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Three Stripes Athletes Get 3D Printed adidas Futurecraft “UltraBoosts”

adidas futurecraft 3d-printed shoes 2

While I have been boycotting the Olympics for moral and ethical reasons (just like I did with the World Cup — click here and here if you’re curious), the Three Stripes is giving some of its best performing athletes a pair of its first-ever 3D printed adidas Futurecraft “UltraBoosts.”

This 3D printed sneaker doesn’t use any gluing or stitching. Rather, it takes the UltraBoost design and utilizes a 3D printed Primeknit upper (would love to see that production process), an engineered 3D web structure that is denser in areas that need reinforcement, and a 3D printed heel counter. HS says that the shoe has been approved for runs up to 10 kilometers.

According to HS, adidas is aptly naming this shoe the “3D Printed Winners Shoe.” The deal is if you medal and you’re an adidas athlete, you get a pair that corresponds to the medal you won. The laces come in, of course, three options: gold, silver, or bronze.

The first adidas athlete to receive a pair of the adidas Futurecraft “UltraBoost” is New Zealand women’s rugby player Tyla Nathan-Wong (New Zealand owns rugby, just ask the All Blacks) who won silver. Track and field athlete Jessica Enniss-Hil, cyclist Laura Trott, and Sonny Bill Williams (a teammate of Tyla Nathan-Wong) are all potential receivers of the “3D Printed Winners Shoe.” It’s awesome that they’re almost all women.

There is no public release date for the adidas Futurecraft “UltraBoost” and if it does release it is likely to be expensive and priced alongside the 3D printed Under Armour Architech ($300). However, I think the market is ready for the next thing — and just think about how awesome adidas would be if they followed up Boost with the first affordable 3D printed sneakers?

Thoughts on this latest 3D printed sneaker? Sound off below.

adidas futurecraft 3d-printed shoes 1

adidas futurecraft 3d-printed shoes 2

Source: HS

        1. The shoe is an UltraBoost minus the Boost — it’s 3D printed instead so there’s no Boost. I think it is clearly stated and this sentence tells it all:
          “According to HS, adidas is aptly naming this shoe the “3D Printed Winners Shoe.””
          I have that sentence in quotations because I am quoting it. Thanks.

  1. 1st) The Russian swimmer that got caught cheating got her ass handed to her so that’s reason enough to watch.
    2nd) Women’s Beach volleyball is as sexy as ever…and girls gymnastics (Aly in particular) has been pretty fantastic as well.
    3rd) Under Armour’s 3D Olympic Phelps sneakers blow these out of the water (pun intended)

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