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Zeba Shoes Review: Hands-Free Slip On Shoes

Zeba Shoes

As someone with Cerebral Palsy, a physical disability, I’m always on the lookout for sneakers with good ease of entry. And the Zeba Shoes brand is a prime example of good ease of entry for sneakers.

For those who don’t know, Zeba Shoes is a specialty footwear brand. All of Zeba’s sneakers use their collapsible heel technology. (A technology that is very similar to Kizik. Click here to check out the Kizik Athens Review Chris and I made.)

Disclaimer: I was sent this pair for review by the team at Zeba Shoes. However, Zeba had no say in my review, was not able to preview this review, and my words are 100% my own.

Zeba Shoes

Price: $140-$160

Sizing: True to size, wide version available

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  • Rundown: Simple hands-free slip on shoes with a comfortable upper and amazing traction.
Zeba Shoes Materials

Zeba Shoes Pros

Simple Entry. Zeba’s collapsible heel entry is done really well. I found it very easy to use. The heel on Zeba shoes collapses easier than the heels of similar sneakers from more well-known brands. In my collection, these might be the easiest sneakers I have to get into (which is saying something as I own many, many Nike FlyEase models and a few Kiziks). 

Free Socks. Every pair of Zeba shoes come with a free pair of Zeba mini-crew socks. The socks feel nice and have the Zeba logo on the outside. Even though they’re a bit too low of a cut for me personally, it’s a pretty nice extra. I wish more brands did this!

Nice Knit Upper. The upper is made from a heavy-duty-feeling knit material. It’s not the softest knit. In terms of softness, I’d say it compares to the Primeknit upper on the adidas Yeezy Boost 350v2. Zeba’s knit is also pretty breathable, with lots of ventilation holes on the toe box and midfoot.

Zeba Shoes Outsole Traction

Heavy Duty Traction. Zeba’s traction is very good. They use thick rubber that’s clearly built to last. And, according to Zeba, the traction is slip resistant. This is helpful as most Zeba Shoes models come in all black and the slip-resistant outsole elevates them to restaurant grade. It’s a shoe brand to keep your eye on when you need new workwear.

    Wide Fit Available. As someone with 4E-width boats instead of feet (Editor’s Note: in case you’re curious Ryan has actual feet, not boats), I love that Zeba offers widths for some colorways. I just wish Zeba would offer width options for all their colorways and models.

    Zeba Shoes Heel

    Zeba Shoes Complaints

    Sub-Par Cushioning. Zeba Shoes use an unnamed foam for the midsole cushion. The foam has some give, but not a lot (Editor’s Note: or none if you’re bigger like me). It kind of reminds me of the Jordan 6, in terms of give. So, while it’s not bad, the cushion is nothing to write home about and resembles the cushion from a shoe originally released in 1991.

    Lack of Heel Support. Like most sneaker models with collapsible heels, Zeba shoes have very little heel support. If you’re someone who needs heel support, Zeba shoes (and other collapsible-heel sneakers) are likely not the best choice for you.

      Are Zeba Shoes wide foot friendly?

      Yes, Zeba Shoes are wide foot friendly because they offer a wide version in the majority of their popular models. As the normal model feels narrow through the midfoot we’d recommend all forms of wide footers choose the available wide version.

      Are Zeba Shoes worth $140?

      The $140 price point is a little high for what you’re getting as it’s $10-$20 above most comparable models from other brands.

      Zeba Shoes Review Summary

      Zeba Shoes Review Summary

      Overall, I’m fairly impressed after my first experience with Zeba Shoes. They have simple, hands-free entry, a comfortable upper, and amazing traction. If you’re in the market for some easy-on (slip on) sneakers, I think Zeba should be considered alongside other brands as you shop.

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