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VIDEO: adidas Rose 4

The adidas Rose 4 has arrived at retailers – not yet for sale – and fellow YouTuber CrazyBlackman108 was able to grab a quick look at the upcoming signature and share it with his viewers.

Take a look at the video and let me know what you think. I know I’m warming up to them, very clean and simple look and some colorways just make them look perfect.

  1. The hoopers that support Adidas likely have either the ‘Quicks, the 773 II, or both. How are they going to pitch the Rose 4? I don’t see any new tech other than D.Rose’s sig. And before anyone chimes in with “Nike rehashes it’s tech across its models”. The Rose line is the flagship of Adidas Basketball! LeBrons come with the fire that make you cop even though the shoe isn’t designed with the common body types in mind.

  2. Can’t Adidas devote some time to developing a new foam of some sort? Eva ain’t bad, but it’s certainly no lunarlon, podulon, cushlon, bounse or micro g…of course, they have boost, which as everyone has said really should feature on their flagship performance model…SOMETHING to make it stand out from all the other stuff that Adidas have put out…I love the rose line (well, at least the 1, 1.5 and the 3) but these are just lazy as hell. Will they be serious performers on court? No doubt, but I see no reason to choose these over the anatomix spawn, the way of wade 2, the Lebron xi or even the crazy quick, which is dropping in price all the time…plus, the cp3.vii is coming out in a minute…
    Sadly it’s the athlete that sells the shoe, I know enough d-rose fanatics who would cop regardless of what these play like.

      1. Would you also say that they are probably a bit cautious putting it in his shoe since he hasn’t played in over a year? I mean, if it was ready now, I think they would still hold off. It’d be harder to market a signature shoe when the player hasn’t been on the court for quite a while. I think they need/want to see that he is back fully before they put their best tech in his shoes.

        Hopefully he comes back strong. I’m not a huge fan of his, but he is a really, really good player. So, for the good of the game, I would like to see him back on the court and playing well (except when he plays against my team of course).

        1. the nba just ain’t the same when he isn’t playing, i’m not a die-hard fan of his but i am a very big admirer…he is just the most explosive talent that we have seen in the league for a very long time, plus he is a winner who never goes missing

          1. Yeah, definitely a great player. I think I will make an effort to try watching him more as I didn’t really like watching Bulls games because of their horrid offense. Even though the Bulls usually play very good defense, and I am a defense first guy, I always take great defense over great offense any day of the week, but man, you gotta have a least a little bit of offensive to win the Championship. Bulls were basically Derek Rose on offense with not much else going on, doesn’t seem like they have any offensive structure at all.

  3. Nightwing it looks like adidas used Adiprene this time. if you look at the vid towards the end it says adiprene on the inner side of the shoe on the midsole

    1. Good eye, saw they use SprintWeb too… strange looking SprintWeb lol. Hopefully this adiPrene is more forgiving than the adiPrene used in their TMac1 model… those felt horrible.

      1. Yeah I hope that the Adiprene is distributed throughout the whole midsole and not just the heel. But it’s still an upgrade from eva im sure

  4. They had these on the shelves at tiny adidas store in Rome for some reason when I was visiting. Didn’t have chance to try them on but compared to the 3/3.5’s but they felt really cheap and a lot less premium. Colourway looked alright in person though

  5. Ice09, i’mma respond to you here cuz the comment boxes are getting smaller and smaller, but being a casual observer of the bulls the last few years I would have to say that you are largely right, though this year of course they had to figure something out…miraculously super Nate put together a string of huge games for them in the playoffs, but offensive production has always been a problem for everybody but rose, though we can go on forever about how much heart deng and Noah have (and how pointless the boozer contract is)

    My enjoyment watching the bulls has increased considerably with jimmy butler’s development, though, I think he’s gonna be a very good player, plus he’s worn some really awesome kicks this year, including my beloved Kobe 1s…

    1. Yeah, last season they had to try and make do with what they had, but they still had problems scoring the previous two seasons with Rose there as well. I agree with everything else you said. The Boozer contract was a waste of money. They should have been more patient and not offered him that contact, they should have even considered holding on to that money and trying again the following off season on another free agent, but D-Rose might not have been alright with not signing anyone significant.

      I didn’t watch many Bulls games for most of the regular season, so I didn’t really know much about Jimmy Butler, but towards the end of the season I started watching some games, and yes, Jimmy Butler looks like he could be a really good player. We’ll see how he goes this upcoming season, definitely a good young prospect to keep an eye on. If I start watching them more next season it will be because of Rose, Butler and Noah.

      Thibodeau is an awesome defensive coach, but I am not sure abut his knowledge on the offensive side of the ball. Maybe it’s because of the personnel that they have/had that makes it seem like he doesn’t know how to coach offense, or maybe it’s because he’s so focused on defense that he just doesn’t concentrate much on getting an offensive/defensive balance. He should maybe look at hiring a offensive coordinator type of coach. When Rick Carlisle was coaching Indiana he split coaching duties with Mike Brown and had him as a defensive coach/coordinator. Something like that might help Chicago.

      Since I mentioned Mike Brown, coincidentally, Thibodeau kinda looks the way Mike Brown did when he was coaching Cleveland with Lebron. Mike Brown knows defense, but at times, it just seemed like he didn’t have a clue what to do offensively out there in certain situations and games. It was more of, give the ball to Lebron and see what he can do with it. That’s almost the same thing that Thibodeau was doing with Rose.

  6. Ps it looks like Chicago finally have somebody who can stroke the three consistently with dunleavy, hopefully it works out better than with belinelli

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