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Upcoming Colorways of the adidas D Rose 6 Boost

After a relatively successful (and injury-free) year, Derrick Rose looks to build off of his last Boost shoe with the adidas D Rose 6 Boost.

Five colorways are displayed of Rose’s 6th signature shoe below, albeit in limited detail. For the most part it looks like the synthetic leathers and nubucks will return, along with a mesh version. The adidas D Rose 6 will feature heel and forefoot Boost, adding to the heel exclusive Boost seen in the 5. The collar area features a new strap system that will simulate more support around your heel. The traction looks a bit thin on first impression, but we’ll see how they’ll hold up once we do the performance review.

We’ll keep you updated on when these upcoming colorways of the adidas D Rose 6 Boost will release. Let us know your thoughts on how you think these will perform on-court, as well as your favorite colroway in the comments below.

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  1. I’m a fan of the Rose series, but I’m not feeling these in particular.
    I hope these are the ugliest samples and the final version will be better.

  2. Seems like they’re going for a Hyperrev 2015 like outside strap thing. Only difference is Adidas are a lot better at making good looking shoes than Nike. Regardless of performance, the Rose 6 seems to be another hit when it comes to looks!

  3. shoelander, the rose 5 had full length boost, didn’t it?
    weird that these are about to come out already, i’ve barely worn the brendas that i have (love them by the way)
    this shoe looks real plain though, i’m more excited about the new crazylights, to be honest…

    1. We don’t know when they release just yet.

      The Rose 5 had Boost leading up to the midfoot but the forefoot lacked boost so I wouldn’t call it “full-length.”

  4. Recently copped a rose 5 on sale and I look the casual look, but for performance purposes it was decent because of poor fit and decent traction. However, the six looks like a performance beast, but i definitely agree on the weak traction pattern. Might cop the six for on court purposes because I love the upper and additional area of boost.

  5. Look at the size of the boost compared to the Rose 5’s. These look promising. I was going to get another pair of Rose 5’s but now I’m gonna wait for these.

  6. I have the 5s and it’s full length boost but it’s no where as thick as the 6 could be. Still feels good, though.

  7. These look good in certain colorways. But my only concern would be the strap. It looks like there’s a gap in the material by the lateral portion of the ankle collar so when the shoes are laced tight, the upper collar pulls in and back to secure your ankle in. It would be interesting to see if this system works because I really like the ankle support on the 5’s.

  8. I’m not a fan of the look of this shoe.(loved the look of the 5 upon first look, so these are a major letdown.) the heel structure is the dominant feature which reminds me of when they did the tmac 4. those were the beginning of the end of that line. hopefully the performance will be better on these. hate the look of the traction pattern. the shoe has that chunky boot look to it. styling is so outdated. not really anything positive to say about the aesthetics. maybe adidas is giving up on DRose and his diminishing talent and going to start focusing more attention in other directions. they probably need to bc the company is failing and DRose is never going to be a great player again that can carry a brand

  9. Great looking shoe. Traction looks great. Lacing??? Hoping for carbon fiber and a mid foot strap version prime knit and an all blackout version. adiMackj

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