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Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2 Performance Review

We’ve completed testing on the Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2 and here are our results. Click through to read our Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2 Performance Review.

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The traction on the UA HOVR Havoc 2 needs a bit of break-in time due to the thickness of the pattern. Because of the thickness there were certain movements that I’d get a bit of a slipping under-foot. However, once the outsole broke-in the grip was great.

Herringbone sections kept me covered from a linear standpoint whereas the spiral styled section did well with lateral coverage — especially on jab steps and step backs.

Not only did I feel the grip was great, but it’s thick enough to be durable for outdoor use — rare in today’s sneaker climate.

Under Armour’s HOVR cushion runs full length, much like the Curry 6. And like the Curry 6 I found the HOVR to be on the firmer side versus the running version of HOVR that feels plush and bouncy under-foot.

When I’d go from an even firmer setup, like an Air Jordan 4, and then change into the HOVR Havoc 2, that is when I noticed the HOVR under-foot and I’d feel a bit of the bounce that I love in the running line. I’d still consider this setup to be primarily focused on court-feel more than anything else, however, it’s still a step up above Charged. UA still has a bit more work ahead of themselves if they’re trying to make HOVR feel a bit more plush/bouncy as it does in some of its other models.

I personally enjoy the setup as it provides me with a lot of the stability that I like out of my basketball shoes, but for someone looking for a lot of cushion then they may end up being a little disappointed.

The materials remind me a lot of the Nike Kobe 6 — a personal all-time favorite performer.

Micro molded mesh makes up the entire upper while the toe features a rubbery material for some protection of the softer material underneath. The mesh wraps and molds itself around your foot providing a near-perfect one-to-one fit. It’s flexible and supportive enough while not needing to be broken-in much at all.

The fit is true to size, but wide footers may want to try them on in-store if possible. Although, I have not seen these in any footwear retailers in my local area so that may not be an option.

They are snug length and width wise, which I normally love, but I did have a small issue with my right shoe as it felt a little too tight length wise. I’m not sure if my right foot is a little longer than my left, but luckily the materials are forgiving enough to where this wasn’t a huge issue.

Lockdown was very good as the build, last and lacing system all did a great job at keeping my feet on the footbed. You also sit within the midsole a little so that helped as well. The tongue is a little short so the very top laces would dig into my legs a bit, so if I wear to change anything that would have been it. Just a half inch longer and I think that would’ve been the perfect length.

Support is solid. The tooling is fairly similar to the original HOVR Havoc as you sit within a portion of the midsole while it’s exaggerated at the lateral outrigger section for additional stability and support. The sole is pretty flat and moderately wide while the Propulsion Plate is a great source for torsional rigidity.

Overall, the Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2 is another solid offering from Under Armour Basketball.

Traction is solid while also being built Ford tough. Cushion is not quite the perfect blend of plushness and court-feel, but it’s stable and kept me feeling faster than I actually am. Materials, fit and support all really reminded me of the Nike Zoom Kobe 6 which is a huge plus for those that loved how that shoe fit and moved with the foot.

If you were interested in checking out the Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2 yourself you can find them available now at UA.com.

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