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VIDEO: Basketball is Everything

Along with family, the most important thing in the world to Derrick Rose is basketball and he is dedicated to improving his game and winning a championship for Chicago. If you took away all of the fame and notoriety of his life, he would still be left with what matters the most to him – the game.

“Basketball is Everything” begins with Derrick training for the upcoming season then cuts to various scenes that portray his life which include, outside of his home, at his birthday party with family and friends including hip-hop artists Common, 2 Chainz and Dom Kennedy, at a music video shoot with rapper Big Sean and at a famous high-end jewelry store with his brother. The commercial comes full circle by showing Derrick training alone in the gym once again, emphasizing that even if you take away all of the aspects of Derrick’s life that he feels so blessed to have, he would still have the one thing that matters to him most, basketball.

  1. Man that was nice, on so many levels, but I won’t go in on it.
    Next weekend will be a monster for shoe releases, Rose 4, 28 SE, Bron Bron, and I know I’m missing something, this week The Glove…omg I’m too damn excited.

    Finally gonna cop me a holy grail.

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