Under Armour Architech – Performance Review

3D molding and printing, the future of the shoe industry. Maybe? Still in its infancy, 3D printing is expensive, complicated, and, so far, not very public. A Baltimore-based brand aims to change all of these with the introduction of the Under Armour Architech.

Granted, they are still expensive, super limited, and possibly the most involved design and process ever in shoes (the Foamposite in 1996-1997 may come close). All of this is great, except…what if they suck? What if they don’t perform as designed or worse, don’t perform at all?

Just in case you haven’t watched the “unboxing/initial thoughts” video, this is a cross-training shoe that we took to the gym, the courts, and the road — that’s proper cross-training.

UA Architech - Traction

UA Architech - Cushion

UA Architech - Materials UA Architech - Fit UA Architech - Support UA Architech - Overall UA Architech Score



  1. Very thorough review bryan! Great job as always! One thing though. Do you think it might be better if the page 2 link is placed on top for users opting for classic written format and those unaware will be able to see the option faster?

  2. This was an interesting review bro. As mentioned, this particular shoe was hard to get, limited, expensive, etc but it does potentially open the door for the future so seeing how these did was an interesting look. Thanks for the continued work and I hope that the body is holding up. Take care.

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