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VIDEO: Derrick Rose Plays 3 on 3 in Manila on D. Rose Tour

Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls plays against a group of Japanese fans at the 1 on 100 event.

While on the D Rose tour in Manila, D Rose hooped it up 3 vs 3 style with some fans. He looks like he is ready to come back to the NBA. I know he wasn’t playing anywhere near his skill level but the way he is moving shows that he is comfortable with his knee again. Take a look at the video and let me know what you think.

  1. I was there, 3 feet away from Drose before the 3 on 3 someone came to him and told him not to dunk. i don’t know why..

  2. He looks comfortable for sure. I’m more excited about his increased range! He’s throwing up those 3s from well beyond the arc and with ease to. So excited for the opener!

  3. Sneaker…wow man lol you just hitting f5 for the “first”?
    In regards to this video….the ranged shooting was just ungodly bad. Till like 330-430 mark, almost like no such thing as a 15-18 jumper. Guess it really is a lost art.

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