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Way of Wade Son of Flash

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Way of Wade Son of Flash

The Way of Wade Son of Flash is built specifically for outdoor use and is another great model in WOW’s lineup.

Colorway: Grey Boy

Release Date: 2023

Price: $135

Total Outdoor Score
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Way of Wade has been the most consistent basketball sneaker brand in 2023 hands down. It’s very hard to go wrong with a Way of Wade basketball shoe, and the Way of Wade Son of Flash is another banger within their lineup. It’s also Zaire Wade‘s unofficial signature shoe. In this case, the Son of Flash is intended specifically for outdoor use, which is a rarity nowadays. In fact, the only other brand that has an outdoor-specific model on the market is AND 1. The Way of Wade Son of Flash made our list of the best basketball shoes overall, as well as our list of the best outdoor basketball shoes, but let’s jump right in and see why the Son of Flash is such a good basketball shoe.

Way of Wade Son of Flash Traction

The Son of Flash comes with a solid rubber outsole which is very tacky and tough. Way of Wade calls this rubber “Tough OS” and is a compound they use primarily in their tennis shoes. We have a traction pattern that combines herringbone and lightning bolts, which basically is ultimately just a stylized version of herringbone.

This setup offers really excellent multidirectional coverage and will perform well both indoors and outdoors. But, where this shoe will shine brightest is out on the blacktop. That aggressive traction pattern and that extra durable rubber are perfect for playing outdoors, so if you primarily play outside, in terms of traction, the Way of Wade Son of Flash will be an excellent option.

Way of Wade Son of Flash Cushioning

In terms of cushioning the Way of Wade Son of Flash features a Cloud Foam midsole as well as Way of Wade’s more premium foam cushioning, Boom, in the forefoot and heel of the shoe. Cloudfoam is more of a reactive cushioning setup, and Boom is much more plush underfoot.

What you want in an outdoor hoop shoe when it comes to cushioning, is a more plush setup to maximize impact protection. Concrete isn’t very forgiving, and if you don’t have good cushioning absorbing all those impacts, it will be your joints taking on all that force. The Way of Wade Son of Flash has pretty decent impact protection, but it is a low-profile setup. This means the shoe will have great court feel, but for outdoor use, might be on the minimal side. Indoors, however, this will be more than enough.

Way of Wade Son of Flash Materials

Materials on the Son of Flash are nothing special. Way of Wade in general doesn’t stand out in regards to the material quality of their shoes. The Son of Flash features a fully synthetic upper that combines different textiles and faux leather. The “leather” portions are featured on the heel of the shoe and in some high-wear areas.

The midfoot and forefoot feature textiles with different weaves to allow more or less mobility depending on the area of the shoe. We also have a lighting-shaped TPU portion on the lateral side of the shoe for added containment on lateral movements, and TPU reinforcement along the eyelets of the shoe.

In terms of performance, the materials should perform well on the court so, even though the quality of the materials isn’t great, performance does not suffer because of it, so there isn’t much to complain about.

Way of Wade Son of Flash Support

Support is on point in the Way of Wade Son of Flash, even though there is nothing groundbreaking featured on the shoe. The selection and layering of materials on the upper keep your foot securely on the footbed, those lateral TPU pieces give you more than enough lateral containment, and the shoe is very stable thanks to the cushioning setup, the wide base of the shoe and all that rubber on the outsole.

Way of Wade Son of Flash Fit

Fit is the trickiest aspect of the Way of Wade Son of Flash. On their website, Way of Wade suggests going up half a size, which is definitely recommended, unless you enjoy a very snug 1 to 1 fit. Wide footers should definitely go up half a size.

Way of Wade Son of Flash Overall

The Way of Wade Son of Flash is another great basketball shoe from Way of Wade. In this case, the Son of Flash is a great option if you are looking for an outdoor basketball shoe, but in general, it is just a great hoop shoe. You get great traction, well-balanced, low-profile, cushioning, more than enough containment and support, and durable materials that will hold up well outdoors.

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