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Unveiling the NW1

Years in the making, we finally have the pleasure of unveiling the NW1. The NW1 is the first signature sneaker for Chris Chase, the best basketball shoe reviewer on the planet and our fearless leader at WearTesters.

The Road to the NW1

Why is the unveil of the NW1 years in the making? Chris started reviewing shoes on YouTube eleven years ago and has since made his mark on basketball footwear. He’s weartested for and provided feedback directly to brands. Along the way, he’s had the chance to influence various basketball sneakers before they hit production lines. He’s also had the opportunity to collaborate on and create his own colorways of the Brandblack Ether and the Brandblack Rare Metal.

During his journey, he never thought the dream of unveiling a signature sneaker like the NW1 would be possible. But thanks to the amazing team at creative footwear platform We Are Underdogs, a dream is becoming reality.

Officially Unveiling the NW1

In the video, Chris reviews his own signature sneaker with the same critical eye he applies to all the sneakers that come across his desk. Here’s a little taste of what to expect.

  • Inspiration. Nightwing. Spiderman. Kobe. Enough said.
  • Materials. Super premium like early Air Jordans. The goal being to create a sneaker that bridges lifestyle and hoops.
  • Traction. He’s got some concerns with the Spiderman-inspired pattern he chose. Will it work once he gets it on the court?
  • Cushion. There’s no tech licensed for cost reasons. Can the shoe still be soft enough?
  • Fit. The goal is to mimic the fit of the JCrossover and the Kobe 5. Can the NW1 get there?
  • Support. He discusses the wing outrigger and whether the heel counter is sufficient.
  • Comfort. Besides the premium materials, there’s an asymmetrical tongue and plush inner lining. Feel good, play good right?

Watch the full video by pressing play above or by clicking here to watch on YouTube.

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