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Air Jordan Melo M10 ‘Northwest King Salmon’ By Macklemore

The Jordan Melo M10 has been a favorite here at WearTesters.com, with the shoe almost receiving a perfect score on the performance review. With that said, a new colorway looks to bring that high performance value, while also exhibiting a staple in the Pacific Northwest in salmon. The predominantly Washington state region is where Grammy award-winning artist Macklemore hails from, and the all-salmon colorway is just another way to shout out his hometown of Seattle.

Stay tuned to WearTesters.com for a release date. Until then, we want to know what you think of this new M10 colorway in the comments below.

Air Jordan Melo M10 'Northwest King Salmon' By Macklemore

Image via @Macklemore

  1. Good old untalented Macklemore…trying to rap about what is already a fad to sell albums. Zero music ability. The shoe color fits him. Chameleon to whatever might sell would be more of a fitting colorway to the shoe. Always changing to please anyone. The worst shoe.color on the best shoes. That includes the XX9

  2. Looks good, would definitely cop if it retails
    On a side note, why y’all dissin macklemore? He raps about gay rights, his struggle with drugs and his thoughts on the sneaker culture today and i believe nw actually listens to him and has featured one of his songs on some vids

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