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The WearTesters Weekender: Issue 4

Weekender Issue 4


We’re back with Issue 4 of the WearTesters Weekender! Coincidentally, our first topic will focus on the Shrine Weekender Sneaker Backpack and Duffel bag that are now available for pre-order on their site.  Whether you are aware of their impending December shipment and release, caught Nightwing’s interview with them on the site this week, or had no idea about their product; we wanted to throw a spotlight on them!


The Shrine is a a lifestyle luggage company based in San Francisco, California. They intend to change the way you travel with aesthetically pleasing, well executed, high quality luggage pieces. Their initial inventory is sneaker enthusiast oriented as they allow you to stow and strap in multiple pairs of kicks for the road. The Weekender Backpack also allows you to store a laptop of tablet, toiletry’s, and a few days of clothing. Take a look at the video below for a little better idea of how the bag works and how much you can fit inside it.


The Shrine Weekender Sneaker Backpack and the Sneaker Duffel are both available for pre-order on the Shrine site for $199 and $185 respectively. They look like a well thought out and well designed product that can certainly fill a need in a sneaker enthusiasts life. Can’t we all think of a time when we were packing for a trip and couldn’t fit our sneakers and our clothes in the same bag?

Shrine Rack backpack




Shrine Rack DuffelShrine Rack buckle


Also, if you haven’t seen enough, check out Nightwing’s interview with the Shrine from earlier this week, let us know what you think of their brand! We appreciate good design and a group of talented individuals with a vision. There is always a niche to fill and a need to address in our day to day lives; the Shrine found one and seems to be solving it very well with their tasteful products. I’m impressed, are you?


Now, let’s highlight what you may have missed on the site this week. Be sure to follow the links and check them out if you didn’t catch them during the week.


Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier On-Court Performance TestOur resident professional basketball player, Randy Booker dropped a Performance Review for the Nike Zoom Soldier 8 this week.

         Check out the video and be sure to watch the whole thing!



askNightwing2           ask Nightwing #2

 This one is pretty self explanatory, check it out and hear all of Nightwing’s answers to community questions in round 2 of his new video series.






In closing, let’s get a discussion topic going for this week’s issue. What is your favorite part of the game of basketball? What gets you going for each game and each pickup run? When you step into the gym, lace up the shoes and step out there; what element of the game do you most look forward to? Be specific and be detailed, I think everyone will have a very interesting take on this. We want to hear it from our readers!

It was tough for me to narrow it down between distributing the ball to teammates and playing defense. I had to go with defense because it has been my calling card for a while now. In my eyes, the best part about defense is that it gives me the chance to ruin the end of the court that most players get the most enjoyment out of, offense. If a guy who has been feeling it in previous game or is excited to score a lot in pickup and then ends up having trouble to score at all, then it is a tremendous defensive victory. I don’t talk trash, I don’t hack or play dirty, I just defend with intensity up and down the court without any let downs. I get up for defense because it allows my conditioning, strength, and athleticism to shine through and make my mark on the game.

That’s my choice, what’s yours? I hope you enjoyed this week’s issue, be sure to comment and discuss below!

  1. I like to drive in in basketball. Blowing past people and finishing around the rim is easy for me. My jump shots streaky, but I still love the fast paced transition/ drives

  2. I’m a 16 year old 5″10 PG, and my favorite part of the game is just going out there, and having fun, and the best type of fun, is winning. Whether it be a league game or just a pick up game, I’m all about having fun and winning. Of course, this attitude changes depending on how competitive the game I’m playing is, if there’s more “amateur” (I’m an amateur, but I mean the less-good-at-basketball type of players) players, then of course I’m just focused on letting everybody have their go at having fun. I too love distributing to my teammates, I get mad when my teammates don’t pass the ball to others, ESPECIALLY when the others are open. My main strength on the offensive end is my passing and my shooting, I can shoot lights out behind the three and mid range/floater game, but my driving skills need to be improved. (I’m Asian, so driving’s not my thing, lol jk.) On the defensive end, I definitely need to improve on this.

    1. My coach once threatened to cut me last year if I didn’t improve on my defensive instincts. I remember scrimmaging once, and it was at the end of practice, I remember getting falling down from getting crossed by our big-man. He was 6″6 and had a loose handle, and I couldn’t even swipe him, lol. Anyways I improved and I’m now a PG for the varsity team.

      So basketball to me, is all about having fun, not just for me, but for everyone on the court. It’s all about being as competitive as possible, all the while being as sportsmanlike as possible. Basketball is a great sport that way.

  3. my favorite part of the game is when my team trusts me. i do not look like i play since i started playing, so it was like no one knows i play during high school. so when i play, i love it when i surprise people. i’m not that good but i really like it when defense loosens up and they think first shot or assist or the 1st good thing i do is luck. but somehow it involved my skill and their carelessness so to me its fun. when my team notices i really know how to play after that, it’s when i get more confidence to create plays. it’s good to hear, them telling me to create something. normally when i don’t know players even in my team, they just tell me to shoot when open. honestly, it’s insulting to hear for me. because i do get open and no one passes the ball. it’s clearer for me when they just tell me in a moment to create a play and my mind justs reads the court like spider sense or like sherlock holmes in movies.

  4. Running out of breath, which comes pretty early on. Motivates me to keep on working on my game, which is mostly moving around the court till I get open.

  5. Self-improvement on a sport that I enjoy. I started basketball around 3 years ago for fun at the park and really started getting into it a year and half ago. It amazes me and makes me feel great to see myself improve on all aspects of basketball. Shooting, dribbling, defense, passing, and even having my own go to moves that I can rely on. I remember the good old days when I was a huge liability on both sides of the court. Now I bark orders on defense, which is another aspect that is fun for me. I have to force myself to see the entire court when I’m on offense, but in defense I can really see all the nuances and really see the entire court. Shooting is also fun for me since I really focus on improving my shot mechanics. I must have changed my shooting form a dozen times the past 3 years and it really came along well. The entire sport is really enjoyable for me and it’s one of my few passions in life. I really wish I got into basketball in high school, I could at least play point guard with my height. Now I’m joining my first league next week so I’m pumped.

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