’t almost know that it’s there when you use it, it saved me a lot of times this past year from rollin the ankle.
      Summing up…. If you want a more “strong” feeling around your foot go for the brons, otherwise xx8’s will work it out just as well. I’ve rolled ana nkle last week after coming down on a feet from a jumpshot and right now I’m using lebron’s with the aknle protection of mcdavid. Very good combo.
      Hope to have been of some help, if you have any other question shoot em up 😉

    2. Another thing I forgot to mention is…. Carmenlo anthony 10 are coming out pretty soon, january, and they have leather skin plus syntethic mixed up with the plate of xx8. Imho ai will go for a pair of them since my xx8 had a problem with airbag that popped out recently… The shop gave mym oney back so I’m waiting melo 10 becouse I ink it will be a very very good feeling to have leather back!

      1. I know someone vaguely mentioned the arch support above but didn’t go into much detail. I have flat feet, and with the superfly 2s the arch support kind of pushed up into the arch of my foot. It wasn’t painful, but rather annoying. Same thing happened to me with the CP3 VI ae. Just curious if anyone noticed that with the XX8 se, or if anyone could better describe the arch in this shoe? Thanks

  16. I’ve heard a lot of good for the Jordan xx8 see but I heard a lot of people popping the air bag. How hard is it to pop it and have you popped it and if so how long did it take you?


    1. I bought my westbrook xxe se when they were released and wore it twice. The right forefoot zoom air popped on me yesterday!! The sole on the fore foot looks like its deformed now (the air from the popped airbag is trapped into a small pocket just underneath my toes). I wasn’t even doing any serious basketball. I was just shooting around.. Nike gotta fix this quality issue.

    2. I have 2 pairs of xx8’s, a pair of superfly 2’s and the melo m10.

      No air bags have popped touch wood. I have worn my xx8’s the most, and have had them for about 8 months.
      Even lending one pair to my brother to try. And playing ball for a few hours every couple of days.

  17. I’ve been hearing issues that the forefoot zoom air has a possibility to pop when playing?! It makes me worry

    1. Right now I’ve bought a new pair since the one with popped air has been totally refound by footlocker. Anyway 2 weeks has passed and nothing wrong ha happened (fingers crossed won’t happen again). If nothing happens they are on of the top performance shoe ever compared to a good price compared to other shoes and what they offer, performance talking. Imho buy a pair, at wost the shop/online store will refund.

    2. I’ve spoken too early…. Just 10mins ago my second pair of xx8’s has popped the forefoot airbag just like happened the last time…. I’m speechless.

      1. I’m sorry to hear that bro. I still don’t know what to do with my 28s scared to use them for balling. Are they still playable? Does the traction still grips?

        1. Thanks man. The shoe overall works fine except where the air zoom is located. It feels like a dead space zone, no more cushion. I gave them a shot the day after but that setup with one shoe ok and the other one broken was giving bad feelings to hips and lumbar spine so I switched back to lebron’s xi. Now Nike is refunding the money back, they have a very gpod return policy I have to admit it. Hope XX9 will be fixed.

            1. Th first time I’ve returned the shes in a footlocker store in my town becouse I bought them online in the european site… In 10days more or less the money was returned.this time I’m dealing with nike.com custome care and it seems everything has workd fine right now, peobably the money will be back in th same amount of days.
              The only thing that I complaint about is that I really loved the shoes but I won’t even try to get anther pair, even Melo10. Right now I’ve found on sale a pair of super.fly2 and tonight at th practice they did an excellent job, almost as th XX8 😉 as NW said they are really a top performance shoe.

  18. Popped my right forefoot zoom airbag tonight. Really, really frustrating given the cost. I bought these off ebay, so I’m probably out of luck. Was a fantastic performer up to that point.

          1. Well, im disappointed – to say the least.

            I retrieved the order # from which they were bought on nike.com (the georgetown se’s). After talking with three different customer service reps, they’re not going to send me a pair of these shoes because of their limited availability. I explained to them
            1. This was a shoe i used solely for on court usage, and played with them under 20 times.
            2. I have a very difficult time finding shoes that agree with my foot, and was very satisfied with this shoe.
            3. I bought an additional pair of Nike’s (kd’s) so that I could have my jordan xx8’s in good enough shape to play for a longer period.
            4. they could send me any colorway they had available, because i empathize with the fact the Georgetowns are out of stock.

            Nope, it was a gift card or nothing. Because they sell out so quickly, they couldn’t give me any of the colorways THAT ARE STILL DROPPING because consumers are waiting to scoop them up – nevermind the fact I was a consumer that had already purchased them (& wasn’t reselling them at marked up prices). Now there’s virtually zero chance I ever have the privilege of having these Jordans again, because of Nike’s policy.

            I’ll get a $150 gift card to use on products that I don’t feel so inclined to support anymore given this experience. That’s life I guess.

  19. man, so many folks have complained about popping their bags that i’m seriously apprehensive about picking up a pair now…

    1. It took less than 20 wears for mine to go, & the fact you can’t have them replaced by Nike is a serious bummer. I’d pass.

      1. Bro, LAHoops, If you live in the US, alot of the Nike Outlets have been getting the XX8 in the green camo and Oak Hill colorways. Prices ranges from $200 to $90 depending on the store. If you have an outlet that is somewhat semi-close to you, I suggest you give them a call if the shoe is in stock so you dont waste a trip.

  20. Is there someone here who owns a pair of XX8s and have used it for numerous months and the forefoot zoom is still in good condition?

  21. If you want similar cushion go with lebron x elites.I used them from 3 months in a very well maintained outdoor court and the outsole holds up great.The air bubble holds up excellent and it’s very durable.Amazing traction better cushion than the original x ( air bubble is very stable unlike the x) and support -lockdown are just flawless.only downside is the carbon fiber.it’s doing it’s job ( offers great support) but it’s cheap cracks easily and can be separated from the shoe.May nike ran out of glue

  22. I had the original black/volt XX8s and they straight RIPPED after almost 7 months… then I got the Bel-Airs to replace them and guess what… right zoom air bag popped after just 4 weeks! Only got to wear them on-court about 8 times. Got the white gloves now and am seriously considering the anatomix spawns…


  23. Picked up the gray XX8 SEs that launched yesterday and played in them today. Definitely slightly different than the original. For one they start off a little stiffer, and the cushioning feels more firm, but in a good way. They also have a roomier toe box where as the XX8 felt like they were right on top of my toes like a sock. Need to keep breaking these in, but I imagine they’ll feel like my XX8s eventually.

      1. Lol! That really sucks… Just asking, how much do you weigh because I’m wondering if that has anything to do with, since I’m only 145 pounds and mine are perfectly fine, even through a couple hours of blacktop hoopage.

        1. Hmm, interesting thought about the weight aspect.

          I assume Nightwing doesn’t way that much and he’s said his are still OK. Is there anyone here that doesn’t weigh a lot still had theirs pop on them?

          1. Weight probably isn’t an issue. The way that the unlocked zoom setup is just not durable for the impactful long haul.

            I’m 5’10 160lbs, but I’m also a high flyer.

          2. Fair enough, you’ve kind of ruled that out straight away as you’re nowhere near being heavy.

  24. I’m considering buy a pair but that zoom issue is haunting me. They should redesign the forefoot zoom in the xx8 & xx8 se the same way they have it in the super fly 2. Nobody hears about those zoom bags poppin..

  25. Hi NW, I’m pretty sure you ball hard on these. Have your zoom bags on the XX8 (or XX8 SE) popped already? I keep reading on other forums that they seem to be a really weak spot.

    Sorry if I may have missed a comment from you regarding this.

  26. I’m back! These are still the top shoes in my opinion. I’ve been dealing with pain in my right heel for some time now. I think it’s a combination of too many games, the kind of work I do, and a recent camping trip. I hooped in these today and my heel just felt well taken care of in all of the games I ran. This is of course in contrast to other kicks in my rotation.

    XX8 SE still stands tall in 2014, WOW!

    1. I agree with you completely Dime Slinger. My XX8 SE’s are my favorite shoes to hoop in. Cushion, Comfort, and overall Performance have these at the #1 Spot in my hoop shoe rotation. Nothing else I’ve played in beats these shoes.

  27. I’m sadly now a statistic. I think I remember exactly when the pop happened too; I came down with a board and slammed my right foot down extremely hard. There wasn’t a popping sound, but I noticed the deflation when I took the right shoe off.

      1. No I just figured it had to have been the time that I slammed my right foot down on landing. There was a loud boom and doubt any noise could’ve been heard.

        1. Thanks for the explanation. Could you actually see it deflated? If not, how could you tell it was deflated?

          1. They’ll either bubble within the rubber if air can’t escape, or just be extremely soft if they fully pop. If it pops in the heel, you’ll see the outsole caved in where the zoom bag is supposed to keep it pressed out. You’ll definitely feel it when and if it happens. I didn’t hear anything when it happened to me on several occasions, but that might be because it’s usually loud on the courts by itself.

  28. My zoom popped months ago but i refused to giv up my OKC cw but i kept playing in them with no prob the bubble went away after a few more sessions didnt effect too much when i was wearing Elite socks that jjus my Opinion tho

  29. Hey Nightwing, over the last month or so both of the zoom bags in my shoes have popped and then deflated as if nothing is under my foot. i ordered these from finishline.com about 8 months ago, but have only played in them for about 4months. i was wondering what finishline’s policy is for this. do i need to send the shoes back, can i get any refund or store credit? i am hoping to call them to explain, and in the end just recieve store credit. any help is appreciated.

      1. Thanks. this morning i talked with the manager at my local finishline and he told me that since the shoes are defective i can bring them in in exchange for store credit. hopefully this works out, but if it doesnt i will send them back to nike.

        1. Yes you have to find the right manager to work with you and it doesn’t even have to be the same location. I copped the XX8 SE breds back in March and this other cool HoH(House of Hoops) manager gave me store credit in July just so that he could have my business from the other HoH I normally go to! He has my business indeed with that class act because I’m now sitting on $162 and change credit with nothing lost on shipping fees.

          The XX8 is reminding that really fine lady that you finally got to scoop and then you find out that she’s high maintenance when you start kicking it.

  30. man my XX8 SE ‘s zoom popped too. I just more them for around 5 hours and the right one popped and theres a huge bubble.
    I bought these on eastbay and i live in australia. Can i still do the Nike claim thing or should i send them back to eastbay
    Any tips on what to do will be appreciated.

    1. I’m in Australia and I also buy from Eastbay.

      I sent a pair of KD Vs and Melo M8 Advance back earlier this year as being defective and they gave me a refund for the cost of the shoes only.

      For the shoes that I sent back, they said they weren’t defective and I said I still don’t want them with the issues that they had.
      I lost about $90 in postage to send them back, and since they didn’t find them to be faulty, you don’t get reimbursed for the postage cost.

      I felt one of the forefoot zoom air bags was faulty on one shoe from each pair, but they didn’t determine them to be faulty. You should be alright though as yours are definitely faulty. If they are deemed to be faulty then they should also cover the return postage cost that it cost for you to send the shoes back. You’ll probably need to send them a picture of your postage receipt when/if they ask for it.

      Not sure about the Nike claim route. Not sure if you can do it internationally, can you?

        1. No, I didn’t call them, but that is a good idea, you can call them first. I just spoke to someone in the live chat.

          I’m not sure if they can help you much as they told me the returns department is different and you can’t really talk to anyone in that department, not even sure if anyone in that department can send an email to you either. It’s all determined by the returns department when they get the shoe and can inspect it.

          You’ll have to fill out the return form that came with your shoes and then send them back as being defective. I think there is an option to choose ‘defective’ or something like that on the return form. I also suggest getting postage insurance, and don’t use Express Post as they said they don’t reimburse expensive postage methods. Just use regular Air Mail, which should be the cheapest and insure it. If it gets lost of damaged in transit, you won’t get anything from Eastbay.

          I think there is also an option on the form to get a refund, another pair, or an exchange for something else, so if you don’t want another pair, make sure you don’t go that route.

          btw what colorway did you get of the shoes and did you get them recently? I think Eastbay said you’ve got a year where you can return shoes to them, for any reason, not just being defective.

          I’ve really wanted to get a pair of XX8 SEs, but still haven’t because I didn’t want to take the chance with the zoom air bags popping. If I wasn’t in Australia, then I’d take a chance, but it’s too much screwing around to send them back. I still might get a pair and try my luck, but not sure.

          Maybe someone can help with the Nike route too, as I’d be curious how that works. I think you might have a two year window where you can return to Nike? I could be wrong on that though. Just not sure if you can return shoes to Nike from an International location like ours, or maybe we have a headquarters here where we can send the shoes?

          Anyway, if you call Eastbay, tell me what they say. Tell me how you go as I’m interested to see if it gets resolved properly for you.

          1. Thanks for the information man it helped me a lot.
            I got the red XX8 SEs and I think i got them around a month and a half ago so they’re pretty new and I’ve worn them less than 10 times which sucks. I also reckon you should go with maybe the superfly 2’s just to be safe.
            I’ll probably call Eastbay in a couple of hours as I’m a little busy right now. I’ll tell you how it goes after
            Cheers Mate

          2. both my heel airbags burst after about 20 wears.
            posted a comment on Nike.com and they wrote back.
            the shoes have a 2 yr manufacturers warranty.

            lost my foot locker receipt, so foot locker wont help. will hv to go direct to nike.

  31. Dang. Unlocked zoom sounded good and worked in my Super Flys but there are so many cases with the popping that it makes me wonder how these things were really tested. Nike/Jordan has got to remember that while their athletes may wear a newer pair ever so often, the avg guy wants his to last a little longer. Some of them have been popping in no time. I really hope that the next gen of shoes fix the problem because that zoom setup was definitely a step in the right direction with regard to innovation.

  32. If i buy xx8 now and the zoom bag popped up, can i still get a refund from nike ?
    And for the fit, i am a narrow footer and use size 9.5 in several nike shoes, if i go 0.5 size up, is it ok ? I mean, did someone go half a size ?

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