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Weartesting the NW1 | Phase 1

After previously unveiling the NW1, it’s now time for weartesting the NW1. Chris is taking you through the entire process of creating a performance shoe. It’s not easy, it doesn’t happen over night, and there are a lot of steps. But we love educating our audience on the processes that shoe brands follow to get those beloved kicks to your door.

As a reminder, for anyone that missed the Instagram posts or the first video, the NW1 is the first signature sneaker for Chris Chase, the best basketball shoe reviewer on the planet and our fearless leader at WearTesters.

What’s in the Video

In the video, Chris deep dives into a bunch of information about the shoe’s performance and the changes he’s contemplating. Here are some of the things he mentions:

  • His very on brand t-shirt
  • The 2nd colorway being a Kobe tribute
  • Testing outside vs inside due to the pandemic
  • The newly implemented traction pattern
  • How the traction performed on a horrible outdoor court
  • Outsole rubber’s effect on torsional support
  • Does this bad boy need flex grooves?
  • Potential tongue changes
  • Figuring out the best insole option
  • Reminder that he doesn’t have access to Nike tech
  • Would you preorder a Mrs. Wing colorway?

In addition, there’s a bonus shoe included in the video, the We Are Underdogs Apostrophe. The Apostrophe is designed by Kaito Choy. Kaito is the lead designer who is working alongside Chris to create the NW1. He’s released several colorways of the Apostrophe and this one may be the best yet.

Weartesting the NW1

Weartesting the NW1 will continue as Chris continues to nail down fit, support, materials, and traction. Stay patient and enjoy the process, because soon enough, we’ll all be preordering our pairs.

Watch the full video by pressing play above or by clicking here to watch on YouTube.

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