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Air Jordan 9 G Performance Review

Air Jordan 9 G

Michael Jordan once said “It’s not about the shoes, it’s what you do in them.” What will you do in the Air Jordan 9 G golf shoes? 

Being able to test the Air Jordan 9 G has been a dream come true considering my first real basketball shoes were the Jordan CP3 2. The Air Jordan 9 G gives off vibes of being a shoe for hoopers or sneakerheads until you see the golf spikes on the bottom.

The Air Jordan 9 G doesn’t have many similar competitors as far as looks go. They’re unique. They fall in the high top category and sit right at the top of your ankle. Most golf shoes are designed to be low or mid top, so this is a bold move by Jordan to bring in a signature high top sneaker.  What do you get with a high top golf sneaker? Let’s dive into it.

Air Jordan 9 G

Price: $230

Sizing: True to size

Air Jordan 9 G outsole traction


The Air Jordan 9 G passed the traction test effortlessly. The spikes on the bottom of these shoes are legit. Be careful or you might hurt yourself!

I had one round in particular where it snowed for the final 3 holes and the traction didn’t miss a beat once the course got wet. In fact, I purposely tried to slip in them and I couldn’t! I noticed the most grip when I intentionally dug my feet into the ground before each shot that needed some extra strength on the swing. This did the trick every time.

DISCLAIMER: Use caution on the greens. If you drag your feet on the greens, it will tear the green up. The spikes are GENUINELY that good.

Air Jordan 9 G heel and cushion


If you’ve worn Jordans before, you know they’re an average shoe for comfort and cushion. The Air Jordan 9 G is not an exception to the rule. While they aren’t like walking on clouds, they get the job done.

Similar to our previous review on the Jordan 1 Low G, the Air Jordan 9 G may be suited more for the golfer that rides in a cart during his or her rounds. These shoes will hold up fine for the occasional 18 hole walk, but may start to cause aches after multiple days of 18+ holes.

Air Jordan 9 G lacing system


Air Jordan sneakers typically run true to size and the Air Jordan 9 G proves that this is also the case with Air Jordan golf shoes. I wear an 11.5 and the Jordan 9 G fits like a true 11.5.

A trivial but necessary side note; you will be about an inch taller in the Air Jordan 9 G. It’s definitely an added bonus when a shoe takes you from 5’11 to 6’0.

Air Jordan 9 G upper close up


The original Air Jordan 9 was released in 1993 and designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield. Most shoes that Hatfield touched did well, but the Air Jordan 9 didn’t perform as well as his previous works.

Why you might ask? MJ was in the middle of his baseball stint with the Birmingham Barons (a Minor League Baseball Double-A team affiliated with the Chicago White Sox). Sales didn’t compare well to the previous Jordan models because Jordan was batting .202 on the baseball diamond instead of averaging 37.1 points per game on the hardwood.

I like to think that the Air Jordan 9 is just like Jordan’s baseball career…full of intrigue, but pretty average when you zoom in and look at the details.

That being said, if flashy is your middle name, these are the golf shoes for you. I personally like flashy sneakers, and playing in the Air Jordan 9 G boosted my confidence which led to my second best 9-hole score ever. They gave me this extra little boost that made me smile every time I looked down to hit my ball.

The kids say “Look good, play good.” They aren’t lying.

Air Jordan 9 G outsole logo and spikes


The clear winner (loser?) of the downside category is the price. At $230 before tax, they’re on the higher end of golf shoe prices. If you’re familiar with tJordan brand then this price tag might not seem too bad. If you’re newer to Jordan products, it seems like a lot.

The reality is that you’re getting a shoe with 30 years of culture attached to it, nice spikes for performance on the golf course, and a beautiful overall shoe. I can honestly say that while $230 is a little bit more expensive than I think they’re worth, they’re definitely worth $150-$200.

Definitely a bit overpriced, but still a solid buy.


This category is a unique one. The comfort, cushion, and support of the Air Jordan 9 G  was pretty solid except for one spot on the shoe. 

The collar lining had a tendency to dig into my ankles while walking on any type of incline. When my ankle was turned sideways into the side-collar of the shoe, my ankles felt the collar lining pressing against them. It got better the more I wore them, but I noticed it every time I played in the Air Jordan 9 G. Although it was uncomfortable, don’t let it deter you from buying. Just a fair warning so our readers aren’t surprised with a bit more tension up against the ankles.

Air Jordan 9 G both shoes

Air Jordan 9 G Summary

The Air Jordan 9 G receives a solid 8/10. My confidence quite literally skyrocketed in these shoes. I felt like MJ out on the golf course. I may have come in about 7-10 strokes worse than MJ would have, but I looked like Mike out there.

My feet didn’t feel overly achy, but there are definitely better shoes for comfort and cushion. If you’re looking for a beautiful sneaker that also has great control and fit on the golf course, these are a good match.

The Air Jordan 9 G is not only a gorgeous and cleverly crafted shoe, but it’s a high performing and stroke reducing machine that is worth having in your golf closet.

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How the Author Golfs

Tyler Allred (19 handicap): Golfs 2-3 times a week spending the bulk of his time playing actual rounds. Mostly pushes himself to improve every part of his game, but also enjoys a casual round of golf every now and then.


While Jordan Brand did send a pair of the Air Jordan 9 G to facilitate this review, the company had no involvement in this review, didn’t receive an advance look at it, and have not attempted to influence it.

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