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Top 10 Performance Basketball Shoes of 2014 So Far

Top 10 Performance Basketball Shoes of 2014 So Far 1

Editor’s Note: We now maintain a current list of Best Basketball Shoes. Please follow this link for the most up to date information on the Best Basketball Shoes.

I give this disclaimer all the time and I’ll do it again here… this is my personal top 10 picks for the year so far. The shoes can change, the lineup or placement can change and this is not set in stone at all. If you read this and then see a different top 10 list at the end of 2014, its because my personal preferences changed.

Now, with that out of the way… lets get right into it.

UPDATE: The final Top 10 Performance Basketball Shoes for 2014 is officially available HERE for those interested.

  1. Wow! I was not expecting anything other than the Kobe 9 to be number one but I am pleasantly surprised. Of the shoes in the list that I have gotten to play in, I’d have to say that I was both pleased with and disappointed in the Hyper Rev. It’s definitely an interesting shoe with excellent cushion but they just feel more narrow at the toe than any of the others. Great list NW and please continue to post these.

      1. So why wasnt lebron 11 or 11 elite on here. They get alot of attention since they are for lebron, but what’s the really bad thing about them?(other than the insole basically being the midsole)

          1. what shoes do you think wouold be best for me. im a shooting gaurd and small foward. im thinking about getting either kobe 9s or hyperdunks or maybe jordan 28s. i want a good durable shoe because i tend to play hard

      1. The pureboosts look like the roshe run. But can I use them for running since the roshe runs had terrible traction.

  2. It’s definitely not about looks, especially when it comes to performance basketball sneakers, but the one thing I liked about the D Rose 4.5 vs the 4 was the updated upper. The striping pattern really caught my attention, and was one of the reasons I picked up my first pair of Adidas sneakers in ~5 years. Great list, there were definitely some surprises here.

  3. I follow this site every day for 2 tlyears now
    I statred wirh the mindset that the performance is super important
    And wanted the hds and rose 3 for their high scores
    Now i realise that what i realy need in a shoe for me is just a comfortable and locked down fit
    Traction wont matter much i play 50 % outdoor
    And cushioning is not at all important for me now
    Btw im just 16 so i dont need dat cushipn xD
    Oh and, its been 2 years and i still havent found a username to use for kicks on court lol i had like 10 diffent ones

    1. lol!

      Just a tip, consider cushion now before you need to consider it later. It’ll help you out in the long run. Def doesnt have the be the ‘best’ cushion but make sure you’re not abusing your knees.

      1. Agree with NW with this one. Look after ur knee b4 they ask u to look after them. N a good cushion bball sneaker protects not just ur knee, it helps with ur spine n ankle to a certain degree.

        This is coming from a 33yo player, at 177cm tall n was able to touch the rim with my elbow when i was young. Now my knee hurts when i play too long even thou i can still touch the rim with my palm.

      2. Can the Melo M10’s withstand casual use like walking outside on the street or on carpet for like 2-7 hours a day like at school or on a weekend(basically average school day) or should they only be used for basketball?

    2. I agree with NW. I used to play in literally anything with any kind of cushion. I’m 26 about to be 27 now and my knees have paid for it. Most of my joints have paid for my lack of caring when I was younger but especially my knees and feet. Do it correct now before it’s too late. Dang I sound old. Lol

      1. well most bball shoes have “good chushion” above 5 is good , 9, 10 are great
        when i started following nw i bought my 1st ball shoes rose 3 and melo m8
        i tought zoom was something GODLIKE but , its not godlike but its good lol xD

        1. I don’t think that a good cushioned shoe will save you from knee problems. It’s good training and strengthening that does it.

  4. I wasn’t really surprised at the brandblack because you have said on multiple occasions how much you like premium materials. I can’t wait for the performance review. I’d buy these for the season, but I like a pretty responsive ride instead of foam.

      1. Oh nice. My current shoes are the cp3.6 AE because my SF2s blew out and the podulon is alright. If they are more responsive than that, Im in.

          1. I ball too hard. The zoom bag popped after like 6 months. Waiting for my voucher from nike so that I can buy some XX8 SEs and then when they pop, just get another voucher.

  5. I stop wearing my TP1′s on the court. The translucent sole traction doesnt work well on the court I play on. I slide so much. Other than that great cushion and a very nice looking shoe.

  6. The EMs/Elites and Kobe 9s are absolute garbage. The toe box is way to big (I won’t go over my feelings of a low on court for the 100th time…ask Kobe. See what he wears when he comes back and his muscle is 10 times that of a weekend amatuer. He can wear a low and still won’t. .NBA players can wear lows-amatuers cant-although 99% of Kobes and Lebrons and Jordans are worn off court. (Shame) The materials on the Kobe 9s are like sand paper-.the traction is amazing. The shoe is made for someone your size with a lot of basketball muscle. Kobe can wear them..even though they are minimal..minus his injury…age and somewhat shoe related. In the XX8 SEs Kobe probably doesn’t have that injury. His step and stretch…injured earlier in game and the actual injury that took him out. This guard obsession with the kobe 9s is bad. Give it a 20 on traction and a 3 on everything else. The XX8s/SE were last year and even the Soldier 7s. This list cant hold a candle to last years models. If January was the cut of, and it was, then this list is good. Just do a best of all time for playing now, not a 5 month list of nothing. The UA are great but a little cheaply made. This list is unnecessary.

    1. @Captain Although your opinion is your opinion and you’re always entitled to it, it’s comments like yours that try to spoil a good thing for the majority. The number of generalizations you make are quite comical. Most salient of which being that NW makes lists that are necessary for any of us or even you. Not to speak for the man but I believe he does it because he wants to and loves doing it. I’m pretty sure he placed that disclaimer at the beginning of this list specifically for people like you lol.

      Anyhow…interesting list NW. I’d heard a few good things about one of Brandblack shoes and I had the feeling these ones would surprise you. I’m glad I’ve figured out how to keep my wallet tamed for the most part. Keep up the passion NW, you got my support!

    2. Make your own damn list and get the f%k off this site then no need to give negative comments on someone who is absolutely doing it free for the ballers out there.

  7. Well done Chris! I had bought UA anatomix spawn based on your performance review, it is so comfortable and the lockdown is awesome!

    The only slight problem is that it had run out of my size, so I ended up with a pair that is 0.5 size larger. If I plan to use it for my league games indoor, would that half size have any any serious impact on my game?

    Thank you very much for your opinion, keep the great work up!

  8. Totally not surprised about your choices. As for myself, I play mainly outdoors and have been wearing the Nike Max H.A.M. Low and they have been fantastic. I had to get a 12.5 because they were sold out in size 12 so there’s a little dead space in the toe box, but I couldn’t pass them up for only $20! As for indoors I bought the Super.Fly 2 based off of your review and I couldn’t be happier, the traction is phenomenal and the unlocked zoom is perfect. Thanks for doing what you do and have a great holiday weekend!

  9. Hey NW are you gonna do a video as well like you did last year talking about the shoes you would recommend at each position? That was great!

  10. Have you seen the Brandblack Phantom? There is a low version as well and the upper is all leather – something I think you’d enjoy.

  11. Man that 1 and 2 spot is close but I’d say I would have to give it to the Kobe’s mostly because my Anatomixs fell apart in 3 months so I got the Kobe low and they are amazing. Twisted my ankle because the traction is THAT good.

  12. NW, i’ve been following your site, YT vids, instagram and Twitter for the past 2 years. You do a GREAT job! I read some of the negative comments posted not only on this forum but others as well… just ignore them. I’m sure most of your followers are the teenage set, and I wonder how many 40 year olds follow you besides me. Your passion to performance is one of the reasons I started playing again after an 8 yr hiatus because of starting a family. Whenever I see your reviews, I just want to try out the shoes myself. I use to be narrow-minded as to what type of shoes I played in… ie, it use to be always high tops and air cushioning, but now I’m wearing foam cushions like lunarlon and podulite. You’ve opened a 40 yrs old mind to try something out of the ordinary. Thank you so much for this review/post as I try to hunt down. pair of UA Anatomix Spawn lows ( if I can find them). Wow, if I do find them, they will be my first bball kicks other than Nike/Jordan…. thanks NW again for given me an open mind to try new things… and isn’t that what life is all about!

    1. Thanks, bro. Really appreciate the kind words. I also stopped hooping for a number of yrs after my daughter was born. Thats why I started reviewing shoes on-court… when I finally came back to playing there were none and I needed to know what shoes were good or not. Thanks again!

    2. 30+ y.o. New dad and court-comeback kid here as well! NW sure had been a blessing to my family this past year! I mean with the much limited budget we now have, i was able to get the shoes ive been very happy with.

      Im really happy to know there are also other people in my situation, juggling family responsibilities and the baller-sneaker-kid in me 🙂

    3. I’m 39 and will be 40 in 2 months. Ruptured my achilles 2 days before Kobe, and my goal is to be dunking again at 40. I’m almost there! Always good to see other old fart ballers!!haha

      1. I’m 44 and I got back into basketball because my son started to play. For the past 2-3 years I have been searching for good/great shoes for my son to play in. This site is my number 1 stop for performance shoes information. Because of NW my son balls in the XX8 & XXSE. He owns a pair of XX8 and 2 XX8 SE’s and they have not popped yet. He says he feels like he can “fly”. Awaiting the XX9. That will be one shoe where I won’t even need to see a review before I purchase.

        Great job NW!

        1. You’re son is obviously young so with that being said any quality shoe will work for him. With that being said, I’m interested in what is working for you other old farts?!?!?!?! I have a ton of shoes, but my main rotation is the CP3.vii for indoor and out, Lebron 10 indoor, and Melo M9 for outdoor. I’ve always loved the LBJ10 because of their cushiness, but am now thinking that the instability of the full air may be causing me to have minor ankle tweaks when I land from jumping. What shoes are working for you other old farts? NW have you ever considered a forum?

          1. That would be awesome bro and I’ll tell you where I think the big benefit would be. Example…I have some new issues/comments with my Lebron 10s. Would love to talk about it, but if I post on the L10 review, no one will really see it. If you had a forum it would be brought back to the top for discussion. Not complaining BTW. Your site and what you do is awesome and we all thank you for it. Forum would just be an awesome addition! Thanks again bro!

          2. Same thing as Randall said. I’ve been thinking that a forum would be even more awesome. I’ve posted some stuff in older posts/topics, where I would have loved to continue the conversation, but it got/gets lost in the shuffle when that post gets a bit old and is pushed down the page. At that point, no one sees it anymore (unless it’s on the recent post list), so it kind of ends up getting lost.

      1. Nostalgia indeed. I loved those… until I got my worst ankle sprain ever wearing them lol. Never laced them back up for on court wear after that back in the day.

  13. I’ve spent way too much money on shoes the past year or so. After many years away from playing I’m finally starting again. My body is fighting me but It’s slowly getting there. Its incredibly frustrating having my brain know how to do something but my body acts like its the first time. Hopefully with time things will come into focus. I actually have a couple of the shoes on the list. Others I have tried on. Some I will probably buy if the right deal comes along (HyperRevs, Melos, etc..). Sadly I haven’t had a chance to try the Anta, Wades, Peak, and Brandblack.

    Heads up to all the Southern California people. The Adidas store at the Citadel Outlets is selling the Rose 4.5’s in the “Allstar” and “Iridescent” colorways for $59.99 each. Buy 2 pair and its $100. I was able to get both colorways after tax and a coupon they handed out at the door for under $100.

    Enjoyed reading the list although it bums me out that you don’t think we have sweet asses.

  14. I knew i made a good choice on buying the spawn low I thought the kd vi elite would make at least #3

  15. Hey dude, do you have possibly a few websites that might have these? I know on some of your vids you’ll give out one or two. Just asking because the Masterpiece spoke to me in a dream lol, I need those.

  16. Hey Nightwing, I have two questions.

    1) Any ideas when the Anatomix Spawn 2 is being released?

    2) I am flat-footed, so have to wear orthotics in all my shoes. Would you recommend that I should wear them in first class basketball shoes? Or would it complete ruin the cushioning, fit and feel for the shoe? The current pair of basketball shoes I have know have kind of created a dent into the cushioning and sole of my shoes because of the pressure of my feet on the orthotics. And I was considering whether to get the Anatomix Spawn but I’m not sure what to do with my orthotics situation.


  17. Great list! I’m suprised that Melo M10 are at #8 spot, though. I think that in your review you haven’t mentioned if melo m10 is a good shoe for PGs. What’s your opinion? Are they responsive and flexible enough for quick moves?

  18. It will be really nice if you make something like “Top 10 Outdoor Performance Basketball Shoes of 2014 So Far” 🙂

  19. Been chossing between TP1 and Rose4.5 this past week, and the list just made my choice a tad difficult with them being almost at par lol! They both offer wildly differing plus points and i ended up really wanting them both!

    1. TP1 is a nice shoe, but be careful choosing because of the traction of the TP1. The outsole probably worked well for Nightwing on the dusty courts he plays on, but for me and the dusty court I play on I had a lot of slippage especially pushing off with the toe. But I guess it would depend on your playing style. I play perimeter defense on quick guys a lot so you see where this would be a problem.

      1. I have no issue with the clear outsole, in fact it’s actually holding up better than the white rubber sections. The heel has the most noticeable wear followed by the medial forefoot outtrigger. I play on dusty cement outdoor courts and the squeak all day long, no wiping anything.

        I’ve been more than pleased with the performance, however I understand court conditions vary greatly and what works well for some, might not for others.

      2. Thanks so much for the feedbacks guys i really appreciate it! Right now they both cost almost the same because of a sale on the rose4.5’s

        We play mostly on painted cement, and then on black top. I was skating in my worn down kobe 8’s on the cement courts.

        Wallace i often play your defensive spot too! Though i end up on my butt quite a bit lol most especially with hd lows, weird, i know

        Appreciate your thoughts guys! I have my eyes on he TP1 France cw, my wife likes the Classic Spurs ones

  20. Love the three pairs of KB IX Elites I’m currently rotating with. It’s been a while since I enjoyed a shoe that much on court. Gonna take a lot of self-restraint to resist those Golds coming out in June, so I better get some coupons ready now, hah!

    Any word on John Hardies’ review on the Brand Black Phantom? Not gonna lie, that brand has me interested because it’s different.

  21. Hey Nightwing, I am just wondering why you still think that the M10 is made out of leather. It is just a very nice and expesive microfibre based synthetic. Leather on a performance shoes is really not a great idea as it stretches so the would need to reinforce it and you to need to make the shoe out of several smaller pieces for better matter material consumption. As leather is somehow natural (animal skin treated with a lof of chemicals) it would be also difficult to garantee the same quality with every pair made. ANd not to forget: leather is very expensive. A shoe made out of a nice leather would be very very expensive. The leather days are gone.

    1. I don’t think, I know. Depending on the pair, you’ll get durabuck or leather based models. They’re sprayed with PU to coat the leather, give it strength and lessen stretch and it’s a split grain. Panels and overlays are in strategically placed areas for multiple reasons, one being support.

  22. Would like to chime in on a few things..

    Melo M10 – Appreciate that it still made the list considering it’s a shoe with a 2013 setup, I just got a pair of M10s and compared to my XX8’s they aren’t as sticky on the floor as the XX8, but that’s actually a good thing, the XX8 gives me too much confidence, makes me over-committed on my moves and tends to make me not think. The M10 dials down the traction a notch, so my moves are more decisive. Also I just love the materials, the way the crease and move, this although not as favorable as fuse and synthetics, just feels more premium over everything else available, it’s actually nice that there are shoes available that were built just like they were in the 90’s. That being said, I love the M10s

    Kobe IX EM/Elite – I can’t stress how much I love hooping in these, I did a comparison here a while back against the XX8, and in my mind, I still liked hooping in these more than I did in the XX8. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my XX8’s, but again, due to my age and playing style, I found them too aggressive, the KB IX for me was just better as a whole, more contained, supportive, just-right traction and yes, they need more cushion, I’m still trying to find a way I can get my hands on Lebron XI midsoles, just because I’m looking for that squishy cushion. I have 3 pairs of the Elites… all get equal play time in the rotation, however, I tend not to use the ASG pair as the glow in the dark rubber, doesn’t grip as well as the other two general releases. Also, not a big fan of the EM, all just becuase I was expecting flyknit not the engineered mesh.

    Sorry for the TLDR reply, this is a great list, although for me the KB IX would be on top, just because I love hooping in them so much.

  23. Great list so far. I’m on board for the selections thus far, but haven’t picked up a pair of BrandBlack’s yet. Looking forward to it now though indeed. I’ve also yet to hoop in any Anta shoes, and I don’t really anticipate picking them up since they run so wide.

    Out of the shoes you’ve listed that I’ve played in this year my list goes as follows:

    1) Rose 4.5 – These were low on my list initially, but the more I’ve played in them I’ve fell in love. The upper feels great on my feet, I love the traction, and the court feel is perfect.

    2) WOW 2.0 – I never anticipated loving these as much as I do. With the updated traction that came with the Announcements these shoes became a go to (and still are) in my rotation. The premium feel of the leather is hard to beat, and I find them supremely comfortable even if they do feel to sit a bit high.

    3) Kobe IX Elite/EM – Not much I can say about these that hasn’t already been said. The traction is beautiful, and they are superbly comfortable for me since I’m a lighter guard. I still enjoy lunarlon (personally more than micro g). Between the elites and the em’s , I prefer the em’s simply because I like the feeling of lows better.

    4) Spawn Low – These have everything I love about the Kobe IX EM’s, but what puts them lower on my list is the traction isn’t as good (imo), and I prefer lunarlon.

    5) Zoom Crusaders – These were a surprise on my list because it seems a lot of people didn’t enjoy hooping in them. I’ve found the opposite to be true for me. The traction that some have complained about is something I’ve had no issue with, even on not the cleanest of floors. The forefoot zoom feels good to me. Also, I’ve found these have offered adequate support and durability. These have been my go to shoes for outdoors as of late.

    6) Melo M10 – At first I actually hated these because they gave me ridiculous blisters before they were broken in. After the break in stage they were great though. I still personally prefer the feel of the XX8 SE’s over these, but since we’re talking 2014 list this is where the M10’s land for me.

    7) Hyperrevs – Are they comfortable? Absolutely. Smooth? Definitely. Supportive? Not enough for me so I find myself rarely if ever wearing them unfortunately.

    Side note: I haven’t played in the Antas, Brandblacks, or Crazyquick 2. Also on my list would be the two retros that I rock regularly which are the Jordan XII’s, and Adidas Crazy 8’s.

    All in all, great list NW. Keep it up man. I’ll always be a fan of your reviews, and will continue to support your work. Thanks brotha.

    1. Where would you place the two retros on your list? The Crazy 8s are a shoe that is on my ‘to buy’ list.

  24. as much as i appreciate to nightwing, i also wanted to give thanks to others who give their list of rotation..its kinda fun to know what other people choice after referring to nightwing’s review..

  25. I love the fact that you did a mid year top ten. It goes to show how many good shoes have come out already. I was amazed that the kobe wasn’t first but that means I have to try more shoes! I trusted you on other purchases so I think its time to expand and explore. A lot of underdogs made the list! Congrats on your site and future endeavors!

  26. Thought that I might share some thoughts on my current rotation after reading many of Nightwing’s reviews (am a 5 feet 11 mid-range scorer):

    Hyperdunk 2013 – Still top of the list, one word that I can relate to this shoe: Comfort. I can slip HD on whenever, wherever, and they would never disappoint.

    LBJ XI – More comfortable than HD 2013 even, a more supportive model but lacks the lightweight feel that I experience with my HDs. I will normally wear LBJ when I’m doing some drills on my own.

    Crazyquick 2 – Crazy traction, not so good cushioning. If you’ve got healthy knees, any high-intensity game under 90 mins should not be a problem. Definitely try hoop in these at indoors ONLY, not only this helps prolonging shoes’ life, but it also saves your knees from aching, big time.

    Anatomix Spawn – Performance wise, it is not fair to comment as I ended up with a half size too large (due to availability of Stephen Curry PE version). However, if you are looking to get your hands on one of the rare Player Editions, my recommendation would be watch out for the paint. The paint scratches way too easily, if you care about its unique PE look and colorway, my advice is DO NOT WEAR THOSE for high-intensity games.

    Kobe 9 Elite – I do not like hooping in my elites because of the forefoot dead space. I couldn’t go 1/2 size down because it’ll then be way too snug. Unfortunately it’s just not my cup of tea.

    Kobe 9 EM – Feels exactly the same with Kobe 8, with very little improvements. Traction was not noticeably better, but the price tag did show some difference. Crazyquick 2 – Crazyquick 1 > Kobe 9 EM – Kobe 8. Hope this makes sense, just my two cents.

    Lastly, I can highly recommend Jordan Melo M9 if your playing style is leaning towards a shooter. Has everything that a shooter needs, with a very affordable price tag nowadays. Only drawback comes from the slight slippage I had experienced when doing lateral movements (possibly due to herringbone layout Nightwing had pointed out), but it is barely noticeable unless you’re heavily fatigued.

  27. Everyone should be intrigued that BrandBlack Raptors got bumped up to the #3 spot without a full performance review. If anyone is like me, you would have already done your research on BrandBlack and determine that they seem legitimate. They are worn by Jamaal Crawford who is very fast and slick. My only wonder is whether not the traction was sufficient. When will the performance review be out?

    Then again, maybe less than perfect traction is better…..I love the traction on the CP3 VI, but the traction was too good to the point that they would not give on hard changes of direction. I actually sprained my ankle and hurt my knee in the CP3 VI because the traction was too good (I’m a point guard). I think perfect traction will allow you to feel one with the court, but also give a little on hard cuts. Does anyone know what I am talking about?

    1. I need to be in control of all my movements, so I can’t afford any slipping. The Jordan 28/Superfly 2 traction is very aggressive and works perfectly for me. As long as your footwork is good you shouldn’t be cutting so hard that your legs give out on you.

  28. I was wondering what is the best shoe to get thats sort of a mid-top, I fear about rolling my ankle a lot so always try to get a little more protection. I live in Scotland (yes we play ball here to) so I dont really got an option of trying on shoes in store and have to order them online.

    Any help would be great.

    P.S great reviews though

  29. Hey man, I play 100% outdoors. What shoe would you recommend as the best shoe for outdoor play for a guard. Thanks

  30. Its kind of sad to see how far Reebok has fallen. The only thing you can really count on from them anymore is retros. And they even find a way to mess those up sometimes (skimping on materials, changing the superior old-school tech (DMX foam WTF!??), and general quality problems). I remember when I was growing up they really challenged Nike for awhile. They really need a new Pump (Slightly gimmicky but still marketable technology) or Iverson (Cool Spokesman).

  31. Hi, Nightwing!

    I’m a relatively new follower here, and first off I’d like to wish you more power for the great work your putting out here for the public!

    I would just like to ask if the Rose 4.5 could hold up on rough cement outdoor courts. Our courts here are rarely smooth, but they’re not totally rough either. They’re just rougher than typical outdoor courts. I’ve previously been playing casual ball in random shoes(and flip flops), and I was thinking of getting my first real basketball shoe.

    The Rose 4.5 caught my eye but I want to get some feedback first before buying them.

    I hope you (along everybody else) can give me some insight. 😀


  32. Hey Nightwing, noticed you said that you have rolled your ankle a lot this year and I have had similar problems… do you wear any kind of brace or support when you play/would you recommend any particular one ? Thanks.

  33. What happened to all the other shoe sections on the front page? Running shoes, soccer shoes etc.? are you not doing that anymore?

    1. Edit: can’t edit the OP so will post the edit here. It looks like you now have all the other shoes categories in the ‘Kicks off court’ section. Is that where all other kicks are going to be listed now? Are you still going to have reviews of other non-basketball shoes?

    2. We are, there weren’t many click throughs to those categories so I put them all under off court but you can still search the sport and all the posts under that sport will show. Didn’t want the site cluttered up if it wasn’t being utilized.

      1. Thanks for clarifying that. I figured it out just after posting that first post, but couldn’t edit the post. Thanks. Sounds like a decent idea. I’m glad that you’re still doing other sports footwear.

  34. Great list, as always.
    Nightwing, would you please explain the differences in terms of impact protection between foam cushion and air cushion?
    I recommended some great shoes with foam cushion in a local forum.
    Then a guy trashed my comment saying you’ll ruin your knees in those and Air Max is the only way to go.
    I tried explaining, but he didn’t seem to understand.

  35. The overall score of the ANTA RR1 was ~6. What do you prefer in this shoe then the CP3.VII AE?
    By the way, a very good list.

  36. hey nightwing!

    I have had the anatomix spawns for like 4 months now and they have absolutely fallen apart! The sort of flywire/net stuff above the toe area has totally ripped and the rubber on the sole has peeled off. Has this happened to you yet?


  37. Hey nightwing

    Great stuff keep it up.

    Which is the best between spawn antomix low, spawn 2 or the new clutch micro g?

    1. I mean I am buying a pair for hardcore bball use only. I’m a 5 ft 6 guard with flat feet. Which is the best for bball. Micro g clutch/ spawn low or spawn 2? Hyperdunk 2014 or cp3 7/8?

  38. I am recovering from cal and meniscus surgery and I just started playing basketball again. What shoes do you recommend that are best for the knee?

  39. great list sir! I hope to see more of these. Btw,

    can you help me decide on what pair of kicks to get? Peak tp1 or Drose 4.0? They are on different list of your top tens and they have the same ratings on your review. thats why i’m confused which to buy. Both are on sale here in PHILS. i only buy those who are on sale. Lol

    I’m looking forward to your year-end top ten, so that i can choose which pair to buy next year! Lol. Thanks sir!

  40. I’m confussed as to why the Anatomix are your first or top 10 for that matter, given a review of them having poor traction. They would slip on quick shfts left or right. Reviews of the other 9 had less slipage then these. Just looking to understand your review process and how these got on your top 10 list, but the UA Clutch Fit Drives did not, thanks!

  41. My husband is 55 and plays basketball indoors a few days a week. Has the usual achy knees but loves to play. I want to buy him a comfortable basketball shoe. He is a conservative dresser so nothing flashy. Any suggestions?

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